Oh, me? I’m Canada. A little taken for granted, but I’m always there for you.

Girl Meets Farkle's Choice is the nineteenth episode in season 1 of Girl Meets World.[1] It aired on February 6, 2015 to 2.3 million viewers.


Farkle is nominated for an award and must decide whether to take Riley or Maya to the awards dinner. Meanwhile, Topanga forms a book club for Auggie and his friends.



The episode begins with Riley and Maya on school TV doing the morning announcements. Despite her rehearsing, Riley unwittingly flubs her words on camera, causing Maya to double over in laughter. Farkle joins them on camera and announces he has once again been nominated for the High Achievement in Research award by the Junior Entomology Society and has two tickets to the Golden Buggie Awards Show and announces he is planning on taking either Riley or Maya as his date. Maya quickly says she's not interested in going, but Farkle states he himself will choose between the two.

Later in class, Cory asks the students who is the greatest ally of the United States, and then presses Farkle for an answer; he grudgingly replies Canada, but also intones that he’s preoccupied with the tough decision of who he is taking to the awards show; he says he really wants either Riley or Maya there to console him when he loses again to his archrival Smackle. Both girls say they're willing to let the other go to the awards show with Farkle, but again Farkle sharply declares that he alone will decide who goes with him.

After school, Topanga and Auggie are hosting a book club at the apartment with some other kids including Ava Morgenstern, who is there with her mother Judy, who proves to be quite snobbish and ignorant as she remarks (in a fake British accent) on what a cute daughter Auggie is, which Topanga corrects. Topanga later makes it clear that as much as she dislikes Ava, she dislikes Judy even more. Ava starts reading, and then when it's Auggie’s turn he wants Topanga to read to him. Still putting on airs, Judy comments that Auggie is a little too old to be read to, which Topanga disagrees with. When Judy says it is scientifically proven that boys develop at a different pace, she alludes to Cory, who is hilariously having difficulty inserting a straw in a juice box he's holding.


Still intent on making a choice between Riley and Maya, Farkle takes them to the snack shop at the Bleecker Street subway station, where he buys Riley her favorite extra thick smoothie, and buys Maya a large pretzel with mustard.

Sitting with Riley, Farkle says he’s loved her since the first grade but says he’s never told her why, but before Riley can say anything, Farkle slides his chair over to Maya and entreats her to have some pretzel with her mustard. Still as disinterested as ever, Maya flatly says she is leaving once she's done eating, but Farkle has other ideas: he brings up his 8th birthday party, which Maya doesn't remember. Farkle then hands her an old broken skateboard she once owned- it broke when she injured herself attempting to do a kickflip off a park bench (she realizes she still has a scar on the back of her head). Surprised that Farkle kept the skateboard, he explains that he held on to it because it was the only time he ever saw Maya cry. He then slides his chair back to Riley, who is convinced he can't pander to her emotions like he did with Maya, but Farkle adroitly gets the better of Riley when he hands her a stuffed Hippo that Riley instantly remembers (she named it Hazel)-- he gave it to her while she was in the hospital having her tonsils out. Thinking that she had lost it, Farkle mentions that he bought a second one in case Riley lost hers.

Both Riley and Maya are touched by Farkle's gifts, and it's only then the girls realize that Farkle is speed dating both of them. He wants someone special with which to share his happiness if he wins the Buggie award, but also to commiserate with him should he yet again lose. After Farkle thanks them both for a lovely evening and goes to pay the bill, two brothers, Cisco and Sheldon, come up and accost Riley and Maya. Their unwanted flirtation gets more aggressive until Farkle frightens them both off with a spider. Farkle then tells the girls that he’s their Canada and will always be there for them. As he starts to walk away, Riley and Maya begin to wrangle over who will be going to the awards show with Farkle.


The next day in the school hallway, though Farkle says he needs time to himself to make up his mind, Maya and Riley begin one-upping each other to influence Farkle's choice. Maya pulls out of her locker an Arizona Blond Tarantula she found that causes Riley to run off screaming. Farkle takes out his Orange Dancing spider to meet Maya's, but things take a nasty turn when Maya's tarantula bites the head off of Farkle's spider, which causes Farkle to freak, and all the other students in the hallway to go running for their lives. Riley comes back claiming that she’s not afraid of spiders, but is still squeamish when Maya puts her tarantula on Riley's head to wear like a hat. Impressed that Riley has stepped out of her own comfort zone, Farkle then tells both girls that they are even and he still cannot make up his mind.

Back at home, Topanga is having another book club meeting with Auggie and his friends (again including Ava and her mother Judy); Auggie is reading and it's obvious from what he is saying that he was coached by Topanga. When finished, Auggie says he still prefers Topanga to read to him, and Ava says Judy never reads to her because she believes it makes her weak. Auggie asks her who acts out the voices to make it fun, and Topanga then calls Cory (who is again struggling to put a straw in a juice box), who starts play-acting in the main character of the book which makes the kids laugh. As he continues hamming it up, Topanga calls in all her "ocean friends" in to help save “Murray the Moose”, and the kids, even Ava against her mother's wishes, all pile up on Cory. Defeated, Judy calls them all "primitive" and declares it's time for them to leave. Ava says that she prefers it when Topanga kicks her out. Topanga picks her up and puts her outside the door and then says to Judy (in an evil voice) "Get Out!" After Topanga shuts the door in their faces, she announces that "Murray" decided he wanted to be a penguin, which Cory pretends to be; Auggie declares it's the best book club ever.

Later, Riley is sitting in The Bay Window with Farkle before he leaves for the awards. but Maya shows up and ruins Riley’s plan to try and get Farkle to take her and the two start bickering. At first, Farkle likes that they're fighting over him, but when he realizes that they're fighting because of him, he decides that he would rather go alone than to hurt his two best friends, so Farkle withdraws his offer and leaves for the award show alone, leaving Riley and Maya feeling ashamed that they not only ruined his night, but they let him come between the two of them. Riley and Maya agree that for the rest of their lives they will never settle for anyone less than Farkle.

The award ceremony is being televised and hosted by Jane Lynch, who along with presenting the awards, does a tribute to beloved insects lost this year while singing "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot". During a commercial break, Smackle approaches Farkle saying she hopes that he didn't waste his time writing an acceptance speech. She then asks if he’s available and tries to persuade him to rule the world with her, but Farkle points out that because they are both evil genius and that science dictates that like forces repel it would never work out; Smackle then counters saying that science does not dictate emotion, which she claims to not have. Farkle turns his attention back to Jane who is about to present the final award for High Achievement in Research, the award that Farkle and Smackle are again both vying for. Right before Jane announces the winner, Riley and Maya arrive to show their support for Farkle. Jane announces Smackle is once again the winner, but during her acceptance speech Smackle comments on Maya and Riley interrupting her moment. Riley and Maya says they are not interrupting and that they are Farkle's Canada; in other words, his greatest allies. They then sing the final lyrics of "O Canada" before the three walk out arm-in-arm. Jane herself launches into a more raucous version of "O Canada", but stops short and happily ends the show.

The next morning at school, Riley and Maya are again doing school TV announcements and Riley is once again unknowingly flubbing her words on camera causing Maya to again burst out laughing. Watching from the classroom, Cory calls them "unbelievable”, but Farkle says “I think they're perfect.”


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Farkle must finally choose between the sweet angel whose smile lights up the path to goodness, or my dark demon who unleashes something within me so terrifying I really want to know what it is.


  • Peyton Meyer (Lucas Friar) does not appear in this episode.
  • For the first scene, Sabrina Carpenter's laughs for Maya were real. They weren't acted out.
  • Third appearance of Isadora Smackle.
  • First episode filmed with Cecilia Balagot as Smackle.
  • Jane Lynch becomes the second person to appear as themselves. The first is Herbie Hancock.
  • It is clear that Jane Lynch has hosted the Buggies before.
  • This is the first episode to feature a non-New York City setting.
  • Second appearance of Milton.
  • Lee Norris visited the set for this episode.
  • Auggie's book club reads Murray, The Marvelous Moose (with the cover credits of being authored by Mark Blutman, and illustrated by Geralyn Riciardella).
  • For unknown reasons, Auggie admits that he ate a page from his copy.
  • First appearance of Judy Morgenstern, Matthews neighbor and mother of Ava, first mentioned in Girl Meets Flaws. The character is reminiscent of Judy Habberfeld, the snobbish wedding planner from the BMW Season 7 episode "They're Killing Us".
  • Smackle attends the 67th Buggies with her uncle.
  • Farkle has kept mementos of both Riley and Maya..
  • The National Junior Entomology Society's Buggie Awards was founded supposedly in 1948.
  • In Memoriam:
    • Buzzy "The Professor" Bee--Swatting Accident
    • Joe "3 Eyes" Murphy--Eaten By Frankie :"6 Eyes" McGee
    • Miles Coltrane "His Royal Flyness" --Too Cool for This World
    • Chelsea--Lasted 4 Days Fell Off Empire State Building
    • Herb Cockroach--1624-2014  I've Seen Enough
    • Princess--She Had That Benjamin Button Thing
    • The Great Termite Massacre of 424 Wood Street
  • The story of Chelsea was explained in Girl Meets Fish.


  • Auggie and other kids are in the Matthews living room for a 'book club' with Cory sitting at the dining room table. In one scene where Riley and Maya are competing to be Farkle's choice in the hallway at school, you see Cory stop and talk to them for a moment and then continue on. In the next scene, the book club meeting is still going on with Cory still at the dining room table.

International premieres

  • February 13, 2015 (Canada)
  • March 20, 2015 (UK and Ireland)
  • April 25, 2015 (Romania, Bulgaria)
  • April 30, 2015 (Australia)
  • May 10, 2015 (Italy)
  • May 21, 2015 (Israel)
  • May 30, 2015 (Germany)
  • June 6, 2015 (Poland)
  • July 31, 2015 (Spain, Portugal)
  • August 1, 2015 (Latin America, Brazil)
  • September 5, 2015 (Czech Republic, Hungary)
  • August 9, 2016 (Philippines)


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