Summer on the Wiki
Hey everybody! The Girl Meets World Wiki is finally ready to announce our big summer 2016 events! It's summer time and things are definitely going to get sizzlin'. We have contests, activities, and even some partying happening this summer! Now, without further ado, let's get on with the events that we hope are funtastic!

Main Events

Girl Meets World Fanfiction Contest
We are going to have a fanfiction contest here on the wiki! Fanfiction has become increasingly popular on the wiki and we decided that it would be perfect to have a contest in the summer! Fanfiction is defined as a fictional story or writing piece written by a fan of, and featuring characters from, a particular TV series, movie, etc. In this case, the fanfiction will be based on Girl Meets World!

The contest will have an overtime format and will last all summer. Overtime, participants will be writing a story, posting a new chapter every other week! The wiki community will be able to vote in between weeks for their favorite chapter and users with the least amount of votes will be eliminated! You know, like American Idol or Britains Got Talent! Here is how it will work:

2016 Summer Fanfiction Contest Schedule

FIRST CHAPTER June 20 - July 3: Kicking off the contest, users will have two weeks to sign up, plan their story, and then post their first chapter in a blog post! This will be your only time to sign up so do it fast! SECOND CHAPTER July 11 – July 17: The next week, we will announce who is moving on in the contest! 1-3 users will be eliminated all based on who got the least amount of votes. Then, also during this week, the remaining participants will post their second chapter of their story! THIRD CHAPTER July 25 – July 31: Users with the least amount of votes will again be eliminated and the remaining participants will post their third chapter of their story! FOURTH CHAPTER August 8 – August 14: Users with the least amount of votes will again be eliminated and the remaining participants will post their fourth chapter of their story! This is the final round!
FIRST CHAPTER VOTING July 4 – July 10: The next week, the wiki community will vote on their favorite first chapter/storyline! Voting will last a week. SECOND CHAPTER VOTING July 18 – July 24: This week, the wiki community will vote again on their favorite second chapter. Voting will last a week. THIRD CHAPTER VOTING August 1 – August 7: This week, the wiki community will vote again on their favorite third chapter. Voting will last a week. FOURTH CHAPTER VOTING August 15 – August 21: This week, the wiki community will vote again on their favorite fourth chapter. Voting will last a week. Final voting!

Okay, so that’s it! Have fun! To sign up, go here! We prefer for you to sign up after you made your first chapter but whatever is easier for you is fine with us.

Matthews' Summer Vacation Scavenger Hunt
Welcome to the Matthews' Summer Vacation! Riley along with the Matthews and her friends are heading to the beach. But they can't go without Maya, Lucas and Farkle? You must help Riley find them! From July 4th you can search for Riley's ways to find the gang on different pages, using clues to get from page to page! 5 new clues are added for the premiere day and 3 for the rest days! On July 30, you can submit your list of pages you went to for a chance to win a the hunt and a prize! More information here!
Summer Week Specials
The Summer Week Specials are special mini activities and events that will occur every week from late June to mid August. So ya know, if you’re bored on the wiki one day, just come over, check the current week special and participate! A schedule for the Summer Day Specials will be released very soon. We are doing this because we want a summer event to keep users excited and entertained every week. Check out the Summer Week Specials right here because the first one has already started!
New Episode Chat Parties
We are doing a new thing this summer! Every new Girl Meets World episode, we are going to have a chat party in chat! Users from the wiki can head over to our wiki chat and there we will chat about the episode and discuss what we’re loving about it! You can call it a talking session even, if you will. We'll meet in chat at 8 and can chat until the new episode comes on which is at 8:30. Our first new episode chat party will be June 17 at 8 o’clock (episode starts 8:30) when Girl Meets Permanent Record airs! Parties will occur for both EST and PCT.
Twitter Time
Lastly, we are going to be having some Twitter fun! Every Saturday morning or afternoon, we are going to ask a Girl Meets World trivia question. The person who answers the question right gets a follow! This is going to last all summer and sometimes we may even have bonus questions throughout the week. You can find our Wiki Twitter here!

What else is coming?
We may have announced only one contest but don’t fret because we might have more coming. Remember, the Summer Week Specials will have various mini contests. We will maybe have a fan video contest!

So that’s really it! Recapping it all, we have a Fanfiction Contest, Scavenger Hunt, Summer Week Specials, and Episode Chat Parties! We really hope this summer on the wiki is looking good for everyone!