John Whitesell is an American film director. He has directed numerous films such as Calendar Girl and Big Momma's House 2 since he started his career as a film director since 1993. He is one of the directors of Girl Meets World.


His credits include Law & Order, Roseanne, Doctor, Doctor, A Different World, Baby Boom, Coach and Tattingers. He won a Daytime Emmy Award (Outstanding Direction For A Daytime Drama Series—John Whitesell, Bruce S. Barry, Matthew Diamond, Irene M. Pace, Robert D. Kochman, Joanne Rivituso, and Joanne Sedwick) for his work on CBS Daytime's Guiding Light, and worked on Another World (NBC Daytime), Texas, and Search for Tomorrow (as executive producer from November 1985 - December 1986)."


His theater credits include Happily Ever After, And That's the Way It Was, Solo for Two Voices, Towards Zero, and The Glass Menagerie.


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