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No matter what happens at high school, we’re the cause worth fighting for.

Girl Meets High School (Part 2) is the second episode in season 3 of Girl Meets World and the 53rd episode overall. It aired on June 5, 2016 to 2.2 million viewers.


As the group continues to adjust to the rigors of high school, some decide to join sports teams while others participate in academic clubs.




Main cast

Recurring cast

Guest cast

International Premieres

  • September 22, 2016 (Israel)
  • November 2, 2016 (Brazil)
  • November 7, 2016 (Latin America)

Memorable Quotes

Lucas: [ashamed] Don't look at me.
Maya: I'll look at you whenever I wanna look at you, Huckleberry.
Marly: Do good? Don't you mean do well?
Cory: You know what the funny thing is about history, Miss Evans? It repeats. I mean do good.
Farkle: Riley has such faith in people. She had faith in the seniors.
Lucas: But even more faith in us. I can't only not protect them here. I abandoned them.
Farkle: It's not that we can't.
Lucas: It's that we don't deserve to. I left them alone. They believe in something and I left them alone. How can you come back from that?
Riley: Aw, they like each other!
Maya: They're a triangle!
Nicki: [to Riley and Maya] Your safe place is each other. Go get your friends.
Riley: We're sorry.
Lucas: You're sorry? We're the ones that left.
Maya: We should have realized something happened to you.
Zay: Nothing happened to us.
Farkle: Why did you think something bad happened to us?
Smackle:We found out that we're stupid and they got beat up like pipsqueaks.
Maya: Guys, the only way we're gonna get through our one year of school is sticking together like we always do.
Riley: Maya, there's 4 years of high school.
Maya: ..I'm out.
Farkle: Can someone tell me what's going on because I think I really don't know anything anymore.
Smackle: I think they're forgiving us for behaving badly.
Riley: Smackle, you weren't behaving badly.
Maya: When you left, we should have gone with you.
Lucas: No, when you stayed we should have stayed with you. I don't know what's the matter with me.
Riley: Lucas, you left because you couldn't protect us here. We all need to protect each other here. Okay? No matter what happens in high school, we're the cause worth fighting for. Us. Nobody leaves.
Lucas: Even if we get massacred?
Maya: We're gonna get massacred no matter what we do.
Lucas: I'd like to say that we've never gotten hurt when we're together. And it was my fault that we weren't. I'm truly sorry about that, and I hope it never happens again. You guys showed us what it means to be strong, and smart.
Cory: When the patriots looked out at this new undiscovered land, it was what?
Zay: Rough and undeveloped. Like us.
Cory: What do you know?
Riley: I have faith that in the new place, you can learn from people who have already been there.
Maya: In any old place or any place at all, I stay with her. I'm always with her, but I knew that a long time ago.
Cory: Lucas, what do you know?
Lucas: That there are stronger people than us here.
Cory: What are you gonna do about it.
Zay: Get stronger.
Lucas: You really put us through it. You really messed with our heads. And we'll be better friends because of it. Thank you.
Francesca: We wanted to leave somebody a-
Riley: Legacy?


  • Despite being continued from the previous episode, there is no recap from it to start this episode. 
  • Nikki, Thor and Francesca enter Riley's room for the first time.
  • Nikki, Thor and Francesca are revealed to be stuck in a triangle as well.
  • Marly asking whether Cory meant do well instead of do good, as well as Cory stating that "Dream. Try. Do good." will always be his lesson plan is a callback to the series finale of Boy Meets World, in which Feeny imparts his last words of wisdom to Cory, Topanga, Shawn and Eric ("Dream. Try. Do good."); which prompts Topanga to ask whether he meant do well.
  • The Abigail Adams Theater Department is staging Our Town, Cory's favorite play, as mentioned in Girl Meets Gravity.
  • The Matthews' apartment building ban against dogs is apparently a recent development, as Topanga mentioned a neighbor having a Golden Retriever in Girl Meets Yearbook.


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