I've seen the way you look at Auggie, and I've seen the way you look at Lucas. It's not the same.
You can't tell anybody.

Girl Meets Texas (Part 3) is the twenty-second episode in season 2 of Girl Meets World and the 43rd episode overall. It also serves as the third and final part in the 3-part Texas event. It aired on October 18, 2015 to 3.1 million viewers.


Riley, Maya and Lucas deal with the aftermath of what happened in Texas.


Back home in New York, Maya wants to tell Riley what happened in Texas, but Riley doesn’t want to hear it. She tells Maya that she appreciates that she stepped back when she liked Lucas, but that she doesn’t want to stand in the way of Maya’s feelings. Charlie Gardner (last seen in “Girl Meets Semi-Formal”) shows up and asks Riley if it’s true that she is now available.

Riley and Maya talk to Cory and Topanga about their situation. Riley insists that it’s not a problem, and she will always put Maya first, but Topanga tells her that it’s not always that easy when feelings are involved.

Later, in class, Charlie passes Riley a note asking her out. As Riley reads the note, Maya blurts out that something happened between her and Lucas, and Riley quickly turns to Charlie and accepts his invitation.


After school, Riley and Lucas are sitting in Riley’s bay window. She remarks how comfortable they are together now that they have their situation cleared up, but Lucas strongly objects to the notion of them being comfortable. Riley says that now that he’s her “brother”, he should be giving her advice about stuff. Lucas asks what she wants advice about, and Riley replies that she wants advice about Charlie. This makes Lucas even more uncomfortable, and he never gets around to giving her any advice.


Back at school, Cory is freaking out about the situation surrounding Riley, and he gives Farkle the task of finding out what's going on and fix it. Farkle overhears Riley and Charlie planning their date, and Riley suggests one in which there will be no talking and no holding hands. At Topanga’s, Maya and Lucas are sitting together, but they are awkward and silent. Zay is observing them when Farkle walks in. Farkle asks Zay if he thinks Maya and Lucas like each other, and Zay says that he does, but that he thinks they liked each other better when Maya was always yelling at him. Farkle then asks what Zay thinks about Riley and Lucas, to which Zay responds that they are just like each other in a lot of ways, but not necessarily like brother and sister, just that they have a lot in common. Lucas asks Maya what she’s thinking, and Maya tells him that her exact thoughts at that moment were that if he didn’t start talking to her soon, she would pour her smoothie over his head. Lucas turns to her and begins telling her about the time he delivered a baby horse, and Maya immediately pours her smoothie over his head, and then pours his own drink on his head as well.

Back at home, Riley admits to Topanga that she’s feeling bad about the situation. She asks Topanga just to sit with her so she can keep her head in her lap. Riley falls asleep in Topanga’s lap, and sleeps until morning when Maya comes in. Riley asks her how her time with Lucas went, and Maya admits that they had nothing to talk about. She admits that she prefers making fun of him, and that he needs Riley around because she’s actually interested in what he has to say.


Riley meets Charlie at Topanga’s for their date. Just as they’re about to go, Lucas walks in and tells Riley he can’t be her brother anymore, because Auggie told him so. Charlie keeps trying to get Riley’s attention, but Riley always ends up turning back to Lucas, or Lucas butts in. To Farkle and Zay, who have been observing everything, something is becoming obvious. Farkle steps forward to reveal that Riley has obviously ended things with Lucas to be a good friend to Maya, not because she didn’t have feelings for him anymore. Riley manages to stop him just in time, and pulls him outside. She tries to deny what he’s saying, but he has figured out that Riley still has feelings for Lucas, and Riley soon admits this to him. She’s insecure about Lucas’ feelings, though, as he seems to have an interest in Maya now. Farkle says that he doesn’t know exactly what Lucas thinks of Maya, but that they all know for sure that Lucas likes Riley. Riley asks him to keep her secret, but believing that friends shouldn’t lie to each other, Farkle refuses, but agrees to give her time to sort things out, and Riley goes on her date with Charlie.

At the end of the night, Riley and Maya are alone in the Bay Window talking. They ask each other how their dates went, and they both answer that they don’t really know. They take each other’s hands and both admit to being kind of scared.


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Riley: I liked the new boy and you stepped back for me. Then I saw how scared you were for him. You need to feel whatever you feel. How could I keep that from you? Whatever happens, happens.
Lucas: Hi.
Maya: Hey.
Lucas: Hey.
Riley: Hi.
Lucas: [Walking away] Wow...
Charlie: I heard you and Lucas are just gonna be friends
Riley: Yeah! Actually what we're doing is—
Charlie: I heard you're free. Are you free?

Cory: I don't want this.
Maya: We're confused.
Topanga: I don't want this either.
Riley: We're going into high school!
Topanga: You know what your priority is in high school?
Cory: High school.
Topanga: It's where you further your minds, and you get an education.
Cory: You know why?
Topanga: So you're smart enough not to find yourself in a situation like this!
Riley: We're not in a situation, everything's fine!
Topanga: Maya?
Maya: We're in a situation.
Riley: Why do we have to have feelings?
Cory: You don't! Get rid of 'em!
Topanga: You think you like Lucas?
Maya: How can you not like him?
Cory: I didn't think you liked anybody!
Maya: It's my facade.
Cory: Don't use big words correctly. It's not who you are.
Riley: We're Riley and Maya.
Maya: We know our priorities.
Riley: And nothing and nobody could ever come between us.
Topanga: You are two confused kids who think you know what you're doing.
Cory: But you don't. So don't do anything.
Topanga: Nothing is as easy as it seems when feelings are involved.
Riley: Mom, it is easy. Lucas is like my brother and, I want Maya to be happy.
Cory: Oh, no. They're gonna figure it out. What do we do?
Topanga: We trust them.
Cory: That's the worst idea I've ever heard.
Maya: Riley, something happened between me and Lucas.
Lucas: Oh, boy.
Riley: Yes Charlie, I will go out with you.
Cory: [Points to chalkboard behind him] Hoover DAM!
Riley: Isn't it amazing how comfortable we are with each other?
Lucas: NO! I don't feel comfortable at all.
Riley: This is the kind of thing we could never do, Lucas, when we were just "Hi, hey, howdy, hi". Now you know what we are. —POOM! [Riley play-punches Lucas in the arm]
Lucas: Could you maybe not hit me anymore?
Riley: You're my brother. Be my brother, give me advice, feel good about it, and nothing will ever be uncomfortable at all.
Lucas: Okay, lets, try. What do you need advice on—
Riley: —the Charlie Gardner of it all. What does a first date mean in the language of boy? I want to break your code. What does he want? Tell me! What!?
Lucas: Yeah. Charlie Gardner, I'm not uncomfortable at all. Where's your dad? Wjy isn't he kicking me out?! [yells] I'M IN YOUR DAUGHTER'S ROOM!
Cory: Yeah, I see ya! [To Topanga] You sure this isn't just so that he gets to sit there. And be there. With her. Like that?
Topanga: No, this is real
Auggie: Why do you need another brother?
Riley: I'm just trying to do everything best for everybody concerned.
Maya: I'm concerned.
Auggie: [to Lucas] Riley has one brother in her life, and it isn't you.
Lucas: Oh, Auggie, I don't—
Auggie: Did I finish speaking?
Lucas: No, sir. I just don't see how you could possibly understand the relationships, or anything that happens to us.
Auggie: I've been married to Ava Morgenstern for 52 years. It changes a man. Kill me!
Auggie: Riley's my sister. I'm her ONLY brother. And her only brother's telling you, whatever happens, don't hurt my sister. Now get of my room, I'm doing my podcast.
Maya: So this our new relationship?
Lucas: Yeah. How's it going so far?
Zay: Weird, man!
Maya: You don't have to watch.
Zay: I can't look away!

Farkle: You think they like each other?

Zay: I do. But I think they liked each other better when she was yelling at him all the time.
Farkle: What about Riley and Lucas?
Zay: Well, I knew Lucas before I came here. But then I met Riley and she's just like him.
Farkle: How?
Zay: Well, the thing we all knew about Lucas is that Lucas would do anything for his friends. And I never thought there could be anybody else like that. But Riley is.
Farkle: So you think they are like brother and sister?
Zay: No. I just think they have a lot in common. I mean, Riley would do anything for her friends too.
Farkle: Yeah. And I think she did.
Riley: Mom?
Topanga: Honey?
Riley:I'm going on a date with Charlie Gardner, Maya's going out with Lucas. What do you do when you think you're doing what's right, but, you're really just confused? And you think I've is trying to throw you on the ground?
Topanga: [smiles] You hang on, Riley.
Riley: I'm a little tired, please don't go anywhere.
Topanga: I won't.
Riley: I'm gonna be here a long time.
Topanga: Okay.
Topanga: Honey? Sweetie? Um, I love you, and I love your teen ancs. But I have to go to work so that o can afford you! [Maya climbs through the bay window] Oh! Thank goodness! [She puts Riley's head on Maya's lap] she's all yours now. She, drools, a little.
Maya: [trying to sound like a mother] Go to school! Brush your teeth! Comb your hair!
Riley: Hmm, your not my mother.
Maya: Ha, no, its me.
Both: Hahaha...
Riley: How did your time with Lucas go?
Maya: We.. sat there, with absolutely nothing to say.
Riley: Been there, done that.
Maya: Yeah, well, you guys don't have to worry about that anymore now that you're brother and sister.
Riley: I love talking to him.
Maya: I love .. making fun of him.
Riley: Why?
Maya: Why do I love to make fun of him?
Riley: Yeah.
Maya: Because he's great.
Riley: Yeah.
Maya: And..he needs someone like me to take him down. And he needs someone like you-
Riley: For why? For why does he need me?
Maya: build him up! To tell his Ranger Rick stories to, and make him feel like a hero. You like his stories, and he likes yours.
Lucas: Riley, I can't be your brother anymore.
Charlie: No talking or holding hands. Best date ever. I know it's not, but it's what I got.
Lucas: No talking on a date? Who does that?
[sits nexts to Maya]
Oh yeah, we do. Hey.
Maya: Hello..
Maya: Hey Riley, what do you do when you sit next to Huckleberry?
Riley: Maya, I can't give you advice like that.
Maya: Sure you can. You're his sister, right?
Lucas: Nope, not anymore.
Riley: Why?
Lucas: Auggie says we can't. And you know what, I think he's right. You already have a great brother!
Riley: Then what will you be?
Charlie: He'll be me
Lucas: Anyway, Auggie loves you, Riley, so I'm gonna step back from being your brother.
Charlie: Say "me now".
Maya: [kicks Lucas on the butt] Me now.
Lucas: You have every right.
Zay: You see, Lucas does anything for anybody. He sacrifices being Riley's brother so he doesn't hurt Auggie's feelings.
Farkle: Well, same with Riley. She's stepping back from Lucas so she's doing exactly the same thing.
Riley: Farkle, stop.
Zay: What? I thought she didn't like him like that anymore.
Farkle: No, Riley's stepping back from Lucas because—
[Riley covers Farkle's mouth]
Riley: Farkle, you don't know what's going on! Stop thinking!
Farkle: I know Auggie's right! He's your only brother. I've seen the way you look at Auggie, and I've seen the way you look at Lucas. It's not the same.
Riley: I think I know my own feelings.
Farkle: You're a liar.
Riley: Farkle!
Farkle: You're lying to yourself!
Riley: Lucas and I don't make a good couple.
Farkle: I'm not really sure how Maya feels.
Riley: You're not sure? How can you not be sure?
Riley: You can't tell anybody.
Farkle: I will unless you do.
Riley: Why?
Farkle: Because we are growing up. And, I don't know how to handle these feelings we're feeling. But I do know that we don't lie to each other. We don't lie to each other, Riley.
Farkle: I will always be here for you
[Riley hugs Farkle]
Riley: I love you, Farkle.
Farkle: And I love you.
Maya: How was your date?
Riley: I don't know. How was your date?
Maya: I don't know.
Riley: Farkle, Maya is my best friend. She cares about him, and he cares about her too.

International Premieres

  • May 9, 2016 (Israel)
  • June 26, 2016 (Latin America, Brazil)



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