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I need the holiday to be good for Shawn. Shawn's coming!
Cory regarding his holiday reunion with Shawn

Girl Meets Home for the Holidays is the sixteenth episode in season 1 of Girl Meets World. It aired on December 5, 2014 to 2.5 million viewers.[1]


Holiday Card

Cory's best friend from childhood, Shawn Hunter, joins the Matthews family for Christmas dinner at their home.


Cory and Topanga are having their first-ever family Christmas get-together at their home; it's also the first Christmas that Maya will be spending with them as well. While Topanga is worried about how her Christmas dinner will go over with Cory's parents, Cory is overly excited that his best friend Shawn will also be visiting, but Maya doesn't believe that Shawn exists. Cory's parents, Alan and Amy, are the first to arrive with Joshua, whom Maya quickly develops an attraction to, calling him "Boing"; Joshua returns the attraction saying "Boy, you grew up gorgeous," much to Riley's chagrin, who doesn't want Maya to become her aunt.

Maya and "Boing"

Shawn quietly tiptoes in shortly afterward to Cory's delight, but when Riley tries to say hello to him, he avoids her. Maya takes Riley to the bay window to compare their friendship with Cory and Shawn's, but Maya doesn't yet see the similarities. At the living room bay window, Cory and Shawn also compare their friendship against Riley and Maya's, but like Maya, Shawn doesn't see the similarities either. Cory then urges Shawn to move back to the city, mentioning there's a vacant apartment in their building, but Shawn declines. Riley and Maya join them and compare their respective friendships, and then Maya directly asks Shawn why he makes Riley feel bad. Shawn insists that it's not intentional, but Maya says his actions still hurt Riley regardless and she's not okay with it; they walk away, but not before Shawn remarks "Maybe you are like me and Cory".

Later, Shawn, Cory and Alan are all asleep on the couch. Maya wakes up Shawn to confront him about why he doesn't like Riley. Shawn pretends he doesn't understand, but Riley lays it out for him: she doesn't like the fact that whenever he visits he makes it a point to not talk to her. When Riley asks Shawn when her birthday is, he sidesteps the issue and Topanga calls them all to dinner, a dinner that took two days for her to prepare, but which they all devoured in five minutes.

"Loo-o-o-ok a-a-a-at me-e-e-eee."

At the dinner table, Shawn reveals that he works as a writer and photographer for a travel website called "Hit The Road", which Maya visits regularly. Riley again asks Shawn when her birthday is, but rather than answer the question, he gets up and is about to walk out the door, but invites Riley and Maya to come along with him. They go to Svorski's for dessert, and there Shawn proves that he not only knows Riley's birthday (December 8) but also remembers the time of day she was born as well as her birth weight and height (6 a.m., 7 pounds, 4 ounces, and 21 inches tall); he was at the hospital with Cory and Topanga when Riley was born, and the first person to hold her after her parents. He reveals that he left New York City the same day Riley was born because, still being single with no kids, he began to feel out of place. Riley surmises that Shawn loves her so much that he cannot bring himself to look at her because she is too much like Cory and Topanga; after Shawn observes that Riley is "Cory with Topanga's hair", Riley hits a nerve when she asks Shawn if he is reminded of what he doesn't have whenever he looks at her.

"Find somebody. Begin your life."

Back home, Riley sends Cory and Shawn to sit in the Bay Window. Once there, Riley asks Shawn why he really left New York. Shawn thinks Riley is trying to keep him and Cory together, but Riley remarks that she has her "eye on a much bigger prize" and walks out of the room. Shawn tries to climb out of the window, but is stopped by Maya who's standing guard outside. Cory then echoes Riley's question, and Shawn admits that he didn't know how to be the "cool uncle". When Cory says his life began when he had Riley, Shawn validates Riley's theory, that whenever he visited Cory and his family he was indeed reminded of what he didn't have, which is the true reason why he left the city. At this point Riley comes back in, takes Cory out of the bay window and pulls Maya in to sit next to Shawn and tells her to ask him about his parents. Shawn's dad was only there for him half the time while his mother deserted them right after he was born, and Maya admits she has "half a mom" and that her dad abandoned them and later started another family; Shawn says he would never let anyone grow up like that. Gradually, the two pick up on what Riley already sees, that like Riley and Cory, Shawn and Maya have very similar upbringings, and the two begin to form a bond.

Afterwards, Shawn indicates that he is going to do a project in the near future in Upstate New York for his travel website and invites everyone, including Maya, to come along. Shawn then gives one of his cameras to Riley as a gift.


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Shawn: Cor, don't take this the wrong way, but.. your daughter's a strange little bird.
Topanga: Five minutes. That dinner took two days to cook, and you animals ate it in five minutes!
Riley: What's for dessert, Mom?
Topanga: Nothin'! I want you to sit there for two days and think about that dinner you just devoured, and then maybe I'll give you a cupcake!
Maya: Boing! (pointing at Josh)
Riley: That's my uncle, Maya.
Maya: Sweet! I would be your aunt!
Cory: Shawn!
Maya (over intercom): Maya!
Cory: Shawn!
Maya: Aw. What's the matter? Your boyfriend not here yet?
Cory: He's not my boyfriend!!
Shawn: I'm not your wacky neighbor. This isn't some dumb TV show.
Cory: But you could be! (sings) Cory and Shawn in the big city, and nobody talks but them!
Shawn : ...I'll be a cop and you run the deli...
Both: And nobody talks but them!
Maya: Uncle Josh!
Joshua: I'm not your uncle, Maya.
Maya: Even better.
Farkle: I'm Stuart Minkus' son.
Shawn: Minkus reproduced?!
Cory: (laughing) Yeah. What, did you think he was cloned in a lab or something?
Shawn: Look at him.
Cory: Uh. Farkle....have you ever actually seen your birth certificate?
Farkle: Huh. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some questions I need to take care of.
Cory: (to Topanga) Am I everything to you?
Topanga: (puts her hand on Cory's heart) My whole life.
Riley: ..'cause Maya..
Maya: ..and I..
Riley: ..can read..
Maya: ..each others..
Riley: ..minds. (to Maya) Ready? What am I thinking of?
Riley and Maya: 1,2,3, pizza! 1,2,3, clouds! 1,2,3, Farkle!
Cory: Yeah, right. Like we can't do that.
Shawn: We can't.
Cory: 1,2,3, rainbows!
Shawn: Can't do it!
Cory and Shawn: Cory and Shawn in the big city and nobody talks but them!
Josh: [singing] They're two grown men, in a girl's bedroom window, and nobody thinks that's weird, a wink.
Auggie: I would never watch that TV show!
Topanga What are we going to do with this Cory and Shawn foreva ornament?
Cory: Oh that goes over the Cory and Topanga wedding ornament!
Topanga: My whole life.
Topanga: Honey, this is our first year hosting the holidays. Is your mother going to go easy on me?
Cory: You want comfort or truth?
Topanga: Comfort.
Cory: It's gonna be hideous.
Topanga: I said I want you to comfort me!
Cory (embracing Topanga): It's gonna be hideous.


  • Peyton Meyer (Lucas Friar) does not appear in this episode.
  • Daniel Jacobs, who played Joshua Matthews as a toddler, attended the taping.
  • This is the first Christmas episode of the series, though the word 'Christmas' is never said.
  • Farkle has a minor role in this episode, but it is significant to his own character as he reveals for the first time that his last name is Minkus, and that he is the son of Stuart Minkus, a regular from the early seasons of Boy Weets World.
  • Alan is is the sixth Boy Meets World character to appear on GMW.
  • Amy is the seventh  Boy Meets World character to appear on GMW.
  • Joshua is the eighth Boy Meets World character to appear on GMW, although he is not played by the same actor.
  • Shawn is the ninth Boy Meets World character to appear on GMW.
  • In this episode it is revealed that Riley Matthews was born on December 8, 2001.
  • The scene with Shawn snoring and Cory yipping in their sleep, was a callback to the 1996 season four holiday episode of Boy Meets World, "Easy Street," where the pair were caught sleeping in English class by Mr. Turner and Mr. Feeny, who notes that the two switch sounds while sleeping during his class.
  • Upon waking up, Alan takes the ornament from his ear, and hangs it on Auggie's back, just before Topanga calls everyone for dinner.
  • It is revealed that Shawn hasn't seen Angela since she left him for Europe.
  • This episode marks the return of Cory's parents, Alan and Amy Matthews, as well as Shawn Hunter and Joshua Matthews.

International premieres

  • December 8, 2014 (UK and Ireland)
  • December 12, 2014 (Canada and Romania/Bulgaria)
  • December 14, 2014 (Italy)
  • December 23, 2014 (Australia)
  • March 14, 2015 (Poland)
  • April 9, 2015 (Israel)
  • December 8, 2015 (Latin America)
  • December 9, 2015 (Hungary)
  • December 11, 2015 (Portugal)
  • December 12, 2015 (Brazil)
  • December 18, 2015 (Spain)


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