Yeah, that's right. You think I've just been sitting here?
I've been taking notes! I've been writing my screenplay.

Sarah Carpenter is a character on Girl Meets World.

Sarah is portrayed by Sarah Carpenter.


Sarah Carpenter is a student at John Quincy Adams Middle School. She attends Mr. Matthews' History class along with RileyMaya, Farkle,  Lucas, and Darby. She generally sits in the front seat of the first row. Along with the rest of her JQA classmates she attends Abigail Adams High School.


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My dad says actors are just a bunch of people who never grew up.
—Sarah to Katy
—Sarah teasing Maya about her middle name
You're one of the good ones, and we'd follow you anywhere.
—Sarah to Riley
She's better when you're with her.
—Sarah talking about Maya with Riley
Without Maya around, she's actually getting worse.
—Sarah to the other members of Rileytown
Help us.
—Sarah pleading with Maya to take over Rileytown
I wanna be the best I can and I want everybody to like me and I dropped the marble and I want your shoes. I wanna work at the company that makes your shoes. I wanna own the company that makes your shoes.
—Sarah to Topanga
It's because I don't stand up for myself!
—Sarah to Zay
Fine. I'm the Maya now, the way it always should have been.
—Sarah after Maya pushes her out of her desk
Yeah, you sit on the side and don't talk.
—Sarah outlining the roles of "Banana" and "Smiley"


  • She appears in the pilot, and even though her face is not clearly seen, she is identifiable from her hair and glasses.
  • Like Jason Marsden in BMW she shares the same name as her portrayer.
  • She is usually seen wearing glasses.
  • Her actress, Sarah Carpenter, is the older sister of Sabrina Carpenter who plays Maya Hart.
  • By coincidence, the US air date of Girl Meets the Forgotten in which her character is officially named (10/10/2014) happened to be her portrayer, Sarah Carpenter's, 18th birthday.
  • Her surname as Carpenter is revealed in Girl Meets Commonism.
  • She has been credited as "Student 1" (Girl Meets Maya's Mother), "Student 2" (Girl Meets Crazy Hat), and "Sarah" (Girl Meets Friendship).
  • She tends to use multi-color ink pens.
  • She seems to be good friends with Darby.
  • Her father, D.W. Preminger, a director, appears in Girl Meets Hollyworld.
  • Topanga buys her sketch of Riley.
  • She takes History, Art, English, Science, and P.E.  with Maya Hart, Riley Matthews, Farkle Minkus, Lucas Friar and Darby.
  • Lunch Lady Geralyn has dubbed her "Three-Taco Sarah" for her fondness of that food.
  • Her own great grandmother may have been in Café Hey on December 14, 1961.
    Sarah's Great Grandmother

    Sarah's great grandmother?

  • She was a 1950's Bobby Soxer on Halloween.
  • Her flaw is "Afraid."
  • She is named "Most Studious," in the yearbook.
  • Although she and Darby were Dictatorettes in the New Farkle Nation, they both appeared in Princess Riley's campaign ad.
  • She may be the one who dubbed Riley "Superklutz," as when Maya is talking about it, "Tattletale" Darby glances at her.
  • Mr. Matthews thought she and Wyatt would make a perfect couple in Girl Meets First Date, and the pair welcomed the New Year together in Girl Meets the New Year.
  • She resembles both Maya Hart and Riley Matthews.
  • She got to shoot her impossible goal in the recycle bin.
  • She won her bet with Darby that Farkle was a real boy.
  • She playfully teased Maya upon learning her middle name was "Penelope."
  • She was a Flower Princess for the Central Park Spooktacular.
  • She and Darby are known to play chess at Topanga's.
  • She wanted Topanga's shoes.
  • Sarah realizes that she needs to stand up for herself more often.
  • She was a member of the JQA Honor Board.
  • She takes Art from Mr. Jackson.
  • In Riley's fantasy she was paired with Zay.
  • She's a member of the Nature Club.
  • Sarah participated in the Multicultural Fair, but for which booth was not revealed.
  • She takes Health from Mr. Fanucchi.
  • She has written a movie script, based on the life of Katy Hart which her father will direct, and Katy will star in.
  • She may have some anger issues with Farkle, as she names the character based on him. "Farkle Poopypants McStupidhead.."
  • Sarah and her father were using the offices of Armstrong Film Productions.
  • Despite claiming "Banana" and "Smiley" don't talk, Sarah was prepared to read their sides in Katy's audition.
  • Characters in her script Sarah created based on her class mates:
    • "Banana"-Maya Hart
    • "Smiley"-Riley Matthews
    • "Dookus"-Lucas Friar
    • "Zed"-Zay Babineaux
    • "Farkle Poopypants McStupidhead"-Farkle Minkus


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