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I'm Stuart Minkus, the orginal genius.
—Stuart introducing himself in Girl Meets Farkle

Stuart Minkus is a recurring character in Girl Meets World. Minkus was also a main character in Season 1 of Boy Meets World, but disappeared until the final episode of season five, Graduation. In Boy Meets World, Minkus was Cory, Shawn and Topanga's classmate back in elementary school.

In Girl Meets World, Minkus is revealed to be the father of Farkle. He appears at Farkle's career day at school, whereupon he instantly renews his rivalry with both Cory and Topanga. He is proud to mention his position as the CEO of Minkus International, and that currently, he and Farkle are leading Topanga and Riley in their contest of accumulated 'A's earned in school. [1]

Stuart is portrayed by Lee Norris.


Minkus was the class nerd and second in Cory and Topanga's class behind the latter. He was often noted for being highly intelligent, so much so that he actually discovered the secret of time travel, only to discount it by saying, "Nah." When Minkus was asked a question by Mr. Feeny and he didn't know the answer, he got extremely shaken up and excused himself to the nurse's office.



Farkle Minkus

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Farkle is Minkus' son.

Unnamed Children

It has been revealed that Stuart is a great father, and that Farkle is not an only child. [2]


Jennifer Bassett Minkus

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Jennifer previously appeared in Boy Meets World as one of Shawn's romantic interests  Apparently is a quite capable cook. She made her GMW debut in Girl Meets Farkle. She was born rich, before she married Stuart.


Cory Matthews

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Cory was Minkus's childhood friend. Cory was slightly nicer to Stuart then Shawn, often seeking to him on advice about girls. Both him and Shawn were treating him nicely in his reappearance and was seen hugging him after he received his diploma along with Topanga.

Shawn Hunter

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Shawn was Minkus's childhood frenemy. Shawn constantly pranked him, but was outsmarted most of the time. Both he and Cory were treating him nicely in his reappearance and were seen hugging him after he received his diploma along with Topanga. When Shawn first met Minkus' son, Farkle - he was shocked that Minkus was able to start a family before him.

Topanga Matthews

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As Topanga was just as intelligent as Minkus, Minkus was madly in love with her and insisted they'd become a couple. However, they were later portrayed as frenemies due to fighting for the position of valedictorian in Graduation. She seemed to be the only character who called him by his first name, while Cory and Shawn called him Minkus.


"Between the two of us, Farkle and I have twelve hundred and sixty-one"
—Stuart telling Topanga that he and Farkle have more A's than her and Riley


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


  • The writers of Boy Meets World had originally intended to name Minkus "Stuart Lempke." In the DVD audio commentary, however, they said the name was changed to Minkus when they discovered that there was an actual person named Stuart Lempke living in Philadelphia.
  • By adulthood, he has forgone wearing glasses.
  • He shares similarities with his son, who is a major recurring and later main character in Girl Meets World.
  • When he appeared in Graduation he was upset because Cory, Topanga, and Shawn never spoke to him in the past four years at John Adams High.
    • When Cory asked him where he had been, he said in the other part of the school and gestured off screen, much to his and Shawn's confusion. He then called to Mr. Turner, who hadn't been seen for a full season at that point.
  • He is extremely proud that he owns a helicopter.
  • Stuart had Farkle really young like Cory and Topanga Matthews had Riley.
  • Stuart and his wife (Farkle's mother) appear to be having problems in their marriage because Farkle mentions that she keeps taking off her wedding ring and throwing it at Stuart.
  • Stuart apparently is still obsessed with Topanga as he has told Farkle that she should've been his mother. Surprisingly, Cory didn't seem to be fazed by this. However, he is still shown to love his wife.
  • He and his family had potential money issues in Girl Meets Money.
  • His family history is discussed in Girl Meets the Great Lady of New York.
  • Stuart makes a brief, non-speaking cameo in the final episode, Girl Meets Goodbye. He is one of two characters to not have any lines, the other being Harley Keiner. It is also his only appearance in season 3.


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