I need you to tell us what this fight is about so I can fix it.
Eric to Riley & Maya

Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels is the fifth episode in season 2 of Girl Meets World and the 26th episode overall. It aired on May 15, 2015 to 2.2 million viewers.


Riley and Maya have a big argument that could end their friendship. To help them make up, Cory asks his brother Eric to listen to both of their sides.



Riley and Maya are in a heated argument because Riley stood up for Lucas when he called Maya a name, this in retaliation for her constant name-calling of him. Farkle and Zay also agree with Riley's move, but Maya believes friendship takes precedence over being right or wrong, and that Riley should stick up for her no matter what. Riley disagrees, and feels she can’t argue with the truth.

Not knowing how to handle the situation himself, Cory summons his older brother, Eric, to help end the fight. Eric gets the girls talking and it turns out Lucas had called Maya “a short stack of pancakes”, and Riley didn’t stick up for her because Maya is, in fact, short. Maya still believes that it shouldn’t matter, and says she always sticks up for Riley when people call her a "superklutz", even though it is true that she is. Right or wrong doesn’t matter, because they are best friends. It is questioned by Eric and Zay why Lucas lets Maya make fun of him, but the question is never answered. Riley is surprised to hear that people think of her as a klutz, and it hurts her feelings. Now both girls are hurt, and Farkle joins them and tells them about his own insecurities. Lucas and Zay also join them and all five realize they all have insecurities about themselves.

Riley promises Maya to stick up for her from now on, and the fight officially ends.


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Eric: (to Cory) Look. I just wanna thank you for believing in me.
Cory: My brother.
Eric: My brother.
Maya: I'm not talking to you!
Maya: You're the fiercest woman I know.
Auggie: They love each other, They're gonna marry each other.
Eric: You may wonder what it is I'm doing here
Maya: In life, no matter what happens sometimes all you need is someone who will be there for you no matter what!
Eric: Now, which one of you is Riley's friend Moesha?
Topanga: I owe you an apology, Eric. People who underestimate you are making a big mistake. Cory was right to have faith in you. You really are a mature, normal human being.
Eric: I am not!
Topanga: Honey, remember about your Uncle Eric, same rules we told you at the zoo. Don't stand too close. Don't feed him. And whatever you do, do not call him Koko.
Riley: And you're the mayor of St. Upid town?
Eric: Yes, I was elected in a landslide. See, after the landslide, everybody that wasn't killed voted for me.
Cory: This is my brother Eric and there's no one I trust more in the art of mediation.
Eric: Mediation. Sitting cross-legged going Ohmmm, Ohmm, my legs are killing me.
Cory: Okay, to avoid something like that, the next step would be to bring in a mediating body like the United Nations. But unfortunately they said no, so I've decided to bring in a respected intellect from the North.
Farkle: You really know how to talk to people. Have you ever thought about taking over the world?
Eric: The world you say?
Cory: Fortunately the world has protective mechanisms in place that would never allow that to happen.
Eric: Yes, fortunately.
Farkle: You know, if you let me mess you up a little bit, I think you'd be a lot more relatable to people.
Lucas: Okay, go ahead. Okay?
Farkle: How did that make you better?
Zay: Is that why it hurts to sit?
Zay: Seriously, does it not hurt anyone else to sit?
Lucas: Hey, you think this is easy? You think it's easy being me every day?
Everybody: Shut up.
Lucas: Yeah, okay.
Lucas: I'm a freak?
Farkle: Look at you! Look at your freak face and your freak hair. You make me sick!
Farkle: You know, I've never admitted this before, but sometimes I wonder if my desire for world domination actually comes from deep down feeling like I'm Squeaky the Mouse.
Lucas: What makes you feel like that?
Farkle: You do.
Lucas: How?
Farkle: Just by being alive, you freak.
Riley: Do you think I'm a super klutz?
Maya: Yeah. Do you think I'm super short?
Riley: I think you're regular short.
Eric: Why doesn't it matter?
Maya: Because we're best friends.
Eric: I can't hear you.
Maya: Because we're best friends!
Eric: I still can't hear you. Something's wrong!
Maya: Hey! Nobody laughs at her but me.
Lucas: She called me Huckleberry.
Maya: There's also the possibility I may have called him Ranger Rick once.
Lucas: Once?
Maya: Oh, yeah, Ranger Roy once. Ranger Rick is every day.
Lucas: Don't forget about Bucky McBoingBoing.
Maya: Oh, that was a fun day.
Eric: You may be wondering why I'm-
Cory: Not now.
Maya: I don't think I'm gonna grow any more.
Eric: I might be done, too.
Eric: I need you to tell us what this fight is about so I can fix it.
Maya: Lucas called me short.
Cory: Fix it.
Eric: Yeah, I can't fix that.
Eric: When I finally hear what this argument is about and I fix it all up in like one second. Okay? Yep. Okay, Malala, come here.
Eric: Yeah, okay, you know what no one can argue with there, Tomato?
Eric: Listen, Riley. Look, in Margie's point of view, right and wrong don't matter.
Eric: Thank you, Tuba.
Eric: I don't have to look like this. Everybody look at me. Ow!
Eric: Anyhoo, I have been summoned. Why have I been brought to here?
Topanga: Because Cory thinks when it comes to helping people, you somehow turn into a genius.
Riley: I'm in a fight with my best friend.
Eric: There will be no losing friends. Lose one friend. Lose all friends. Lose yourself.
Eric: You have a stupid name.
Topanga: It's Quebec.
Eric: The Jeopardy guy?
Topanga: No.
Eric: Who is the Jeopardy guy?
Eric: It's a lovely little village right on the border of New York and France.
Riley: New York doesn't even border France. It borders Canada.
Eric: Well then why do they speak French? Why don't they speak Canyadahoo?
Topanga: Oh, how St. Upid of me.
Auggie: Uncle Eric, why do you look like that?
Cory: Because they elected him mayor.
Riley: Who would do that?
Topanga: The good people of Stupid Town.
Eric: It's not pronounced Stupid Town.
Topanga: How is it pronounced?
Eric: St. Upid Town.
Eric: I have been summoned.
Cory: In college, all my friends had a war, and it was great. Until it wasn't.
Farkle: How could she disagree with him? He's right.
Maya: You're next.
Farkle: I wanna be first.
Riley: I will not stink up the integrity of our bay window with this ridiculous argument.
Maya: You come here and stink it up, right now.
Eric: Hello, niche.
Riley: Uncle Eric.
Eric: Little Pangers.
Topanga: Hey, Eric.
Eric: Pangers! You're still here.
Topanga: Yeah.
Cory: Riley!
Topanga: Why'd you blow the whistle?
Riley: Caveman!
Topanga: (laughs a little) Honey, it's not a caveman. It's your uncle Eric. Okay, it's a caveman.
Maya: That's easy for you to say. Everybody looks up to you because you're this brilliant, strong, Amazon warrior.
Topanga: Oh, really? (stands up to reveal her diminutive height)
Maya: Wow, you're a shrimp.
Topanga: Yeah.
Maya: You always been like this?
Topanga: Yeah.
Maya: You're not just doing this for me?
Topanga: No, Maya. This is me.
Maya: But you're the fiercest woman I know.
Topanga: And so are you. Honey, couple of short stacks of pancakes like us can do just fine.
Zay: One dollar to look at the freak.
Lucas: Oh, be quiet, flat butt.
Zay: What? Really? I had no idea.
Eric: Okay, you know what, fine. Stay a hobbit.
Topanga: Yo, bozo.
Eric: Yes.
Topanga: I'm sorry, are you explaining something to me?
Riley: I just can't side with her this time. This time, we just can't go into Candycane world and can't just go skipping over the rainbow bridge with our underwear on our heads.
Eric: Yeah, I'm not doing that again.
Eric: Ah, you missed the whole parade.
Maya: I've got to say you did really well for us.
Eric: Thank you, Mordecai.
Maya: When being right is more important than being friends, that's the end of being friends.
Auggie: Uncle Eric!
Eric: Oh, oh! It's cousin Auggie!


  • First appearance of Eric Matthews in Girl Meets World.
  • Eric is the tenth BMW character to appear in GMW.
  • Eric returns as Mr. Plays With Squirrels.
  • Auggie recognizes Eric despite his Squirrels outfit, Riley does not.
  • The ending scene foreshadows Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels Goes to Washington.
  • Cory tells the class about the time when he and his friends at college had a prank war and how it ended, which is from the Boy Meets World season 7 episodes The War and Seven the Hard Way.
  • Riley and Maya have their first major fight in the series.
  • First mention of Senator Jefferson Davis Graham, who will appear in Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels Goes to Washington.
  • Fourth episode to have a scene outside of New York City.
  • This is the fifth time the lesson on Belgium 1831 did not get taught.
  • Second appearance of Zay.
  • Riley has an emergency whistle.
  • Auggie says, during Maya and Riley's fight, "They love each other! They're gonna marry each other!" Much like how Topanga joked that Cory and Shawn should get married in Boy Meets World.
  • Topanga coolness towards Eric might be because whereas he stumbled into a political career, she earned a Masters degree in politcal science.
  • People think of Riley as a klutz.
  • Eric doesn't get Maya and Topanga's names right.
  • When Eric pulls of his Mr. Squirrels wig and beard and screams in pain, Riley, Cory and Topanga thought it was attach to him.
  • Lucas' nickname for Zay is "Flat-butt".
  • It is possible that the scene where Lucas snaps and calls Maya a short stack of pancakes is cut out from the episode, because at the beginning of the episode, we have no idea what Maya and Riley are talking about, and it's only in the bay window scene that we learn why Maya and Riley were fighting.
  • It is the first time Maya feels short around Riley .
  • Lucas and Maya recollect all his nicknames :
    • Ranger Rick
    • Ranger Roy
    • Bucky Mac Boing Boing
    • Huckleberry
  • Everyone talks about their insecurities
    • Riley-being a super klutz.
    • Maya-being short and the fear she might not grow anymore.
    • Farkle-feeling like squeaky the mouse.
    • Lucas- thinks it isn't easy about being himself.
  • Maurice LaMarche provides the uncredited voice of the Mysterious Man who picks out Plays With Squirrels' picture in the tag sequence.
  • There is a sequel episode called Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels Goes to Washington.
  • In the episode of Boy Meets World "Seven the Hard Way", Eric's name in the future is Plays With Squirrels and he asks Mr. Feeny to call him Mr. Squirrels instead of Mr. Matthews.
  • Will Friedle's first time to appear on television in ten years.
  • This episode is the only episode to skip a scene, as in the beginning of the episode, we don't know why Maya and Riley are fighting until later in the episode.
  • In the skipped scene, Lucas gets tired of Maya always calling him names and, upon finally calling her a short stack of pancakes, Riley inadvertently agrees with him, hurting Maya and making the fight start, as we see later.

International premieres

  • July 2, 2015 (Canada)
  • November 5, 2015 (UK)
  • December 5, 2015 (Hungary)
  • December 26, 2015 (Romania)
  • January 5, 2016 (Latin America and Brazil)
  • January 18, 2016 (Israel)
  • February 7, 2016 (Italy)
  • February 12, 2016 (Poland)
  • September 27, 2016 (Philippines)


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