We think that we are the center of the universe, but the truth is... we need to circle the ones we love for as long as they're here. We need to hold them close, because no matter how far we travel, they are the ones who hold us in place. It's gravity, and without it, we'd just all float away from each other.
Riley's speech

Girl Meets Gravity is the first episode in season 2 of Girl Meets World and the 22nd episode overall. It aired on May 11, 2015 to 2.0 million viewers. 


Season 2 begins with Riley and Maya anxious to begin eighth grade and have a new teacher who isn't Riley's father. Meanwhile Mrs. Svorski ask Topanga to take over at the bakery because she is dying.


Riley delivers a speech in front of a cosmic background, explaining how she and her friends are "the center of the universe - at least that's what I thought".

Topanga goes to Riley's bedroom to find her still in bed. Riley worries that Cory is going to be her teacher again, but Topanga says they won't be doing that. After Cory joins them, he explains how he and Topanga went through the same thing with their "sixth-grade to college" teacher, Mr. Feeny. After Maya climbs through the window, she joins Riley in bed, until she's also convinced Cory won't be their teacher again this year. Believing they're the kings of middle school and are finally free of Cory's control, Riley and Maya leave through the window, forgetting to take their shoes with them.


At school, and still without footwear, Farkle meets Maya and Riley in the hallway and wonders who their teacher will be this year. As they walk to class, they run into Lucas, prompting an awkward exchange between him and Riley, who haven't properly spoken about their kiss. When the bell rings, Riley and Maya cautiously enter the classroom, dreading that they will see Cory once again behind the desk. After they uncover their eyes, they're pleased to see a young new teacher instead. Their excitement wanes when the new teacher doesn't run his classroom the same way Cory did. Mr. Martinez wants them to sit at their desk, be quiet and raise their hand to speak, and he thinks Farkle time is a euphemism. When Riley gets up and touches his face, Mr. Martinez quits. Their replacement teacher is none other than Cory.

Riley is unhappy that Cory is yet again their teacher. Farkle and Lucas enjoy Cory's teaching style, but Riley and Maya decide they want to be transferred to another class. Unexpectedly for them, Cory lets them transfer without any hassle. When Topanga and Auggie visit Mrs. Svorski's bakery, she asks Topanga to spend more time there. Mrs. Svorski recognizes the bakery needs a new lease of life as it's tired and knows its time is up. After Auggie no longer finds Mrs. Svorski's joke funny, Mrs. Svorski asks him to tell his mommy that the world is changing and the bakery needs changing too. Mrs. Svorski says the bakery should soon be Topanga's as the world keeps turning, and life goes to the next people.

When Riley and Maya arrive at their new classroom, the teacher tells them they're late, they don't get to talk, and they have to sit separately from each other at the back of the class. Riley and Maya are uncomfortable being away from each other and not being the center of attention. Maya grows even more uncomfortable when she realizes the classroom is packed with weird clones of themselves. The teacher grows tired of their attention seeking and throws them out. Back in Cory's classroom, he begins to teach the class about "Our Town", his favorite play. When Riley and Maya join the class, he explains that they haven't missed anything and the real lesson begins now.


Riley and Maya are at Mrs. Svorski's bakery, talking about how impossible it is to escape Cory. They're puzzled to find Topanga in their hang out and, after Cory arrives, Riley feels like her parents are always circling them - like planets. Mrs. Svorski gives Auggie a gift, an old-fashioned flour shaker from Ukraine, and says there's something important inside. Topanga tells Mrs. Svorski she's found somebody to look after the bakery when she can't be there, Katy Hart, Maya's mother. Katy arrives and puts on a Ukrainian accent for Mrs. Svorski. Mrs. Svorski is pleased to meet the new waitress, though Maya's less than happy her mother will be there all the time.

Riley and Maya explain to their parents that they need space and can't have their parents circling around them. Cory and Topanga sarcastically wonder if they're done with the parenting thing, telling Riley they're fine with this as she's a grown-up and she knows everything she needs to know. Cory and Topanga say they'll be at home, while Katy agrees to stay out of their way in the restaurant. When Riley is happy that nobody feels bad about this, Cory tells them "well, let's see what happens". Mrs. Svorski asks Katy is she's here now, which she says she is, leaving Mrs. Svorski feeling the restaurant is now in good hands. As Cory, Topanga and Auggie leave the bakery, Auggie looks back to see Mrs. Svorski looking around her bakery.

As Riley's speech continues, quoting Cory's favorite play, she is revealed to be giving the speech at a memorial service for Mrs. Svorski in the bakery. Riley tells them how she now knows they're not the center of the universe, and she recognizes how important it is to circle the ones we love for as long as they're here. As she holds Auggie, she wonders what's inside the flour shaker Mrs. Svorski gave Auggie. They find a note inside which reads "It's not My-Kranian bakery, I'm dead."

Back at the apartment, Cory picks up the telephone and calls Mr. Feeny to check if he's doing okay and Mr. Feeny tells him he's still here.


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Riley: The sun doesn't go around the Earth. We are the ones moving. We orbit the sun because we need it. We need its light and its heat. And if it wasn't there, we'd be dark and alone. I wasn't in Mrs. Svorski's orbit for very long, and I missed out on someone wonderful. My brother knew better. He was her very good friend. We think that we are the center of the universe, but the truth is... we need to circle the ones we love for as long as they're here. We need to hold them close, because no matter how far we travel, they are the ones who hold us in place. It's gravity, and without it, we'd just all float away from each other. We are not kings at all. We are just tiny little specs. My name is Riley Matthews from Greenwich Village, New York City, the United States of America, the continent of North America, the western hemisphere, the Earth, the Solar System, the universe, the mind of God. That's from "Our Town", my father's favorite play. Just for a moment, we're all together. Let's really look at one another. Good night, Mrs. Svorski.
Riley: I'm Riley Matthews, from Greenwich Village, New York City, the United States of America, the continent of North America, the wester hemisphere, the Earth, the solar system, the universe, the mind of God. And in the middle of all of it, is John Quincy Adams Middle School. Me and my friends, because we are the center of the universe. At least, that's what I thought.
Riley: We think we're the center of the universe. We think everything revolves around us. We depend on the sun for light, for warmth, every morning, every day. When it's gone, we sleep, trusting that in the morning it will always come back again.
Maya: You don't get to tell us what to do anymore!
Cory: Get out!
Maya: Okay, but that was the last one!
Mrs. Svorski's voice over: It's not my Ukranian bakery, because I'm dead.
Farkle: Farkle time, sir?
Teacher: Go ahead, kid. You gotta farkle, you gotta farkle.
Teacher: Okay, let's get started. Belgium, 1831.
Farkle: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay.
Mr. Feeny: Hello, Mr. Matthews.
Cory: Hey, Mr. Feeny. You doing okay?
Mr. Feeny: Yes, Cory. I'm still here.
Cory: Great. That's great.
Riley: What's inside? It's a note. Maybe she left you a note.
Riley: It's like you're circling around us.
Cory: I'm sorry. You think we're circling around you?
Riley: Yes.
Topanga: Oh, I see. I guess we're all done with the parenting.
Cory: Yes, it seems we're done with that part now.
Riley: I can't escape them. Maya. My parents are constantly circling like planets.
Cory: Hello!
Maya: So that's nice, that's nice. Your dad's at school. Your mom's at our hang-out. That's nice. That's nice.
Riley: You're laughing at me?
Maya: Inside I'm crying so hard.
Riley: Are you going to be my teacher?
Cory: No. Your mother and I went through that with Mr. Feeny.
Topanga: Yeah, our teacher from sixth grade to college.
Riley: How could that happen?
Cory: In an unexpected-
Topanga: But completely believable way.
Cory: Every year.
Cory: Riley, I haven't seen you in 20 minutes. Did you miss me? Because I missed you!
Cory: Hello girls. You're back?
Maya: Yes
Riley: As bad as this is.
Maya: Everything else is worse.
Teacher: I will not warn you again, side person.
Maya: 'Sup, I'm Maya. Don't look me in the eyes.
Mrs. Svorski: No such thing as always. Now place is Svorski's, soon place is Topanga's. World keep turning. Life go to next people. This has always been good idea.
Mrs. Svorski: In old country, I had variety show. It was called Mrs. Svorski's Not So Happy Hour.
Auggie: Tell me the joke.
Mrs. Svorski: It's not U-kranian bakery, it's My-kranian bakery.
Auggie: [giggles] It's not funny any more.
Lucas: I like how we're talking right now and he doesn't stop us when he could if he wanted to. Wait, why don't you stop us?
Cory: Yeah, that's interesting, isn't it?f
Riley: He didn't know that history class is supposed to be about our lives.
Lucas: Yeah, he didn't like it at all when we talked.
Maya: It's true. It's like he wanted to talk all the time.
Riley: I can't believe that you are gonna be my father again. I said what I said.
Lucas: No, this is where he takes over the class.
Teacher: Oh. He takes over the class? And you just talk without raising your hand? And these two just do whatever they want.
[Lucas raises his hand]
Teacher: Yes.
Lucas: Pretty much, yeah.
Farkle: Hey, look at your feet. They're naked!
Maya: Eyes up here buddy.
Maya: Who's gonna be my teacher.
Cory: Your teacher, whoever loses.
Riley: Is he going to be my teacher?
Topanga: No, we are not doing that again. That was crazy. New Year. New Teacher. Get excited because you and your friends are the Kings of Middle School now.
Riley: Oh, hi.
Lucas: Hey. Hi. Hey.
Riley: Hi.
Maya: All summer.
Lucas: Hey.
Maya: You have to talk about it.
Lucas: She's right.
Riley: Hi.
Lucas: Oh, hey.
Riley: Glad we talked about it.
Lucas: Yeah, me too.
Riley: Bye.
Lucas: Hey.
Riley: Mom, what are you doing here?
Topanga: Is My-kranian bakery.
Auggie: Still not funny.
Maya: Look at us, Riles. Two youn' independent woman making their own road. Taking their own way with their guts and their brains.


International premieres

  • September 2, 2015 (Australia)
  • September 6, 2015 (Latin America and Brazil)
  • November 12, 2015 (Greece)
  • November 15, 2015 (Poland)
  • November 21, 2015 (Bulgaria)
  • November 28, 2015 (Romania)
  • December 20, 2015 (Italy)
  • December 21, 2015 (Israel)
  • September 13, 2016 (Philippines)
  • April 9, 2018 (India)


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