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My name is Farkle Minkus. I'm growing up. And I don't know what's going to happen next. But you guys are my best friends, so deal with it.
—Farkle in Girl Meets Yearbook
A Farkle is a loyal, loving, best possible friend there could be. I think everyone should have one.
Lucas to Farkle

Farkle Minkus is a main character in Girl Meets World.[1] He is the son of Stuart Minkus and Jennifer Bassett from Boy Meets World, and a best friend of Riley Matthews, Maya Hart, Lucas Friar, and Zay Babineaux. Farkle exhibits personality traits of both his parents. Much like Stuart, he is a genius and a nerd; and like Jennifer, he is confident and masterful. Farkle is attached to and protective of both Riley and Maya, and used to say that he loved them equally until he became the boyfriend of his former academic rival, Isadora Smackle.

Farkle is portrayed by Corey Fogelmanis. Despite being one of the core characters, as well as appearing in every single episode in the first season, he was credited as a guest star instead of a main character, likely due to Disney Channel's strict rule of having only six starring cast members on all their programs. He was promoted to a regular main character in season 2.



Farkle is shown to be kind, colorful, thoughtful, understanding and, according to Lucas, very loyal to his friends. He is cheerful in almost all situations, and is fully confident in his capability of someday taking over the world. He can also be a talented showman, and in most of these cases he is also illeistic, referring to himself in the third person ("Thank you! I am Farkle!"), which began in the pilot episode and prevailed during season 1.

Much like his father, Farkle cares a great deal about his education and always maintains high grades in school, and is often viewed as the teacher's pet. Additionally, Farkle is an over-the-top flirt, especially with Riley and Maya, both of whom he claims to have a crush on although his affection later leans toward Maya as he is aware of Riley and Lucas' mutual interest in one other; later still his affections are redirected to Smackle, with whom he begins a relationship in Season 2.


Farkle has light brown hair; in season one, he sports a Beatles-like haircut - in the first couple episodes of the first season, his hair was quite long but gets shorter in the later episodes and even shorter in the later seasons. He has blue eyes and wears funky apparel, including colored jeans and multi-colored shirts over his signature turtleneck sweaters. But beginning with the season 2 episode Girl Meets Yearbook Farkle's sartorial preferences have become more subdued in color, and he occasionally wears a beanie that sweeps up his hair.


Season 1

Girl Meets World

Farkle Time

Farkle is first seen at John Quincy Adams Middle School in Mr. Matthews History class, along with his longtime friends, Riley Mathews and Maya Hart, both of whom he has grown to love equally since the first grade, despite their apparent differences in personality and temperament--a fact he openly proclaims before the entire room during one of his periodic impromptu speeches which both he and his teacher have come to dub "Farkle Time ." Riley counters with the idea that he would end up with

Looking For Brenda

"Back-of-the-class-Brenda," which Farkle loudly vetoes. Afterwards, Mr. Matthews assigns his students an essay describing something they value enough to fight for. Maya declares hers with the catchy motto of "No Homework. More Freedom!" Thus initiating "The Homework Rebellion" by staging a class walkout, led by her and Riley. Farkle, torn between "My education or my women," ultimately faints rather than make such a momentous decision. At lunch the

Sloppy Joe or Chicken Pot Pie?

next day, Farkle slyly shows the girls how his inability to choose between the sloppy joe or the chicken pot pie, led him to solve his dilemma buying both, although he later claims he bought two desserts, (Angel and Devil's Food cakes) simply because he was hungry. Later during History, Farkle is awakened from a nap (which he had started while Maya verbally fenced with their teacher) by

And There Goes Virginia...

Maya announcing that their essays are due. Eager to be the first to present his work, Farkle sprints to his locker to retrieve his paper (outlining peace as his cause worth fighting for) which he had incorporated into an elaborate diorama symbolizing the burning of Atlanta, complete with lit sparklers to mimic the flames. This would prove to be

Farkle Isn't Going Anywhere!

an unfortunate choice, as Maya absconds with a pair of them, and while standing on Farkle's chair, attempts to light the class homework ablaze. However, all she succeeds in accomplishing is activating the fire sprinklers above, dousing the entire room with water. Uncertain just how much of what was actually happening was what Maya

That's A Rat.

intended, and what was not,  a panicked Farkle awkwardly clambers atop Mr. Matthews, and refuses to come back down. Out in the hallway, Farkle finally alights from his teacher and takes a walk with Riley, while Mr. Matthews reprimands Maya. Some hours later, Farkle and school newcomer, Lucas Friar, meet Maya and the Matthews family at the Bleecker Street Station, to witness Riley receiving a Metrocard pass of her very own. Just prior to his greeting a couple of attractive female acquaintances of his, Farkle finds himself informing Lucas that what the Texan thinks is a "pony," is in actuality, a rat.

Girl Meets Boy

That's Awesome.

When Mr. Matthews informs the class that technology has hampered their generation's development as human beings, Farkle objects, dedicating his Farkle Time to the certain inevitability of technology (and Farkle) dominating the world. He also seizes the opportunity to pluck hairs from both Riley and Maya's heads as DNA samples for future cloning purposes. When Riley points out that would lead to four of them to only one of him, Farkle can only comment, "That's awesome." Farkle is

What Up?

considerably less enthusiastic, afterwards, as Mr. Matthews announces that the class is to be split into pairs to make presentations on whether or not technology has improved humanity, especially when the teacher proclaims that they must complete the assignment without the benefit of electronic devices, and instead seek out their research from their local library in the tried and true "old school" method of locating the necessary information in a purely physical

Greeting The GateKeeper

fashion. To further reinforce his mandate, Mr. Matthews then confiscates the entire class' complement of cellphones. Although clearly distraught over the loss of his usual sources of data gathering, Farkle still manages the presence of mind to claim Maya as his partner, by briefly sharing her desk while invading her personal space. That evening, Farkle and Maya are joined by Riley and Lucas as they venture into the place "where the ancients stored all their wisdom," the New York City Public Library. After failing to charm the "Wondrous Gatekeeper of the Knowledge,"

In Awe Of Maya's Art

currently on duty, Farkle lets Maya lead him away to begin reading from a text entitled Tales of Human Interaction. Later, when Farkle opines that a tiny device could easily hold all the information within the building, Maya admits that her phone is not that advanced. Suggesting that the disparity could serve as the basis for their presentation, he asks Maya to read back the notes he had assumed she had been taking. Farkle is astounded to discover that a bored Maya had instead been sketching the view from outside the window, with extremely impressive

Maya Refuses to Look

results. After an awed Farkle states that he never knew she had such remarkable talent for drawing, Maya admits that neither did she. With Maya taking over the reading, the pair encounter the passages where the writer asserts that a person cannot truly connect with someone else into they look into each other's eyes, and that all people have souls. Despite his steadfast insistence to the contrary, Maya denies that either conclusion applies to Farkle. The next day,

I'm Fine

Maya and Farkle make their presentation before the class. While Farkle still believes in the inevitability of technology, he declares that the potential of mere pencil and paper--empowered by imagination--should never be disregarded. To illustrate that point, he produces the drawing Maya gave him, which he has been keeping in place of his phone, and simply notes, "I'm fine." Maya thanks her friend, but still absolutely refuses to look directly into Farkle's eyes.

Girl Meets Sneak Attack

Mr. Googly Turned Off

One morning, as Farkle and Maya enter the Matthews apartment to pick up Riley for school, they are invited by Topanga Matthews to share breakfast with the rest of the family, which he declines, having already eaten an elaborate meal prepared by his own mother . Shortly after the newcomers join the table, the entire group prepares to watch an episode of "Mr. Googly," (as if by long habit, Maya, Riley, and Farkle sing and sway in unison to the theme song) but Riley's brother, Auggie, unexpectedly shuts off the tiny TV. Annoyance quickly transforms into curiosity-tinged amusement as the little boy claims he has replaced Mr. Googly as his best friend with a mysterious female. In History class, Farkle can only watch with quiet interest, as the sudden attention Missy Bradford blatantly lavishes upon Lucas begins to drive Riley to distraction, causing her to leave the room. Farkle's concern for Riley grows, as he witnesses his friend's normally pleasant features contort into an intensely furious

Double Boop

expression, particularly, when Missy playfully taps Lucas upon his nose, with a flirtatious "Boop." Having circled around the outside hallway, an enraged Riley re-enters the classroom from the other door. As Maya shares her worry with Farkle about Riley's state of mind, he advises having some faith in their friend. However, his confidence proves to be misplaced, as in an attempt to reenact Missy's "Boop" move, Riley's finger somehow finds its way into Lucas' left nostril. Far too petrified by fear to make even the slightest move, Riley desperately asks Maya and Farkle for help. When Farkle attempts his own version of the "Boop" maneuver with Maya,

Worried For Riley

it ends with equally unfortunate results. At lunchtime, Riley has taken refuge in Farkle's locker, hiding away from the rest of the world, and refuses the offer of any food which would just keep her alive. Missy just happens by, and clearly outlines to everyone present, her intention to become better acquainted with Lucas, while they watch a scary movie together. A despondent Riley then concludes that she now lives in Farkle's locker. That night, Farkle shows up on Riley's fire escape, just as the girls are discussing the art of

Always Out There

flirting. When questioned what he was doing outside the window, Farkle replies that he's always out there. Surprisingly, Riley accepts that admission with a smile, and makes a request of Farkle to teach her how to out flirt Missy, which he readily agrees to do. Maya asks why he is willing to help since he claims to love Riley. Farkle replies it is because he loves Riley and Maya, that he will therefore do what he can to ensure the happiness of both girls. In the cafeteria the next day, the three wait to see if Lucas will sit with them. Lucas does, but is promptly led away to another spot by Missy to discuss their movie going plans, during which Missy coyly shows off her leg. Realizing that that despite his instruction, Riley is overmatched, Farkle decides to sacrifice himself, by stealing Missy away from Lucas personally. Boldly

You're Next

striding forward towards Missy, Farkle offers himself by brazenly baring his own leg across her side of the table. A clearly intrigued Missy, then promises that Farkle will be "next." Frustrated by the entire situation, Riley stands in front of Lucas and Missy, and while admitting she really has no right to interfere, states that she will do what she can to keep Lucas from being left alone with Missy. Missy calmly accepts Riley's challenge. and then with twin handfuls of mashed potatoes, coolly initiates a one-person food fight by smashing them against the faces of Lucas and herself. Cafeteria monitor, Mr. Matthews, catches sight of the carnage, and instantly gives detention to Missy and Lucas. At the end of the school day, Farkle comes across the History room, and notices Riley, Maya, Lucas, and Missy sitting inside. Not knowing how his women got there, he steps in. Mr. Matthews informs him that detention is not for him, but Farkle insists that if his friends are present, then

What Is This Place?

it is for him, and settles into his usual spot. Lucas reveals to Riley, Maya, and Farkle the movie plans Missy has been making, and invites them all to come along. When Missy states that was not what she intended, Lucas tells her that he won't go without his friends. A miffed Missy then leaves in a huff, telling them all to grow up. To which, Riley replies "not yet." Mr. Matthews then ends the detention, and asks if the group is ready to leave. The four friends decide to remain together a bit longer, to just enjoy simply being in each other's company.

Girl Meets Father

You've Just Been Played

With "The Tick-Tock Shake Your Body Time School Dance." arriving at the end of the week, Farkle informs Riley and Maya that at their first dance of the year, the pair are to alternate dancing with him for the entire night, during which they are not allowed to dance with anyone else. When the girls quite predictably reject his proposal, Farkle then apparently settles


for a single dance with each of them, to which Riley readily assents. Farkle triumphantly announces that they have been played, as that was all he expected anyway. The next day in History, Farkle cannot help but notice an uncharacteristic coolness between the Matthews father and daughter. Thus, when his teacher's lame attempt at a Darwin pun, falls flat, Farkle tries to lighten the mood with one of his trademark laughs. Upon receiving his quiz, Farkle celebrates what he considers to be his 700th

'A': 700 or 500?

'A' (although his father would subsequently revise the criteria for counting such marks, significantly reducing the official number) by blowing a party horn he had apparently brought to school in anticipation of the event. However, Farkle's jubilant mood is quickly dispelled, as Maya announces that she has gotten an 'F'. She then states that Mr. Matthews can no longer teach her anything, and with an air of finality, walks out of class. Riley follows at Maya's heels intent upon talking some sense into her. Farkle quickly raises his hand to volunteer his help, but as the

Tango With Maya

rest of the class apparently shares the same idea, Mr. Matthews refuses. Despite Maya missing classes for the rest of the week, Farkle is elated to find out his friend has returned to school in time for the dance. Although Maya puts off their promised dance until the end of the night, Farkle happily leads her across the floor with up tempo steps while everyone else is slow dancing. When he dips Maya in front of Riley and Lucas, the Texan doffs his cowboy hat and puts a rose

Farkle's "Women" But Cory Matthews' "Girls"

in Maya's mouth, which Farkle quickly claims and places in his own teeth. Mr. Matthews, acting as the dance chaperone suggests a final dance for fathers and daughters. Farkle watches with interest, as Mr. Matthews leads Maya to the floor to dance first, before beckoning Riley join them. Farkle smiles, knowing that while he may consider the pair to be "his women," to Cory Matthews, Riley and Maya will always be "his girls."

Girl Meets the Truth

Spear Carrier Revolt

As the Seventh Grade production of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, reaches the climactic point when Romeo visits a seemingly dead Juliet in her crypt, a heretofore silent spear carrier abruptly crashes the scene. It is a jealous Farkle, determined to prevent Lucas from kissing Riley, who are playing the title roles. Initially, Farkle's improvised performance is taken quite well, especially when the "Crazy Spear Carrier" demands that Maya "cometh" from the

Entertaining Farkle Nation

audience and take the space next to Riley on the crypt, so they both can get kissed by him. Acceding to popular demand, Maya does, and Riley wonders aloud to her friend how they manage to get into such situations. After the play ends, Riley, Lucas, and even interloper Maya, are greeted in the school hallway by the sounds of enthusiastic clapping. However, Farkle's arrival instantly quiets the obviously disapproving crowd. Yet, due to


Riley's prompting, the gathered mix of students, parents, and faculty manage a polite level of applause, but it is sufficient to ignite the spark of acting ambition within Farkle--especially when Riley praises his performance, even though Farkle, himself, believed he might have wrecked the play. Maya is quick to quench the sudden flame burning within their friend, but Riley sees no harm in letting him keep his delusion, even after Farkle emerges, still dressed


in his costume, tap dancing with a cane, to further entertain the newly-minted members of "Farkle Nation." The next school day, after a Mr. Matthews lecture on how the perception of Truth has affected the course of history, Farkle catches his name being discussed by Maya and Riley with a perplexed expression. The following day, Farkle eliminates the distractions represented by the JQA Chess and Chemistry clubs, by severing his ties with both, in an extremely obnoxious manner,

FARKLE's Death Scene

thus leaving him free to concentrate fully on honing his formidable skills as an actor because "Riley said so." He notices the girls watching nearby and is quick to credit Riley with changing his life, and announces that the Farkle they knew is gone--and has been replaced by FARKLE. Yet, the girls discover their friend despondent, and lying quietly on the crypt prop the subsequent

First Kiss

afternoon. After being figuratively and literally prodded by Maya to speak, Farkle tells them they he tried out for an upcoming play, but failed so terribly that the Drama department told him that he was barred from even watching any of their productions for an entire year. He accuses Riley of filling him with special confidence which gave him completely unrealistic aspirations. When Riley tries to apologize, Farkle instead smiles and sincerely thanks her. Unexpectedly, Farkle plants a very passionate kiss which lands upon Riley's chin, and departs with his arms raised over his head in his usual sign of triumph

Girl Meets Popular

Secret Smile

As the History class prepares to review the legend of Damocles, Farkle cannot help but overhear the conversation being held between Mr. Matthews and his daughter, Riley. Apparently, she has received a party invitation from "Seventh Grade Royalty", which her father does not want her to attend. They both call Maya forward to mediate, and she promptly gets the teacher to state that if Maya has been invited to the event, Riley cannot go--however, as Maya was not invited, Riley should therefore be allowed to go. Having made that decision, Maya dismisses the class, which causes everyone, except Farkle, rise to leave. As their teacher regains control, he has Farkle recount the story of Damocles, a lowly peasant with kingly aspirations. One day he is invited to the palace, and is granted permission to sit upon the throne. When Damocles looks up, he notices that a deadly sword is dangling above his head by a single thin thread. Maya sees it as a cautionary tale of seeking out popularity, which Riley insists has no relevance to her situation. All the while, no one seems to notice the secret smile playing upon Farkle's face the entire time. At the appointed time, when Riley, escorted by Maya and her

Geek Party

father, arrives at the location of the party, her haughty air of gloating completely dissipates, as Farkle opens the door. Ushered in, Riley is dismayed to see the gathering only consists of six (or rather seven, as the tall "Prettyboy Hipster" whom had originally handed her the invitation, is revealed to be two of her shorter History classmates, the Academic Halves, in disguise) people, and is decorated with a scientific theme, loudly wails "It's a GEEK PARTY!" Riley's humiliation is made complete, as an ornamental lightsaber dips towards her head, causing her to exclaim, "Damocles!" After a gleeful Maya and Mr. Matthews have left, Riley asks Farkle how he could do this to her. Farkle replies that he had always considered Riley to be like himself, and his friends, which (beyond the Academic Halves) includes Walter, Milton, and Isadora Smackle. Earlier, Smackle had contradicted Farkle describing Riley as the first female guest. However, by Farkle's reasoning, since Riley was well aware of where he lived, the event was being held in Smackle's home (on the condition that Farkle agree to wear a shirt bearing the visage of Albert Einstein, the namesake of the rival school Smackle attended, for the entire duration of the festivities) that, technically, made Isadora the hostess, and thus not a guest. Riley's instant and easy rapport with all of them (except Smackle) appears to prove Farkle correct. Everyone (except Smackle) is eager to anoint Riley their "Queen," to which, the object of their adoration seems to ponder with a thoughtful nod.

Harajuku Empress Fairy Queen

The next school day, a furious Maya accosts Farkle (which he chooses to see as a display of affection) to learn Riley's whereabouts, as she has not seen her best friend since leaving her at the party. From the hallway, Riley calls out to her friend to release Farkle, moments before entering to reveal her new look--which Maya instantly identifies as a Harajuku Girl--and states her determination to "set the nerdy-geeky world on fi-yah," as her new admirers'

Yes, She Is

"Empress Fairy Queen." A disbelieving Maya stubbornly refuses to change Riley back, and Mr. Matthews, after interrogating Riley's new followers, indicates that he can get used to his daughter's new "dork side" persona. As Farkle leads a howling tribute, which Riley basks in, he grins broadly watching Maya cover her ears in frustration. By the next day Maya is now actively trying to convince her friend to reverse her transformation, but to no avail, as Riley had actually gained a few more devotees. Maya informs Mr. Matthews that the Riley they knew is gone, to which Farkle heartily agrees. That night, Maya

Rumble In Riley's Room: Maya 3--Farkle 2

enters Riley's room in a final attempt to restore Riley to herself, only to find Farkle already sitting in the bay window. Maya instantly attacks Farkle, and the two engage in a comical physical confrontation (which technically Maya wins with three takedowns to Farkle's two) as they both insist that Riley belongs with each of them. To prove his point, Farkle drafts Riley onto the school's Spelling Bee Team. After Farkle and Maya have knocked each other to the floor for a final time, they accede to Riley's request, and both pull her down to join them. The Spelling Bee pits the home JQA team, including Farkle, Riley, and the Academic Halves, against Einstein Academy, with Isadora Smackle and her team. After trading barbs with his academic rival, Farkle assures Riley that she is ready, and picks her to start. Mr. Matthews, acting as the Moderator, is about to give Riley her word, when Maya enters, supplying a card with a word she has specifically picked--"Harajuku." When Riley asks for a definition, her father explains that it is an authentic

The Spelling Bee

Japanese neighborhood where authentic Japanese girl have crafted a unique look and lifestyle for themselves. When warned that she has a limited time to answer or be eliminated, Riley asks what that means. Farkle, who has suddenly realized just how much he misses the real Riley, informs her that she would no longer be part of the group, tacitly giving Riley his blessing to return to her normal self. Riley lets the time run out, and tells Farkle and the Academic Halves that she enjoyed her time with them. With a wistful expression on his face, Farkle watches Riley walk away to where Maya is ready to welcome her best friend back.

Girl Meets Maya's Mother

Art Class Crasher

Since it was the final day before his class transfer request became final, (as he had received official school approval allowing the switch of his gym and art periods to match the schedules of his friends Riley, Maya, and Lucas) Farkle, figuring that he could afford to be a bit late, decides to take an advance peek at his new class. Stepping inside the art room, Farkle hands the bowl of fruit the students have been sketching to the "Art Lady," Ms. Kossal. Proclaiming that everyone present should prepare to "check out forty-eight pounds of nasty," Farkle whips off his robe to reveal his male physique garbed in red-striped swimwear. Amused, the teacher advises her pupils that "when drawing a Farkle," to start with the eyes. However, Farkle insists that the best place for the eyes would be the "gun show," and settles upon the modeling stool with his arms flexed. As Ms. Kossal checks on the progress of the class, she takes special notice of Maya's "brilliant" effort, which is a surreal vision of Farkle placed high in a tree in a bird's nest. When Farkle asks if Maya sees him as a bird, she answers that she views him as someone with a "need to be protected." Yet, when a smirking Farkle claims that as evidence that Maya loves him, she warns him to leave her alone. Still, Farkle seems smugly satisfied that her response was not an outright denial. Shortly thereafter, having reached his self-imposed time limit for posing, a tardy Farkle leaves to

Minkus Father & Son

head for the pool. The next day, Career Day is held during History class. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen travel troubles, Farkle informs Mr. Matthews that his father is unlikely to make an appearance, news his teacher does not demonstrate much disappointment upon hearing. However, as Riley's mother, Topanga finishes her speech about being an attorney, a knock of the door of Room 18 is heard, and Mr. Matthews goes to answer it. His teacher is shocked, but Farkle is happy to see his father, Stuart Minkus, CEO of Minkus International, stride inside. As Farkle's dad greets him, Lucas remarks the

Genghis Khan Was Korean?

obvious fact that his name is Farkle Minkus (a detail Farkle assumed Lucas had known for some time) with genuine surprise. Swiftly, Stuart Minkus renews old rivalries with his past schoolmates, the Matthews, culminating in the revelation that he and Farkle have, at that moment, earned one more 'A' in their scholastic pursuits than Riley and her mother. But his father states that the most important thing in his life, is Farkle, himself, and asks him to stand in front of the class with him. Riley is shortly called by her mother as well. When Mr. Matthews points out that family, is what Career Day is really about, Maya sarcastically agrees. This causes Riley to bring her best friend to stand with the Matthews. When Mr. Minkus asks if the girls are the ones that Farkle has told him are always

Art Class Clearout

chasing after him, Riley heeds Farkle's whispered plea to collaborate his tales by agreeing, and elbows Maya into intoning that the pair "hope that one day one of us will be lucky enough to become the future Mrs. Farkle Minkus, and have a lot of baby Minkii." Mr. Minkus seems very impressed by Farkle's "ladies." The next day, as Mr. Matthews prepares to lecture about the Korean War, Farkle mischievously quips, "Genghis Khan," just to see what would happen. Before the teacher can continue, Katy Hart, Maya's mother arrives for Career Day, twenty-four

Art Show Exhibition

hours late. She narrates an improbable tale to explain her absence, which Maya clarifies as a soap opera audition, which to no one in the room's surprise, she failed. Claiming to be an actress, she asks for questions, and picks the familiar figure of Farkle. Yet when he inquires why she is wearing a waitress uniform, she quickly moves on to Lucas, who asks the same question. Ultimately, an embarrassed Katy Hart is forced to

Farkle Muzzled

disclose that she does work as a waitress, leaving the room with Riley, and later Maya following after her. The next day in Art, Riley is now acting as the class model. However, the fact that she constantly speaks with Maya much of the time, does hamper Farkle and Lucas from capturing her image in paint. When Ms. Kossal steps outside, the conversation between the girls turns confrontational. When Maya, who had been using felt pens, abruptly flings paint on Riley, Farkle and Lucas exchange knowing glances, and quickly lead the charge as the rest of the students vacate the area, leaving Riley and Maya alone to settle their differences in a room filled with paint. That night in the Art Exhibition Show, Farkle, Riley, and Lucas are happy to see how well Maya's entry has been received. Maya is pleased as well, despite the distinct lack of her mother's presence. The Matthews

Matthews-Minkus Meal

too, state their appreciation for the painting displaying the place where Katy Hart works, the Nighthawk Diner. Curious, Farkle asks why merely half of the waitress is depicted. Only after Lucas wraps his arms over his face does Farkle reaches the obvious correct conclusion. The next night, while Farkle, along with his father and Maya are enjoying dessert at the Matthews' home, Mr. Matthews announces that due to Riley's "unwavering hope for others," he is awarding Riley with another 'A' to the Minkus' indignation. Thus leaving the accumulated 'A' grades for the Lawrence-Matthews and Minkus' families tied at 1,261.

Girl Meets Smackle

Trojan Present & Medieval Talk

On the day Farkle was set to renew his scholastic rivalry with his academic arch nemesis, Isadora Smackle, this time within the venue of the final two Interscholastic Debates of the season between John Quincy Adams and Einstein Academy, Mr. Matthews brings in a large white box, speckled with multi-colored polka dots, wrapped with a pink ribbon bow, and offers it to the class.   Like the vast majority of his classmates Farkle raises his hand, with the sole

Taken In by The Trojan Present

exception being Maya. Their teacher correctly surmises she is playing hard to get, which the girl confirms the ploy as one of the many arrows in her quiver.  The idea of Maya of utilizing "Medieval Talk" literally causes Farkle to begin quivering as he finds the sight nearly irresistible.  Mr. Matthews ultimately chooses to grant the gift to his daughter.  Riley's initial enthusiasm quickly fades as she only finds a small wooden framed slate with the words "The Trojan Horse" scrawled upon it. Mr. Matthews then relates the legend of the Trojan Horse, the stratagem the ancient Greeks used to enter and conquer the walled city of Troy, illustrating the

Farkle Debates

maxim that one's judgement should not be based on mere appearances. Later, during the debate, the topic is "School Uniforms," and Farkle concludes the entire matter as moot, as in the future, everyone will be working for him.  As Farkle rejoins his team, Mr. Matthews, acting as the moderator, begins reading a prepared introduction clearly authored by the genius

Smackle Talkin' Smack

Einstein Academy student, herself, announcing the arrival of "Seventy-two pounds of raw intellectual power," as Isadora Smackle bursts through the large paper Einstein Academy emblem and begins prancing around the cafeteria to a heavy rock beat. She stops briefly before Farkle to engage in their usual exchange of trash talk, before taking up the microphone, In less than a minute she denounces the very concept

First Debate: "School Uniforms"

of school uniforms, by championing individuality above all else. Before declaring the winner of the competition, Mr. Matthews reveals the topic of the final debate of the season to be held at JQA in exactly one week, "Is Beauty Skin Deep?" As the moderator prepares to read out the name of the winner, an overeager Farkle has to be firmed shoved down, as Isadora Smackle is declared the victor. Farkle does not take the loss well, as he finds himself lying supine on the cafeteria floor, pitifully moaning, "It hurts." Smackle then kneels down to Farkle to congratulate him for a

Debate Team Meeting

valiant effort, and theorizes that a smoothie may ease the sting of defeat Farkle, approves of the idea and decides to test the theory for himself, but she holds him down with her knee and clarifies she meant that they should get smoothies together. Rising to his feet, Farkle scoffs an the notion, despite Smackle's assertion that she can be capable of having fun, by reminding her that they are each other's arch nemesis. Riley then comes forward to give Farkle a comforting hug. Feeling better, Farkle rejoins the debate team, and is somewhat surprised to find his friend, Lucas, conversing with Yogi and the Academic Halves. The next day in the History room, Farkle and the

Farkle Vs. Smacklé At Svorski's

Academic Halves, have a slight problem, Yogi, the fourth member of the team, has left, and they have to find a replacement. Before they can even discuss candidates, Lucas arrives and expresses an interest in joining the team. Although the Academic Halves seem dubious of the Texan fitting in with them, Farkle welcomes Lucas on the team. Riley and Maya then enter, and literally floor Farkle with the news that a girl they know desires to meet him. Shortly, at Svorski's Bakery, Riley and Maya introduce Farkle to Isadora Smacklé, the made over glamorous version of his arch nemesis Smackle. While

Walk In Session

he is impressed by the results, Farkle easily discerns that Smackle is just using his friends to do research for next week's debate, which Smackle confirms, admitting that her quest for the "Equation of Beauty," was just a ruse. Still, Smackle may have not considered all the possible ramifications, as she begins to act erratically, in a distracted, overly feminine manner, when Lucas joins the group. Seeing how the presence of the latest member of the debate team affects the new incarnation of his academic rival, Farkle calls Lucas away for a strategy session for the upcoming debate.

Final Debate: "Is Beauty Skin Deep?"

However, later that afternoon, Farkle finds Auggie at Riley's window, with issues of his own. Riley and Maya finally arrive, and as they deal with Auggie's problem, Farkle peruses the latest issue of Bay Window Monthly. When his turn comes up, he admits to the girls that he does want to defeat Smackle, but only when she is at her best, or winning would be meaningless, and he gets his friends to promise to reverse the makeover they performed on Smackle and restore her to her former self. But six days later, as the final debate between JQA and Einstein Academy is set to begin, Farkle is disappointed to find Smackle still transformed, as Riley and Maya explain Isadora resisted all their attempts to change her back. Resigned to achieving an empty hollow victory, instead of engaging in their ritual exchange of trash talk, Farkle merely tells Smackle he hopes she enjoys being beautiful, which she assures him that she does. Farkle begins the debate, using the example of the Trojan Horse to argue that appearances alone, should not be the criteria to judge anything, he then has Lucas wrap up their position that beauty is not skin deep. When Smackle steps up for the Einstein Academy she appears slight and unprepared, and the Academic Halves sense a long-awaited win against their rival, but their hopes are dashed, when Smackle eloquently argues that in contemporary society, beauty is skin deep, she

Summit At Svorki's

recognizes that as an unfortunate reality, but not a debatable one. She retrieves her glasses and notes that everyone present are all deeply beautiful, but especially singles out Farkle. Lucas and Farkle can only ruefully acknowledge that Isadora Smackle has earned a perfect debate season. Later, Smackle joins Farkle, Lucas, Riley, and Maya at Svorski's to celebrate her victory. When Smackle coyly suggests to Lucas to get smoothies, Riley objects, but Maya surmises she is trying to make Farkle jealous, a claim the girl genius neither confirms or denies. However, Smackle does ask Farkle if he would still love Riley and Maya if they weren't beautiful. Farkle glances at the two girls he has loved since the First Grade, and agrees that they are, indeed, beautiful, a fact, he confesses, he never really considered before.

Girl Meets 1961

Time Travel To The Sixties

Despite Mr. Matthews energetic attempt to engage his students' enthusiasm for the fascinating era of the 1960's--even going as far as to paraphrase a classic song lyric from the legendary Bob Dylan--everyone in the room save Farkle, have fallen into various stages of drowsy stupor. A fact Farkle confirms, by playfully quipping, "the class, they are a' sleepin," in response. Riley points out to her dad, that they have no interest in the events which happened when he was their age, and Maya adds that History simply has no relevance to them. Those comments

Mr. Matthews Snaps

cause the teacher to snap his chalk, and Mr. Matthews abruptly announces he would not be teaching them about the Sixties, news which the all the students, save Farkle, cheer. However, the teacher decrees that they will instead be teaching themselves, surprisingly, the resultant chorus of disappointed groans, does not quite drown out Farkle's lone "Yay," as he contemplates the possibility of time travel. Mr. Matthews explains that everyone will undertake a living history project, by selecting a member of their of own family living in that particular period of time to research, and make a class presentation of that person's life. A few days

Was Merlin A Wizard?

later, at Svorski's Bakery, Farkle, Riley, and Lucas discuss the progress of their individual projects. Maya, whose mother has forbidden her daughter from researching their family's background, is avidly engrossed in perusing a large tome, Art And Artists, an impressive collection of the finest masterpieces crafted by the most acclaimed artists, given to her by the Art teacher, Ms. Kossal. Riley reveals that she has a guitar and a weird personal journal belonging to her great-grandmother Rosie. Lucas claims he is awaiting the arrival of family items sent from Texas, left by his great-grandfather, Merlin. When Farkle mockingly asks if he was a magician, Lucas demands to know the name of his great-grandfather, which the genius provides,

Photographer Farkle

with pride, as Ginsburg. Meanwhile, a frustrated Maya confesses that she is becoming depressed, as she knows that none of her artwork she could ever produce can compare with the amazing images within the book. When Farkle suggest the gift is meant to motivate Maya, his friend insists it is having the opposite effect on her. Before they leave, Farkle inexplicably pulls out his phone, indulging a sudden urge to capture the moment with his friends, stating as his reasoning that it might be worth something to someone one day. In History class, Lucas and Riley

Smirking At Maya

choose to present their projects together. Lucas reveals that his great-grandfather, Merlin Scoggins was a country music performer of some repute. When Mr. Matthews asks why he never mentioned that before, the Texan reveals his reluctance to supply Maya with even more ammunition to mock his country roots. Yet, Maya claims a new respect for Lucas' heritage and vows never to use those old nicknames again. Farkle smirks, as Maya then promptly proceeds to coin fresh ones. Riley describes her great-grandmother, Rosie McGee, as a quirky, upbeat

Maya's Song

personality, who saw goodness in everyone she met. She enjoyed watching the entire world around her, and recorded her various thoughts and observation in her beloved journal. Lucas produces an outdated player for the vinyl 45 recording of Merlin's one hit, and plays it for the enjoyment of the class. When finished Lucas goes on to explain that after a final live performance in a small coffee house in New York City, Merlin spent a few years incarcerated, and his career never fully recovered. Riley relates the story of Rosie's guitar, which was originally owned by one May Clutterbucket, an aspiring musician who lacked confidence in her own talents. The pair befriended each other for a few hours in a Greenwich Village nightspot, but ultimately, May vanished, leaving only the guitar, and a few cherished, if bittersweet, memories behind. Rosie transformed those emotional moments into an short composition entitled, "The Girl With The Long Blonde Hair," which Riley recites, granting the otherwise anonymous May Clutterbucket, a measure of immortality. When done, Riley reads an addendum of her own devising, meant to inspire her best friend, for, as if by cosmic coincidence, the title description could also be applied to Maya. As such, Riley

Farkle's Historic Discovery

concludes that the guitar somehow rightfully belongs with her best friend. Upon accepting the heirloom, Maya quickly composes an impromptu song to mock Lucas, which Riley feels compelled to prance along with. The next day, an excited Farkle wheels a monitor cart into the History room, eager to make his presentation. As he slings his backpack over his desk chair, Farkle realizes he has left the most crucial part of his project in his locker, and as his fellow students begin to file in for class, he hurriedly heads out. Unfortunately, he is unable to beat the class bell, and is noticeably tardy, as he bursts into the room and rushes to the front desk to flip Mr. Matthews nameplate over to signal Farkle Time. He begins by stating that everyone is a part of History, and that those parts are capable of coming together to make pictures. He reveals that his great-grandfather, Ginsburg worked in a Greenwich Village coffee house, Café Hey. In short order, Farkle gets Riley and Lucas to confirm that Rosie and Merlin were both there on the very same date, December 14, 1961. Farkle then turns his

The History Club

attention to Maya, and demands to know what she has learned. Maya denies any knowledge of her family, but finally confesses before an insistent Farkle that May was her great-grandmother, and that she is "from a long line of Clutterbuckets." Farkle goes on to explain that Ginsburg, an avid photographer, left behind one special photo from that night. When Mr. Matthews then asks the class how great History is, the entire number of now fully fascinated students tell him to shush. Pulling out the memory card he became tardy to recover, Farkle announces that he has achieved "Time Travel" as Ginsburg's picture of Merlin, Rosie, and May from 1961, is shown in front of Farkle's own picture taken only scant days before, of Lucas, Riley, and Maya. The next day, Mr. Matthews arrives at his classroom early, to discover Farkle, Lucas, Riley, and Maya ready to learn more History, and the teacher begins quoting a very famous man, with a very famous dream.

Girl Meets Crazy Hat

From Belgium To Business

When Mr. Matthews attempts to lecture on the events which occurred in Belgium in 1831, his daughter, Riley interrupts several times with plaintive cries of "No." This thoroughly irritates Farkle, who lapses into Dutch and Spanish before he can properly protest in English that "My education should not be based on your daughter's moods!" Nonetheless, Mr. Matthews opts to abandon his lesson plan to indulge in reassuring Riley's doubts about her future, by splitting the class into two fictional competing companies.

Farkle Time To Climb The Muffin Corporate Ladder

When asked what kind of business they should base the project on, the teacher picks up his afternoon snack from his desk, and suggests muffins. He selects Riley and Farkle to head one, and Lucas and Maya the other. Farkle proclaims his superior business acumen, to which Maya teases how cute he gets when he appears "menacing." That comment stuns Farkle, and as the bell rings, he remains at his desk. When Mr. Matthews asks "What?" Farkle replies "Belgium let's go," before being shooed away. Later in the week, both Riley and Farkle's Muffins and Hart and Friar's Muffins are ready to debut their wares. Although Hart and Friar boasts their baked goods are made from local all natural organic ingredients (paid for by Mrs. Friar), they cannot attract any takers, as the impossibly white offerings by Riley and Farkle are overwhelmingly popular. Soon they are down to their last muffin, and Farkle decides to test the market demand by placing it up for auction, igniting a bidding war between Sarah and Darby. Later in class, Lucas and Maya report negligible sales on their part, while Riley and Farkle have virtually sold out all their stock. When Mr. Matthews, noting the hyperactivity of his students, asks why their muffins were so sought after, Riley believes because they were made with love. The teacher calls his daughter innocent. When Riley asks why their muffins are so white, Farkle admits that is because they are virtually sugar cubes in muffin form. Riley decries Farkle's business tactics, and points out that Maya and Lucas at least maintained their integrity. This gives Farkle an idea, as he suggests the two companies merge. Initially hesitant, Lucas is swayed to agree when Maya reminds him they still owe a hundred dollars to his mom. Flipping over the desk nameplate to initiate Farkle Time, the genius proclaims the integrated entity will now be known as Farkle's Muffins, and he


decrees the first task of his new junior partner will be to fire both Riley and Maya. Reluctantly. Lucas does fire Riley, but Maya quits, and both girls leave the room. Lounging at the teacher's desk, Farkle then announces a price increase for the product, which his classmate consumers seem eager to pay. The next day, Riley and Maya return with plans for a new proposed business, a non-profit organization designed to provide free umbrellas to subway patrons in need during inclement weather conditions. Farkle's reacts to the notion by incredulously declaring "What!!!" But Riley maintains that people are more important that profits. This sentiment is shared by the sudden visitor to the classroom,

Crazy Hat Goes Farkle Hunting

the woman Riley and Maya know as "Crazy Hat," but Mr. Matthews recognizes as Evelyn Rand, the Chairperson of Rand Industries. Somehow, she has learned of Riley and Maya's idea, and has bought a large check to allow the concept of the Matthews And Hart Umbrella Foundation to become a tangible reality. Before she leaves, however, Ms. Rand wishes to share a few words with "The Farkle." Giving himself away, in his futile attempt to hide, she easily finds Farkle and advises him to "Stop it!" She chastises him for profiting from his classmates with product he knew wasn't good for them. Ms. Rand hands Farkle a dollar (which Riley had selflessly given her the day before, thinking Crazy Hat needed it more than she did) and tells him not to keep it, but to instead use it to help others. Flustered, Farkle thanks her in Dutch, and Ms. Rand smoothly answers in the same language.

Girl Meets World of Terror

Let Go, Farkle

On Halloween, Mr. Matthews flatly refuses to write a note excusing Farkle from taking part in Gym class. As a result, after the bell rings, Farkle, dressed as a steampunk version of a human cannonball, desperately clings to the teacher's desk. Physically trying to remove Farkle from his desk, the teacher asks why he is afraid. The others reveal that they are playing softball, with Maya as the pitcher, and Farkle fears being hit by a pitch. A lightning flash from outside the windows casts Maya in 

The Softball Game

a demonic light, just before a brief blackout, during which Farkle finds himself atop Mr. Matthews, who tells him to just go. In Gym, Coach Gleason informs Farkle that it is his turn up at bat. When Farkle's attempts to get the coach to switch to another activity fails, he confesses to the coach his fears of being hit by the ball and the subsequent humiliation, which the coach, with his lack of volume control over his own voice, shares with the rest of the players. When Farkle asks why he should play, the coach counters with why should anyone do anything? Finally, Farkle enters the batter's

Farkle Gets Beaned

box, and Maya, dressed as a steampunk ringmaster, prepares to pitch, but Farkle's awkward stance distracts her and she throws a wild pitch. Similar antics result in a second wild pitch. Lucas, dressed as a steampunk cowboy, objects, stating that Farkle is playing mind games with the pitcher, but the coach, seeing Farkle actions for himself, doubts that. Just then, the Gym suffers a blackout, and Farkle, figuring the game will be called, taunts Maya that she isn't that great a pitcher

Farkle Wants Maya To Bring It

and he was just about to hit one off her, when the lights abruptly turn on revealing a slightly miffed Maya. Farkle adds that she looks pretty before heading back to the box. However, Lucas decides to help his friend finally confront his fear. As team captain, he pulls Maya, and designates himself as the new pitcher. He then deliberately beans Farkle, who spins around to the ground with a plaintive cry of "Why?" Yet, despite his theatrics, Farkle realizes that the experience wasn't that bad, and thanks Lucas for showing his that, and the pair make plans to go Trick or Treating later that evening. As Coach Gleason tells him to take his

Lucas is A Good Sport, Maya Not So Much

base, Farkle refuses, instead he crooks his finger towards Maya, and challenges her to "Bring it." A now nervous Maya can sense the change in momentum as Riley, dressed as a steampunk showgirl, begins chanting "Farkle, Farkle, gonna sparkle," despite being on Maya and Lucas' team. Maya resumes the "mound" and everyone (including the members on the opposite side) cheers when Farkle gets a solid hit. After Gym class, Lucas carries Farkle triumphantly down the school hallways

Farkle Or Treat

on his shoulders past Riley and Maya, as the latter looking particularly stricken having allowed the winning hit. After a full evening of Trick or Treating, Farkle and Lucas decide to stop off on the way home at Maya's place. Approaching the window of Maya's room, the boys hear screaming. As they reach the window they see a sheet had been put up over it, As the girls pull the makeshift curtain down from inside, they scream again, until they recognize Farkle's typical greeting of "Ladies," from beneath the mask he is wearing. Farkle asks why they were screaming, as he and Lucas were concerned. Riley demands to know why they are sneaking around in the middle of the night,and Lucas replies it is only 7:15. Both boys assure Riley that there is nothing scary about the neighborhood, and that is actually quite nice. Maya's Gammy Hart then bursts into the room, but is swiftly placated by the familiar features of Farkle. When Lucas declines to opportunity to learn how to attract older ladies, he and Farkle head for home.

Girl Meets the Forgotten

Defining The Depression

In class, Mr. Matthews is attempting to have his students identify what exactly was the "Great Depression." Riley pipes up that she was under the impression it was known as the "Grand Canyon." The teacher then asks Maya to try, but the girl declines, knowing she could not top the answer of her best friend. In desperation, Mr. Matthews calls upon his ace student to rescue him, and Farkle rises up and dutifully explains that the Great Stock Crash of 1929 led to the decline of the American economy. This resulted in the already disadvantaged working class, becoming known as--"The

Lunchtime Antics

Forgotten"--the words written across the chalkboard. When Riley asks if such conditions could still exist for people now living in the Grand Canyon, her father subtly, hints that there may be people in her own life that she does not fully appreciate what they do for her. She thanks him for opening her eyes to how neglectful she has been to Maya. This causes her frustrated father to fake the bell ringing, ending class early. At lunch, Farkle and Lucas construct a volcano out of their mashed potatoes. When a curious Maya pokes at it with a straw, she causes it to erupt, impressively spewing gravy lava onto the hapless miniature village below. The bell rings, and as the cafeteria empties of students, Mr. Matthews calls back Farkle and his friends. He chides them for leaving a mess behind them, and then introduces them to Janitor Harley Keiner and Lunch Lady Geralyn Thompson. As it is Electives Week, the teacher unilaterally decrees that Riley and Maya will serve Cafeteria Duty.

Custodial Duties

Farkle and Lucas chuckle at the the girls' misfortune, as there is only one worst elective to have, Custodial Services, which Janitor Harley welcomes them into, introducing them to their new friends, Mr. Mop and Mr. Bucket. Donning custodial overalls, the boys are impressed by how proficiently Harley maintains the school. He explains that there are two types of janitors, the Showboat who makes their

Approaching Storm

presence known, and the Ninja, (which he adheres to) which are never noticed because they perform their job so well. The next day, proves to be relatively simple, as they did such good work on the previous day. In fact, Harley has already deemed it the least "pukey" day he can remember. As the trio stop off at the lunchroom to talk with Riley and Maya, Harley receives an ill presentiment of an oncoming storm. Due to Maya's unauthorized attempt to jazz up the mashed potatoes, those with weak stomachs begin throwing up. This spreads a chain reaction throughout the people in the cafeteria, and as Farkle and Lucas frantically scramble for cover, Harley slams down the panel sealing off the kitchen from the rest of the area. On the following

We've Seen Things...

Monday, although still slightly shell-shocked from their harrowing experience cleaning up the vomit from the preceding Friday, Farkle and Lucas join Riley and Maya in introducing Janitor Harley and Lunchlady Geralyn to the History class. Both are applauded for their tireless work in maintaining the school. Despite the more disgusting moments they encountered, Lucas claims he wouldn't trade their time with Harley for a trip to the moon (although Farkle clearly

Props From The Ninja

suggests he certainly would have). They state that Harley's work is so excellent, that it isn't normally noticed, but that its absence most certainly would be. Along with Riley and Maya, they express their new respect and appreciation for their brief mentors, by publicly thanking Harley and Geralyn for their daily caring efforts on the behalf of everyone at school. Later at lunch, Lucas and Farkle demonstrate to Harley how well they learned their lesson by busing their own table and encouraging other students to police their own trash. Mr. Matthews wanders by and begins waxing poetic about the importance of teachers, however, the bell rings, and Farkle and the rest leave the teacher in mid-speech.

Girl Meets Flaws


Mr. Matthews is telling his History class how proud he is that so many of his students are either winning, or are finalists for the upcoming John Quincy Adams Student Awards. These include Maya for Coolness, and Lucas and his fellow baseball team member, Billy Ross, as both are up for Scholar Athlete. To celebrate, the pair decide to engage in their "Handshake of Awesomeness," which involves an elaborate, energetic mix of hand gestures, dance moves, and chest bumping, which Maya mutters they do daily. This inspires Riley to conclude there should be one for females, and she and Maya swiftly design their own version which entails crossing their legs, flipping their hair, and flicking their wrists, and smugly stating "Stop It." The teacher continues, naming Farkle as the winner for Confidence. It is only then that anyone notices that Farkle is not at his spot. Instead, a telepresence monitor of some type has been set atop his desk. When Mr. Matthews tries to ascertain where Farkle is, the device.apparently develops technical difficulties, with its interactive capabilities, requiring a thirty-five minute wait to rectify. After the bell rings, Riley is upset that she is not in the running for any awards, and says that makes her feel invisible. From the device left at his desk, Farkle's voice glumly observes that sometimes being 

Farkle Avoids Class

invisible is desirable. From his domain in the Custodial Service Suite, Janitor Harley congratulates Farkle (whom has been allowed to set up a hub for a network of class monitoring drones) for winning the Joseph T.R. Epstein Award for Confidence, and asks what the boy genius is avoiding. Farkle denies that assertion, but Harley insists that he recognizes the signs, he is not particularly proud that he knows, but he definitely knows. When Farkle is finally ready to venture outside, he spots Maya, Lucas, and Riley in the the hallway talking with Billy. As the janitor has other matters to attend to, Harley escorts the "troubled lad," forward into the caring company of his friends. When Lucas asks his buddy what's going on, Farkle openly questions whether or not they truly are buddies. Maya just bluntly instructs Farkle to spill it. Reluctantly Farkle reveals that someone told him that wearing turtlenecks made him weird. Maya laughs that off, pointing out that Farkle embraces his weirdness, which makes him unique. Farkle rather testily retorts "What good is being unique when somebody knows you're really not," before turning away from the group and walking off alone. The

Riley Takes Her Opportunity To Help Farkle

following day in History class, Mr. Matthews is asking the identities of the people in the images has placed on the chalkboard (Gandhi and Jackie Robinson), but the goofy replies supplied by Maya and Billy drive the teacher to jokingly announce that he is quitting. Immediately, the voice of Farkle protesting is transmitted by his mechanical proxy When asked when is he returning to class, Farkle makes claims of still being sick, and offers an indefinite answer. Continuing on, Riley manages to correctly name the girl in the last picture as Malala (Yousafzai of Pakistan). Mr. Matthews then explains what the quality all three share. Displaying uncommon bravery, they each embraced the opportunities the world provided them, and overcame overwhelming obstacles to affect changes in the societies they lived in. Moved by her dad's lesson, Riley sadly looks behind her where her friend should be, and asks to be excused in order to take the opportunity the world has offered her. Still ensconced in the Custodial Service Suite, Farkle, not wearing any of his turtlenecks, does not initially notice Riley slipping within. She informs Farkle that he needs to get back into class, and that no one gets to crush his spirit. Farkle replies that his spirit is fine, he just doesn't want to be as he was. Riley points out that completely changing himself merely because someone made fun of his sweaters is a "Stupid reason," and that he is wearing a "Stupid, stupid shirt," that just isn't him. Farkle hears what Riley says, but he still offers his collection of turtleneck sweaters to Janitor Harley. The man appreciates the gesture, but seems gratified that they are all too small to fit him, as he considers them "horrible." Having reached the limits of her patience, Riley literally grabs her friend by the shirt and demands to know, right at that very moment, why he hasn't been acting like himself. Reluctantly, Farkle admits that beyond being ridiculed for his wearing turtlenecks, he was also told that he shouldn't be acting all confident, and pretending that people liked him, as Farkle Minkus was "the biggest nothing in this school," who didn't deserve to have his friends. Impulsively, Riley immediately wraps Farkle in a comforting embrace. She tells him that it was not right that someone said that to him. And Janitor Harley opines that kids can be cruel, which he knows from personal experience, as he shamefully admits in his youth, he was a "picker-on-er." Lucas and Maya arrive .and Riley tells them that someone told Farkle he didn't deserve to have them as his friends. Maya is instantly irate and demands to know who it was. Farkle states it isn't important, but Maya disagrees, declaring it "the most important thing in the world," and stomps out, determined upon finding and punishing the culprit herself, but Lucas, bodily lifting her up in the air, prevents her from leaving. He advises Farkle not to let the words of others give them power over him. Once again, Farkle questions why he and Lucas are even friends. Earnestly, Riley makes a simple, yet heartfelt, request that Farkle should return to class. Janitor Harley agrees. He explains that when he was younger, he was a "school meanie," and that someone they all know and love, was a target of his shenanigans, but that person's will was so strong, that it changed the nature of their relationship, and he now holds this friend, who helped Harley become a JQA custodian, in the highest esteem. The identity of this mysterious acquaintance is revealed when an arriving Mr. Matthews is recognized (to the amusement of his students) as "Johnny Baboon." The teacher swiftly overcomes the embarrassment of having his old nickname exposed, when he detects Farkle's presence. After the concerned Mr. Matthews ascertains the truant genius is fine, he gets Farkle to promise to be in class the following morning. The

Farkle In Gym Class

next day, Farkle is among the first out of the locker area to emerge into the gym for PE class. However, when he sees his friends also arriving, and as he was still unwilling to discuss his predicament with them any further, in desperation, Farkle scales atop one of the gym ropes, a place they would never think to look for him, as previously, he had always been incapable of accomplishing that feat. Quietly hanging above, Farkle witnesses the events unfold below, as Billy reveals himself as the culprit, by nonchalantly repeating his unkind opinion of Farkle directly to the faces of Lucas, Riley, and Maya. Farkle is heartened to see his friends staunchly defend him to Billy, and when Lucas claims Farkle is his best friend, the dangling subject of the conversation, can no longer keep silent and admits that Lucas is his as well. As Riley and Maya swiftly act to set up some nearby floor mats to provide a safe landing spot, Lucas continues to berate Billy for belittling Farkle, but his baseball teammate exhibits no trace of remorse. Lucas declares that friends like Farkle don't just fall out of thin air, however, his pal belies that statement, by doing precisely that, plummeting down upon the pile constructed by the girls to cushion his descent. Disgusted by the entire scene, Billy assures Lucas he will come to realize that Farkle is not "one of us." When Lucas asks exactly who "us" are, Billy has no answer and leaves. Maya would like to believe everything is settled, yet Riley wonders aloud, "What are we going to do about Billy?" As the girls depart, Farkle almost cheerfully confides to Lucas that "I almost died." Lucas puts an arm over his best friend's shoulders, and assures Farkle, that he indeed, notice. By the next morning, Riley has concocted a

Class Flaws

scheme to convince Billy of the error of his ways. But "Be Who You Are Day," to be truly effective, will require not only the full participation of their entire History class, but especially that of Farkle, himself, who readily agrees to Riley's request. When Mr, Matthews enters his room, he finds that everyone, save Farkle and Billy, have words visibly scrawled across their foreheads. Darby ("Tattletale") is quick to blurt out that his own daughter is the instigator. Riley ("Insecure") explains that she and her fellow students are acknowledging what they consider to be their greatest character flaws. Witnessing all his classmates admit to their own shortcomings, such as Sarah ("Afraid"), Maya ("Broken"), Jade ("Stubborn").  Dave {"Self-Centered"), Jeffrey ("Quiet"), Nigel ("I Lie")  and particularly Lucas ("Mr. Perfect"), using the title Billy, himself, had mockingly ascribed to his baseball teammate, causes the uncomfortable teen to rise up from his desk to leave. When Mr.Matthews asks Billy if he is trying to be invisible, he doesn't bother to answer, but Farkle points out seeking to be invisible may not help, as he lifts the hair off his forehead, revealing the word "Nothing," --what Billy had thoughtlessly called Farkle in the first place--hidden underneath. The teacher then notes that Billy is the only one without a flaw, which Billy shrugs off by claiming not to have any. However, Maya counters by asking the reason behind his treatment of Farkle. Reluctant at first, Billy eventually confesses to resenting Farkle for his brains, and his tight group of friends. When Riley claims that he was jealous, and having felt a little of what his words did to Farkle, Billy requests that Farkle write "Jealous" across his head so he can join the rest of the class. Their teacher then informs his students that all people have flaws, but true friends can help erase them. Handing Riley a box of moist tissues he has Riley and Maya symbolically demonstrate that by wiping their flaws off. Realizing how wrong he was, Billy apologizes to Farkle, and erases the "Nothing" from across Farkle's forehead. Having forgiven him, Farkle offers to do the same but Billy says he wants to live with it a bit longer. To fully clear the air between them, Farkle suggests they perform the Handshake of Awesomeness. A dubious Billy agrees, and is surprised that Farkle is able to flawlessly complete the complicated ritual. As Lucas asks Mr. Matthews if his friend will be okay, Janitor Harley appears, returning Farkle's discarded turtlenecks. Before leaving, Harley informs everyone that "This is Mr,

JQA Student Awards Ceremony

Matthews," giving the former target of his youthful shenanigans shoulders a friendly shake. Mr. Matthews then assures Lucas that people are capable of changing. Sometime later, at the JQA Student Awards Ceremony, in a sign of friendship, Riley, Maya, Lucas, and even Billy, have all joined Farkle in wearing turtlenecks. Farkle and Maya have already received their awards, and Scholar Athlete winner Lucas playfully needles Billy by asking if he is feeling jealous. Billy admits to having that emotion, but assures Lucas he is working on it. The final award, voted upon by the student body, is the JQA Spirit Award. As Mr. Matthews reads the name of the winner, he mimes placing the word "Proud" across his forehead, displaying the name of his daughter. A jubilant Riley, finally winning an award of her own, rises to her feet while excitedly proclaiming, "Yay!"

Girl Meets Friendship

Nomination Process

Four days before the school elections, Mr. Matthews, acting as the Seventh Grade Elections faculty advisor, suggests that potential candidates could choose to represent a form of government as well. Immediately, Farkle enthusiastically nominates and seconds himself as Dictator. When told Farkle can't second his own nomination, Brandon, a new student, claims he has his back, and seconds him. Farkle appreciates it, but is a bit surprised Lucas wasn't the one to step in. A perplexed Lucas asks just who is the class newcomer. Riley identifies Brandon as the class "Rebel," while Farkle adds Lucas is the "Moral Compass." Riley then nominates and seconds Lucas for President. Her father tries to correct Riley's breach of procedure, but just lets the matter drop. However, Maya chides

Farkle Nation Campaign

Riley for helping the opposition. When Riley states that she is not running, Maya assures her that she will. By the next day, three campaigns have been assembled in the gym: Democracy, represented by President Lucas, Dictatorship, represented by Dictator Farkle of the New Farkle Nation, and Monarchy, represented by Princess Riley. Lucas bases his platform on basic principles of personal freedoms, and draws a modest following. Farkle, dressed as a caped military dictator, introduces Darby and Sarah as the "Dictatorettes" of the New Farkle Nation and asks the crowd who wants to join them. The reply of his fellow students is rather indifferent, as Maya points out no one really want him as Dictator. But Farkle, anticipating such initial apathy, had prepared a contingency plan. Due to the generosity of his Uncle Morty, and the rapid production of said relative's T-shirt factory, Farkle has a steady supply of Farkle Nation emblazoned shirts to offer as incentives to the prospective voters. This proves to be a shrewd stratagem, as Sarah and Darby toss the free garments into the eager crowd, the popular chant of "Farkle Nation!" completely drowns out any message Lucas and Riley try to impart. Just before being carried into the cheering crowd, Farkle

Farkle (Nation) Time

notes to himself: "Holy Moley! I got me an army!" Two days before the election, the three candidates present their campaign ads. Lucas shows his first, followed by Riley, depicting herself as a magical princess astride a unicorn (actually a disguised horse supplied by Maya) capable of banishing annoying teachers and homework. An impatient Farkle mildly undermines Mr. Matthews when he urges "Sheep Head" to hurry up and play his video, but the bemused teacher is swiftly placated by the offering of a free Farkle Nation shirt, which is eagerly accepted. The Farkle Nation ad begins with Dictatorette Sarah flipping over Mr. Matthews' nameplate to reveal a new "Dictator Farkle" plate. It is then revealed that she and fellow Dictatorette Darby are standing behind the class blackboard which now reads "No Democracy." Stroking his pet cat Fluffy, while lounging at the desk, Dictator Farkle declares that all members of Farkle Nation love animals--unlike those denizens of Princess Riley's realm, as a scene of Riley and Maya and the horse in the relatively cramped quarters of Riley's bedroom (which Mr. Matthews seems astonished to discover) appears to prove his point. A furious Riley stops the ad from finishing, and demands Farkle explain this betrayal of their friendship. Farkle's simple reply is that he wants to win. However, as Riley turns her back on him and tells him not to talk to her, Farkle clearly shows regret over his actions. Urged by Maya, Riley steps up and claims that the horse now loves her for fulfilling its unicorn dreams. Sensing Farkle Nation's support eroding, Maya tells the class that Farkle is probably spying on them all at that very moment. Lucas objects, stating that friends should not be attacking each other, and gets the girls

Election Day

to promise not to attack Farkle, to which they seemingly agree. On Election Day, after all the votes have been tabulated, Farkle and Lucas are sitting together in the gym awaiting Mr. Matthews to announce the winner. But, Riley and Maya burst in with a new campaign ad to show everyone. Her father tells them it is too late, as the results are already in. Yet the girls insist it is not about votes, but of Lucas, himself. The teacher asks Lucas if he knows anything about it, and the candidate claims he does and resignedly states that the girls are welcome to show what kind of friends they really are. The video proves to be a message from Asher Garcia and Dylan Orlando, Lucas' buddies back in Texas. They support Lucas as President, (and ask if there really is a "Farkle") and also support Riley and Maya for friendship with Lucas. Farkle agrees, and as he sits down with the girls, drops out of the race, stating he doesn't wants to be a dictator, since "Dictator have no friends." Later, a victorious Lucas, in his first act as JQAMS Seventh Grade President, appoints Farkle to be his Vice President. Mr. Matthews' apparent doubts to the decision seem somewhat justified, as after thanking Lucas, a power-hungry glint begins shining in Farkle's eyes.

Girl Meets Brother

Farkle In The Window

On a night in early November, Farkle drops by Riley's bay window to find Riley and Maya already engaged in a conversation. Upon greeting his "Ladies," Maya informs Farkle they don't have time to pay him any attention at the moment, and he replies with disappointment that he doesn't feel like part of the story unless they are all at school together. Riley, not bothering to acknowledge Farkle's presence, continues to speak, realizing how "the little guy" (meaning her little brother, Auggie) who cares for her so much, doesn't know how she cares about him too. Farkle chooses to assume that she meant him, and hopefully speculates that he may now be part of the story. Riley continues on by confessing she really loves him, and that all he wanted to do was show her his room. Farkle can only marvel how accurately Riley has read his mind. After Riley leaves to make up with Auggie, Farkle looks at Maya and states, "My, my, alone at last." Maya agrees by replying "Yes, you are," and follows Riley out. Smirking, Farkle leans on the window sill and calls back she knows where to find him. Sometime later, the Matthews are outside Auggie's bedroom window, happily watching their reconciled children enjoying a swashbuckling adventure, battling Maya as "Blondebeard the Pirate," when Farkle makes his presence known. On command, Farkle reveals his role as a covert courier entrusted with delivering Cory Matthews' 15th Anniversary present to his wife, Topanga, a jeweled bracelet. In appreciation, Topanga hugs Farkle and places a grateful kiss on his cheek. Fortunately, being well-versed in the peculiarities of this particular student, the teacher is ready to catch Farkle as he faints.

Girl Meets Home for the Holidays

Farkle Meets Shawn Hunter

Despite their years of close friendship, Farkle had never had the opportunity to exchange seasons greetings with Riley in person on the actual day, as her family always traveled to Philadelphia for the holidays. But having learned of the Matthews' intention to remain home this year, and that additionally, Maya was spending the day with them, Farkle was anticipating finally rectifying that situation. Opening the window and leaning within with his usual greeting of "Ladies," Farkle is taken aback by the sight of a bearded stranger sitting in the window seat, and initially suspects that he may have picked the wrong apartment. To Farkle's surprise, the unknown person calls out to him by his last name, Minkus, which Farkle affirms. Turning around to reveal the presence of Cory Matthews sitting beside him, the man demands an explanation. Chuckling, the teacher formally identifies his student as Farkle Minkus to his seated friend, whom he addresses as "Shawn." Concluding the anonymous individual must be Shawn Hunter, (whom both his parents have spoken of from their youth) Farkle confirms that he is the son of Stuart Minkus. A clearly incredulous Hunter then exclaims, "Minkus reproduced?!!" To which Mr. Matthews jokes about the possibility of Farkle being a clone. However, at the other's insistence, both men do look at Farkle rather intently, and Mr. Matthews ultimately does ask if Farkle has actually seen his birth certificate. At first bemused by the idea, after seriously pondering the question, Farkle realizes, that he never has seen such a document. Now perplexed, a distracted Farkle excuses himself, and heads for home with some troubling thoughts that he requires his parents to clarify.

Girl Meets Game Night

The American Revolution Begins

To generate more enthusiasm for his lesson on the American Revolution, Mr. Matthews allows Farkle and his friends, to present a skit, "The Revolutionary War," which takes great liberties in portraying the underlying causes behind the secession of the American colonies from the British Empire, which ultimately led to the creation of the United States. It opens with Farkle, as King George III of England (ironically a role once played by his own father, Stuart during his school years) addressing his subjects, demanding to know the location of the "rebellious John Adams." Riley then appears, shoving the King aside, calling herself John Quincy Adams, but she is confused when her father corrects her by saying she is actually just playing John Adams. Continuing on, she presents her fellow rebels, Lucas as General George Washington, and a clearly uncomfortable Maya, as Benjamin Franklin. Maya's reluctance is made more evident, as Farkle, still playing his part, flirts with her. The rebels proclaim their desire for freedom, but King George makes a royal decree that that they belong to him, and thus,

Armed Conflict

he will never let them go. This forces the colonists to declare their independence, for the sake of their friends and families (or families and friends, the rightful order insisted upon by Mr. Matthews). The King then resorts to military force, which is demonstrated (with the assistance and expertise of Farkle's "Cannon Guy") by the appearance of an impressive cannon in the hallway. Uncertain whether the weapon is loaded or not, the King decides to check by actually sliding into the barrel. Franklin, having found a sparkler, starts counting down to light the fuse. As a result, their classmates scatter to avoid the apparent line of fire.

The American Revolution Ends

In the aftermath, John Adams waves an American flag in victory over a defeated King George III, whining that he has lost everything. However, the teacher reveals that the British Empire still has several other territories and great accomplishments both in the past and in the future. This causes a heartened monarch to quip "Who needs you, anyway?" Mr. Matthews explains that the American Revolution ended in 1783, and the the rift between the United States and Great Britain, didn't begin to heal until 1814, when their school's namesake, John Quincy Adams, employed the long game of diplomacy to turn enemies into allies. He states that revolutions are just moments in time, and eventually enemy nations can find their way to peace. He explains that the long game, if played in the right way, can lead people to where they're supposed to be. At the end of class, Maya cannot wait to tear off her baldcap and toss it as far away from her as possible, however Farkle has grown rather fond of his headgear. Lucas, while still donning the tri-cornered hat of General George Washington, tells Farkle to take

Game Night Begins

off his crown, but Farkle refuses. In between additional denied requests, Riley invites the pair to the Matthews Family Game Night, which both accept. However, the reception they receive from their teacher, as they enter the Matthews apartment later that evening, is less than welcoming. Despite Riley's insistence, her father is unwilling to grant "Doctor Turtleneck and Mister Howdy," the same leeway they give Maya, and views them as unwanted interlopers, violating the sanctity of his favorite night of the month. While Riley's parents discuss their status in the kitchen area, (with her father wanting them to leave, while her mother sees no harm in letting their daughter have her way in the matter) Farkle and Lucas make the

Everybody's Here, Everybody Plays

acquaintance of Riley's uncle, Josh Matthews, who is only a few years older than themselves. Cory Matthews points out they are playing the Family Game, intended for families, not the Friends Game, an item he saw, but had no desire to purchase. He questions why Riley should feel more loyalty towards her friends over her family, demanding to know if they burped her or changed her diapers. Farkle confesses they did not, but states they will perform such duties for Riley, should they be required in the future. Topanga feels her

Setting Up The Family Game

husband's concerns are groundless. Riley simply states that because "Everybody's here, everybody plays." Her mother agrees, advising Cory that his theatrics are not worth alienating their daughter. Riley likens the situation to the lesson they learned earlier that day, and even calls her father, "King George." As he tries to refute Riley's assertion, Maya snatches the game box away, and brings it to the table, where the others begin setting the game up. Their teacher explains that not every lesson he teaches can be applied to their everyday lives, but Lucas claims that they do, "every single time." As Farkle peruses the instruction booklet, he pays scant attention, as Josh serves as both the rope and the prize in a game of tug-of-war between Auggie and Maya. While Auggie argues correctly that Josh is his uncle, Maya maniacal claim that Josh is her husband, causes the youngest Matthews to drop out with less than sincere "congratulations." Farkle reads that the object of the game is to get a team to one of the board's success squares, and press the winning button (which Auggie demonstrates) which produces a short fanfare of horns. This sounds causes Topanga to exclaim, "I win!" even though she knows the game has yet to start. Lucas asks what the central circle is for, and is told that entering it signals the Long Game phase of the game, which the Matthews have never attempted. Intrigued, Farkle wants to try it, but is told it requires far too much time play. And Cory points out, the winning button is not pressed, while copying his son's earlier action for emphasis, the sound now seems to produce a Pavlovian response in his wife, which is triggered even by the doorbell rings. Auggie answers the door, bringing his neighbor and girlfriend, Ava into the mix. This proves to be the last straw for Cory Matthews, as he stands on his couch, and as Maya accurately predicted earlier, proceeds to "Freak Out," demanding to know what the whole world is not intruding on the formerly sacrosanct Matthews Family Game Night. Maya asks if finally venting his feelings, made him feel

Playing The Family Game

better. Cory admits that it did, and reluctantly accepts the situation. With the game set up, best friends Farkle and Lucas partner up, against the other teams of Riley and her mother, and Auggie and Ava, thus apparently leaving Maya with her choice of Matthews brother. She coyly opines that while her teacher represents school and homework, his younger brother is so handsome it makes her eyes hurt. However, as Maya's previous antics of the night have sufficiently creeped Josh out, he volunteers to serve as the Game Night host, instead. The game finally begins, and ultimately serves as a backdrop for the underlying argument between Riley and her father on the proper balance between friends and family in one's life. When Cory happily gains a daughter card for his player, Farkle and Lucas claim that since they own that square he landed on, so does the daughter. Cory calls upon Josh to adjudicate, but the host declares that the daughter rightfully belongs to the Turtleneck-Howdy team. However, Cory's reluctance to give up on his fictional offspring (which in his mind clearly represents Riley) causes

Playing The Long Game

the card to be torn between Lucas and himself. Topanga begins to understand Cory's position when Riley's player gets a chance to take a trip through Europe with a partner, she elects to abandon her mother (who had been sent back to the starting point due to the machinations of Ava) and form a new team with Maya. To mark his wife's discomfort, Cory asks Farkle how to make his trademark laugh, which he attempts to replicate with limited success. Farkle advises him to run, but instead Cory goes to Topanga's side, and states that he is where he belongs, and the reunited Matthews vow to win the game, as does Riley and Maya. Farkle wants to be victorious as well, but Lucas just wants to go home. Finally, Riley is in a position to win the entire game, but instead seizes the opportunity to unify the group by initiating the Long Game phase of the game, where all the players combine together to defeat the game itself.. When her mother asks why she doesn't just win, Riley admits she wanted to win to make her mother proud of her because she wants to be just like her. Much to his own surprise, the experience has shown Cory how well Riley has chosen her friends and he can now accept that someday Maya, Farkle and

Life Is The Long Game

Lucas will play larger roles in Riley's life than her own parents. He then promises to buy The Friends Game to play with them in the future. Riley calls her father a good king, and he replies by calling her a good John Quincy Adams. Hours later, early the next morning, Auggie must roll a two to finally end the game, but Ava simply moves their piece to the final spot, and presses the button. Instead of the victory horn fanfare, a brief klaxon is heard. but nothing else seems to happen. Suddenly, the board starts glowing with miniature multi-colored glowing lights, which stream upwards. All the game pieces seem to rise up and slowly rotate on a holographic platform, before fading away to resume its normal appearance.. The Matthews family and all their friends realize that the long game is actually life itself, with the ultimate lesson being that friends can become family, and family can become friends.

Girl Meets Master Plan

The Wonk Joins The Master Plan

Anxious to show off his latest technological innovation to his "Ladies," Farkle drops by Riley's bay window to discover the Matthews family already deep in conversation. After they acknowledge his presence by calling out his name, Farkle demonstrates his invention, an outdated calculator watch which he has transformed into a sophisticated portable computer with an upgraded hardrive with vocal capabilities, which he divulges contains a databank (compiled from years of discreetly taken recordings) which can eerily simulate Riley's voice. Impressed, the Matthews immediately induct Farkle into the intricate scheme they have been crafting. The team is completed moments later, when Lucas also happens to drop by, and is deemed by everyone to be an ideal candidate to serve as a distraction. The Matthews family then outline their Master Plan: to make Maya's fourteenth birthday especially memorable, the kids are tasked with keeping her otherwise occupied, while the Matthews subtly

Maya Is Perturbed

manipulate their old friend, Shawn Hunter, to encounter her mother, Katy Hart, in the hopes that it may spark a romantic relationship between the pair. When the conspirators emerge into the living room, a miffed Maya is somewhat surprised to see that Farkle and Lucas have arrived, but is more curious as to why she hasn't been allowed in Riley's room for the past hour. Farkle attempts to apprise her of the correct amount of time that has passed, but instead accidentally reveals his watch can also synthesize Maya's vocal inflections as well. As the ill-fated device intones warnings of the outraged girl steadily approaching in her own voice, Maya roughly seizes the watch off Farkle, slams it to the floor, and firmly stomps upon it with satisfaction. Completely nonplussed by the wanton destruction of his prototype, Farkle nonchalantly produces an identical timepiece, and smugly secures it upon his wrist. Shawn then pulls away his friends for a private conversation. Likewise, Maya also calls out her friends (the trio simultaneously reply innocently "Us?") and issues the command, "Window.

The Birthday Girl Is Contained... Barely

Now!" As Farkle, Riley, and Maya settle into the bay window, Lucas has procured a rope from somewhere, and begins twirling it above his head, offering to perform a rope trick. Riley informs Maya that she needs to understand what they are about to do to her is for her own good. Farkle uses his computerized watch to literally echo Riley's sentiment. As Maya reprimands him, Farkle explains that he is "the Wonk." Lucas once again asks if they want to see a rope trick, and Maya tells him to stop distracting her, as she never thought he was a real cowboy. In response, the Texan tosses a loop over Maya's head and swiftly winds the rest of the rope around their friend tightly, before securing it to Riley's bedpost. Mystified, Maya asks why she has been tied up. Casually, Riley discloses that Shawn is going to meet Katy Hart. Growling, Maya demands to know why, as she believes her mother will (as she did with her husband, Kermit) cause Shawn to "run for the hills." As Riley scoffs at the use of the antiquated phrase, Maya lunges forward with a roar, and actually shifts Riley's bed. Uttering the very words she just ridiculed, Riley sprints for the door. Farkle and Lucas dive through the windows, having reached the mutual decision that their parts in the Matthews' Master Plan have abruptly arrived at their ends.

Girl Meets Farkle's Choice

"Carpool" Must Choose Between "Miley" & "Yama"

One morning, as "Miley Flatshoes" and "Yama" struggle to present the JQA daily announcements in a coherent manner (hampered by the fact that because the program is televised via closed-circuit throughout the school, a flustered Riley can only read the copy in a comical mixture of spoonerisms and malapropisms, that in turn, drives Maya to giggle throughout), "Carpool" drops by to join his "News Ladies," to impart his science moment. Due to his research paper on the Orange Dancing Spider, the National Junior Entomology Society, have once again, nominated Farkle for the Golden Buggie for Highest Achievement in Research, which will be presented during their gala (67th) Annual Buggie Awards. Since Riley can only babble while on air, Maya congratulates Farkle, and hopes that he wins. But Farkle admits that he never does. Maya goes on to state that she wish she could be there, but she doesn't want to, and there are probably no more tickets available. Farkle produces his two tickets to the ceremony, and Maya claims she just doesn't want to go. Farkle proclaims to the entire audience that he must finally choose between his "Beautiful Angel" (Riley) or his "Dark Demon" (Maya). 

Farkle Sets Down The Emotional Gauntlet Of Love

When Riley attempts to comment on the situation in a nonsensical fashion, a laughing Maya nearly falls to the floor. Later during History, a preoccupied Farkle is reluctant to participate in class, when Mr. Matthews asks which country is the greatest ally of the United States. The teacher deduces that Buggie Award season has made him tense, which Farkle confirms, as well as the realization that once he makes his choice who to attend the dinner with, he will have to let the other girl go. Instantly, Maya volunteers to be the one left out, but Riley admits it will be sad when Farkle no longer loves both of them equally. Farkle agrees, and notes that the losing unfortunate girl will be crushed, but will receive the consolation gift of the Farkle home game, which consist of her sobbing while crying out his name. Continuing on, the teacher repeats the question, but Sarah just says to ask Farkle. Standing up, Farkle resignedly reveals that it is Canada. He goes on to explain to the girls that he wants someone to cheer him up, as he anticipates losing the Buggie to his arch-nemesis, Isadora Smackle. Meanwhile, Mr. Matthews notes that most wouldn't have realized the answer, as the very closeness of Canada may lead to taking the country for granted, because it will always be there.

Bleecker Street Subway Speed Date

Maya and Riley each offer the ultimate sacrifice to let the other girl go in their place, but Farkle insists that "this game is Farkle's Choice," and throws down his metaphorical "emotional gauntlet of love," which will determine the winner. Later that afternoon, all three find themselves at the Bleecker Street Subway Station for an afterschool snack. While Riley and Maya sit at a pair of adjacent tables, Farkle has procured a rolling stool to facillitate splitting his time between them. Farkle demonstrates how well he knows them by providing their favorite foods: for Riley it is a smoothie thick enough to eat with a spoon, for Maya it is a pretzel with an excessive amount of mustard on the side. He also reminds them of their years of friendship by bestowing each with a memento as a gift: for Maya it is the skateboard she broke while attempting a trick at his eighth birthday party--the only time he has ever seen her cry--which shows that Farkle has seen her at her worst, yet still loves her. For Riley it is a replacement Hazel the Hippo that he gave her for company, when she was scared in the hospital getting her tonsils removed, which she had since misplaced, displaying that Farkle is always thinking about her. Abruptly, the girls realize that he has been speed dating them which he openly admits, as he goes to settle the bill. Riley hops on the stool and rolls towards Maya to compare notes. Just then, a pair of brothers, Sheldon and Cisco, begin accosting the girls with their unwanted attention. Before matters become too uncomfortable, Farkle returns and warns the other boys that Riley and Maya are under his protection. He predicts the brothers will shortly be running away screaming all the way to Broadway. When they ask who Farkle is that could possibly make that happen, they discover for themselves, as after being introduced to his Orange Dancing Spider, the bullies retreat exactly as Farkle had foreseen. Afterwards, Farkle tells his friends that he is their Canada, taken for granted at times, but will always be there for them. Riley and Maya then

Spiders At School

decide they each now want to go to the Buggies with Farkle. Realizing they neither will step aside, both girls vow to the other that they will win. At school on the day of the Buggie Awards, Farkle greets the girls who are perched atop the hallway school bench. When he thanks Maya for texting him the previous evening, Riley gives her friend a shove. When Farkle also thanks Riley for videochating with him, Maya knocks Riley completely to the floor. Farkle tells them he needs time to himself to make a final decision. As Riley agrees that they should not try to influence him, Maya produces a large arachnid from her locker, which Farkle identifies as an Arizona Blonde Tarantula. Riley is so stunned, that Maya has to remind her to scream and scamper up the nearby stairway. Suspecting that their eight-legged pets might be ideal mates for each other, Farkle brings out his spider as well. That would prove to be a tragic miscalculation, as Maya's tarantula promptly bites the head off Farkle's spider. After Farkle's anguished screams clears the hallway, Riley finds the courage to come back down. Maya dares Riley to place the tarantula on her head like a hat, which she reluctantly does. Farkle is impressed the Riley willing to venture so far out her comfort zone for him, but states the girls are still even in his mind. As Mr. Matthews passes by

Farkle Makes His Choice

with his morning cup of noodles, Riley tells him that "the spider is laying eggs in my brain." Her father merely shrugs, "Yeah, okay," before continuing on his way. That evening, only a short time before the ceremony, Riley invites Farkle over to her bay window. As Farkle arrives in a white tuxedo, Riley attempts to exploit his affection for her to hint that she would be a better dinner companion than Maya. However, her plans go awry when Maya herself appears at the window. The girls immediately begin bickering about which of them should go to the Buggie Awards. At first, Farkle is flattered that his friends are fighting over him, but the feeling swiftly fades, with the realization that they are fighting over him. He confesses to Riley and Maya that he loves them both equally because he can't think of one of them without thinking about the other as well. Being the cause of their conflict has convinced him what choice he must make. Stepping out the window, Farkle proclaims that he would

The 67th Annual Buggie Awards

rather go alone, than hurt either of his best friends--that is his choice--before stepping away. Shortly afterwards, Farkle is at the Chanticleer Hotel in Weehawken, New Jersey, attending the 67th Annual Buggie Awards. Like the rest of the guests, he has donned a floppy set of golden antennae, with the single exception being the perennial celebrity Buggie Awards host, Jane Lynch. The host singles out Farkle and Smackle from the crowd, but does voice support for Farkle. Five hours into the telecast, Host Lynch introduces a moving memorial to the roll call of scientific specimens which perished within the past year, and sings a rendition of "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot." Farkle is especially broken up when the picture depicting Chelsea, (a goldfish which fell off the

Buggies Encounter With Smackle

Empire State Building) is shown across the screen. As a final commercial break for the program is called, Smackle seizes the opportunity to sneak up on Farkle and engage in their usual round of smack talk as they are the only nominees vying for the last Buggie of the night. Smackle also notes that Farkle is alone, and asks if he finally considers himself unattached, and he admits that he may well be. Employing logic, Smackle posits the supposition that, if they became a couple, the pair could rule the world together. However, Farkle demurs, stating that they are far too alike, but does agree to test her theory by attempting to look at Smackle in a romantic fashion. However, Farkle is instantly repulsed, and swiftly turns away from the fuming genius from Einstein Academy. When the program resumes, Host Lynch prepares to announce the winner of the Golden Buggie for Highest Achievement in Research between Isadora Smackle

Farkle's Canadian Girls Of Middling Intellect

and Farkle Minkus. Dejectedly, a pensive Farkle admits to himself, that he really is alone. However, Riley and Maya, garbed in elegant dresses, refute his conclusion, arriving to support Farkle. An approving Lynch notes the he is a "Playah" for having two dates. The trio stand up together to watch the envelope opened and hear the winner announced as Smackle. Disappointed, but buoyed by the comforting company of Riley and Maya, Farkle turns to leave. But during her acceptance speech, Smackle accuses the "girls of middling intellect" of ruining her moment. Turning back, Riley and Maya identify themselves

Farkle Finds Riley & Maya "Perfect"

as Farkle's Canada, his greatest allies, who will always be there for him. To accentuate their point, they sing the final lyric of the Canadian national anthem. The following school day during home room, Farkle and his classmates are with Mr. Matthews as they watch Riley and Maya once again try to deliver the morning announcements. However, the problems which have plagued their performances still hold true, as Maya cannot stop her uncontrollable laughter upon hearing the jumbled verbiage being spouted by Riley. The teacher can only comment, "Unbelievable." But Farkle stoutly defends his friends, declaring, "I think they're perfect."

Girl Meets First Date

Belgium:1831 Cancelled By Spring Fever

In anticipation of Mr. Matthews finally teaching his postponed lesson on the events which occurred in Belgium during 1831, Farkle not only wears a shirt bearing the Belgian flag, he also brings along a miniature version of the banner as well.  But History class starts off in a bizarre fashion, as his teacher rushes into the room carrying Riley in his arms.  After locking Lucas out, Mr. Matthews deposits his daughter at her desk, and declares it is time for "The Talk."  Riley objects, but Maya urges him to continue.  Her father begins to speak, but Riley cuts him off.    He then moves across the room towards the other door, but is unable to keep Lucas out.    Lucas asks him what he is afraid of, and in response Mr. Matthews moves towards the chalkboard.  To Farkle's horror, the teacher erases the "Belgium:1831."  Farkle immediately protests, rising to his feet, while holding out his flag, and uttering an agonized cry of "Noooo!"    The new topic is "Seventh Grade Spring Fever," which the teacher maintains leads to dating, then movies, then popcorn, then hands meeting in the dark over popcorn, then holding hands, which ultimately results in that--as he points to where Darby and Yogi are rubbings noses.  As he pulls Yogi to his assigned desk, the teacher begs Riley not to grow up.  Farkle then asks Mr. Matthews to consider the situation scientifically, if he is afraid to let Riley be with Lucas, Farkle makes the offer of four oxen and a top milking cow for his daughter, a prospect the teacher actually

Dating Options

deems "a good deal."  Riley then stands up and proclaims she will decide who she will date, when and if someone asks her.  Lucas then raises his hand, but Mr. Matthews refuses to acknowledge him.  After class, Farkle and Lucas discuss how girls have it easy, as Lucas points out they merely have to wait to be asked, and Farkle adds all they have to do is say "No."  When Lucas states they can also say "Yes," Farkle is amazed.  Farkle confesses that he considered Lucas to be a threat just as he assumes Lucas thinks the same of him.  However, Farkle now views Lucas as a possible solution to his eternal Riley and Maya dilemma.  As he could never bear to break the other girl's heart by picking one over the other, he now suggests that Lucas ask one out, and Farkle will take the other one.  When Lucas asks what if he asks the other girl, Farkle simply replies that he will take the first girl.  Lucas states that perhaps he will ask one of them out--sometime in the future.  Further discussion is lost, as Maya approaches them, and surprisingly, asks Lucas out on a date.  Their problem seemingly solved, Farkle promptly claims Riley by

Making A Double Date

taking her arm.  Later that afternoon, Farkle drops by the Matthews' apartment to officially ask Riley out, since Maya asked Lucas on a date. This is news to the Matthews, as they inform Farkle that Lucas is there for their blessing to take Riley out. Mr. Matthews does state a willingness to grant that blessing, much to everyone's surprise, particularly Farkle, who claims to have a cow in the elevator. However, there is one stipulation--Riley and Lucas must go out an a double date with Maya and Farkle. Lucas immediately asks Riley, who quickly accepts. Maya refuses Farkle, until their teacher tells her he means it. Reluctantly, Maya agrees, and Farkle faints in shock, but she deliberately lets him fall to the floor.  A few hours later, Farkle and Lucas are at the Bleecker Street Subway Station, awaiting the arrival of their dates.  Farkle admits that he fears his nervousness will prevent from being able to speak with the girls.  But Lucas reminds him that they are all friends, and Farkle has never been at a loss for words.  Lucas attempts to assure Farkle he will be there to help him, but the sight of Riley and Maya stepping down into the station, leaves him speechless.  When Farkle turns around to see what Lucas sees, he is pleasantly surprised that Maya is stylishly dressed, as he presumed she would only offer a modicum of enthusiasm for their date, but from her appearance, he now calculates she is putting out an 84% effort. Farkle suggests they walk towards each other in slow motion, but Maya refuses. As Lucas maintains his silence, Farkle continues to speak rapidly, confessing his fears of not being able to speak were groundless, as he declares himself the best date talker there is. However, when Lucas claims this moment is one he will remember forever, Farkle

First Date

amends his declaration to now be the second-best date talker. With the train arriving, the foursome step inside. Farkle states that no matter what happens, they should always remain friends, but Maya says they should see what happens first.  But their night takes a detour, when Lucas points out to the others that Riley's uncle Josh happens to be in the subway car as well.   The group watches as Josh is rebuffed by a girl named Sophie, because she is three years older than him, before leaving. Maya sits down to commiserate with Josh, and point out the parallels to their own relationship. Josh concedes her point before departing at the next stop.  Riley ends her date with Lucas to comfort Maya.   Maya is grateful for Riley's sacrifice, but instead helps re-enact Riley's first meeting with Lucas, as she sends Riley into Lucas' lap.  Seizing her own moment, Riley gives Lucas a quick kiss.  Inspired by the sight, Farkle approaches Maya, but she holds out her hand in his face to stop him.  Farkle then delivers a passionate kiss to her palm, which to Maya's own amazement, she admits was not bad.  As Maya gives him a questioning look, Farkle tells her to "Tell your friends," while smugly swinging around a subway pole.

Season 2

Girl Meets Gravity

First Day Of Eighth Grade

On their first day back at John Quincy Adams Middle School as Eighth Graders, Farkle joins Riley and Maya as they descend the stairs leading to the History Room.  As his friends have arrived without shoes, Farkle cannot help staring at their "naked" feet, but is promptly warned by Maya to look up.  He then asks Riley if her dad will be their  History teacher again.  Riley states that he claimed he would not be, but Maya says she'll believe it when she doesn't see him.  The trio then meet Lucas by the classroom door, but he and Riley can only exchange brief, repetitive greetings, which Maya observes, is what they have been doing all summer, and tells them they have to talk about "it," (the kiss Riley and Lucas shared on their first date).  The bell rings, and everyone heads towards class.  Farkle tries to share a meaningful "Hey," with Maya, however, 

Farkle Time Failure

she simply ignores him.  Farkle passes by Riley, who has stopped and closed her eyes before fully entering the room, moments later, Maya follows her example.  When they finally dare to peek the girls see someone new in Mr. Matthews' place, and Riley utters a joyous "Yay!"  The new teacher, Mr. Martinez, tells them to take their seats.  He then begins his lesson on Belgium:1831, and an excited Farkle gives his own yell of "Yay!"  However, the girls still cannot believe they have a new teacher, and try to touch him to see if he is real, but Mr. Martinez tells them to sit down, and warns them that he will not treat them as loosely as their prior teacher.  Farkle then raises his hand to suggest "Farkle Time," but the uninitiated teacher merely advises him to go ahead, noting, "if you have to farkle, you have to farkle." Lucas tries to explain the situation, with Mr. Martinez concluding that the class is used to speaking whenever they want, having Farkle occasionally take over, and letting Riley and Maya do whatever they want.  He maintains that he joined the teaching profession to shape young minds, however, when Riley gets up and performs the "Boop" maneuver on his nose, Mr. Martinez quits in disgust. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Matthews appears, placing

Farkle Likes Mr. Matthews As A Teacher

all the blame for his return on his daughter's head. Riley is not happy at the prospect of having her father teach her again, and Maya questions how it could be happening.  But Farkle is happy to have both Mr. Matthews and Farkle Time back.  Riley states that Martinez didn't realize that History class was supposed to be about their lives.  The teacher then begins speaking about Galileo, the astronomer  who first realized that the Earth orbited the Sun, and not the other way around, as at the time, everyone believed they were the center of the Universe, that everything circled around them.  Riley implies she knows someone who is circling too closely around her.  Her father asks if that is really how she sees things, and Riley points out that they are a year older and ready to explore.  Maya then proclaims that she and Riley are transferring out of the class.  Riley agrees, and asks Lucas and Farkle to join them, but the boys choose to stay with Mr. Matthews.  After receiving transfer slip from the teacher, the two newly independent girls declare they need

Lesson On Our Town

nothing from nobody and leave, only to stick their bare feet in the doorway as Mr. Matthews tosses their shoes at them.  After the girls leave, Mr. Matthews erases "Belgium 1831" (denying Farkle once again) and instead writes 'Our Town" on the chalkboard.  He produces a bound copy of the play written by Thornton Wilder, which he says is his favorite play.  Farkle points out that he shouldn't be teaching English, and the teacher states the plays is about the history of an ordinary small town, which warns against not taking what one has for granted, through the eyes of the heroine who gets to look back at the life she left behind.  As Mr. Matthews reads a passage out loud, a chastened Riley and Maya slip into the room and resume their normal desks.  They admit that as bad as they consider the situation, anyplace else is worse.  Riley asks if they missed anything, but her father assures her they just in time for the lesson.

Svorski Memorial

 Sometime later, Farkle gathers together with the Matthews, Harts, and Lucas at Svorski's Bakery for a somber occasion, the memorial service for the beloved founder and owner of the bakery, Mrs. Svorski.  Riley delivers a eulogy where she regrets not knowing Mrs. Svorski as well as her brother Auggie did, but her passing has made her realize that one needs to spend as much time as possible with those you cherish in life for as long as they are there.  When Auggie shows Riley the gift Mrs. Svorski gave him before she died, an antique flour shaker, they open it and discover hidden inside a final version of the private joke Mrs. Svorski and Auggie always shared, which brings a wan smile to the grieving boy's face.

Girl Meets the New World 

Farkle's Extra Ticket Choice

One morning before school, Farkle decides to drop by Riley's window to get the girls input on a yet another choice he must make concerning them.  As Farkle greets Riley and Maya, Riley happily welcomes him with an unexpected hug, whereas Maya asks the reason for his visit. Farkle explains he has two tickets for a concert and has to decide which of them to take with him.  Riley declares that to be a completely unique situation and suspects it will take unexpected twists and turns before being

Lesson On The New World

resolved.  However, Farkle, having enjoyed their earlier embrace, has already decided to pick Riley, and having announced his choice, leaves to meet the girls later at school.  During History, while Mr. Matthews lectures on the early 20th Century immigrant experience of Ellis Island serving as the gateway to the New World represented by the United States, Farkle detects the sense of unease of Riley and Lucas to the topic and receives confirmation from Maya that their teacher has no idea that Lucas and his daughter shared a kiss.  Thereupon Farkle and Maya agree to place even more pressure on their friends by asking leading questions rife with hidden meanings their unwitting teacher was incapable of discerning.  But while trying to include Maya as well, Farkle inadvertently reveals to the class her middle name, Penelope. Nonetheless, Maya goes on to continue on the subject by inquiring that once one has kissed the shores of the New World, are they supposed to be a couple or not?  As Mr. Matthews tries to puzzle out what is going on, Riley tries to deflect his attention by reading from the textbook, but accidentally reads a passage from her Health book--which prompts Farkle to warn against the contents pf page 73.  As her father asks Riley directly what is going on, Maya confesses that Farkle kissed her hand, which Farkle confirms was glorious, and Maya playfully adds made her "go home and re-think everything."  When Mr. Matthews asks his daughter where she was during the incident,  Riley denies any and all

Kids In The Hall(way)

knowledge of the situation.  As the teacher turns his gaze on Lucas, the Texan abruptly rises from his chair, scoots over another desk, and races out into the hallway.  After classes, while the females students converge on Riley and Maya by their lockers, the male classmates gather around Lucas and Farkle sitting on the hallway bench.  Farkle asks his friend what the status of the Texan's relationship with Riley is, but Lucas resists defining it just because everyone wants them to.  Farkle states that after kissing Maya's hand, he can't imagine being without her, and shows off a diamond ring he intents to give her.  Lucas is astounded by the contents of the jewelry box, and asks how much it is worth. Farkle replies $78,000, but admits he got it for free, as it is actually his mother's, which she occasionally throws at his father, but as she usually wants it back within a few days, Farkle only has a limited time to enact his plans. Lucas maintains he will not bow to peer pressure, so Farkle offers to carry him. When Lucas says he would like to see him try just that, Farkle enlists Darby to help him lift his friend down the hallway to where the other girls are gently prodding Riley forward. As Riley and Lucas are now forced to communicate, they awkwardly decide that they are, 

Goodbye, Maya Penelope Hart, Hello, Mrs. Farkle Minkus

indeed, girlfriend and boyfriend. When Maya remarks she can't wait to see what happens next, Farkle chooses that moment to bend on one knee and presents her with the ring. Later that afternoon, Farkle and Maya go to Topanga's (the renamed and refurbished Svorski's Bakery) to find Riley and Lucas already there, apparently on a date.  Gleefully, Maya displays her new ring, identifying herself as "Mrs. Farkle Minkus." Farkle notes that for years he had been merely loving and appreciating her, when all he really needed was a "big hunking rock."  Maya warns Riley of the hypnotic allure of the sparkles produced by diamonds.  Farkle surmises that Maya said yes solely for the ring, but admits he doesn't care.  Slightly offended, Maya suggests they try an experiment.  First Farkle proposes without the ring, and is promptly told to die. Then he tries with the ring, with Maya instantly proclaiming her love.  Riley begins speaking about how real relationships should be based on real feelings, but finds herself entranced by Maya waving the ring around, causing her to inquire, "How do they go these things so sparkly, Farkly?"  Farkle replies that a lot of pressure is what turned a lump of coal into that diamond.  Maya proclaims that she is keeping it.  Farkle then reminds her that he comes with it.  Maya then muses to herself that if she sold Farkle, she could get a house where she and the ring could be happy together.

Mr. & Mrs. Farkle Minkus

 Having had enough, Farkle tells Lucas they should go, but Lucas intends to see Riley home.  Maya then decries that she has to walk home with Farkle, who again reminds her that she is wearing his ring.  Maya accedes, muttering. "The things you gotta do."  The next morning, Riley and Lucas tell their classmates that they are not like anybody else, and while they are not officially a couple, they will proceed with their relationship as they see fit.  However, their announcement is upstaged by the sight of Maya and Farkle, dressed as a bride and groom, walking down the hall.  Riley catches the bridal bouquet tossed by Maya, and hands it over to Darby, but the rest of the students can only stare after the pair in astonishment.

Girl Meets the Secret of Life

Belgium:1831 Cancelled By The Secret Of Life

When Mr. Matthews asks the class if they are ready to finally learn the events of what happened in Belgium in 1831, Farkle loudly decries, "No!"  He explains that the hopes in his little Farkle heart has been burned too often.  The teacher begins the lesson, but Farkle stops him briefly to confirm that none of his friends have any drama looming, and the lesson continues.  However, it is halted by the sudden appearance of Isaiah "Zay" Babineaux, a new transfer student. whom Farkle immediately demands to "Get out!"  However, Mr. Matthews pauses to get Zay settled, as the newcomer reveals that he knows Lucas from their time together in Austin.  Farkle insists that the teacher continue while he is still "tingly."  Yet before the lesson can resume, Yogi, quite unexpectedly, asks "What is the secret of life?"  Mr. Matthews shrugs, and despite Farkle's warnings, turns around and erases Belgium:1831 off the chalkboard once again.  Pulling his shirt over his face, Farkle rams his head into his desk several times in frustration. When the teacher asks Lucas what are his thoughts on the eternal question, Maya also wants to know the opinion of the class moral compass.  Zay laughs as the very notion of his old friend being called as such, revealing that Lucas had been expelled from his prior school, causing his newer

Car Wash Conundrum

friends to wonder just how much they truly know about Lucas Friar.   The next day, Mr. Matthews gives his class a story problem: Al washes a car in six minutes, Fred washes the same care in 8 minutes, how long will it take for them to wash that same car together?  While Riley asks how that applies to anythng, Farkle swiftly calculates a mathematical answer of 3 minutes and 25.7 seconds.  However, the teacher tells Farkle he is wrong.  A disbelieving Farkle counters that he shouldn't be teaching math in history anyway, and adds that (according to his father) his wife should have been his mother.  Mr. Matthews explains that his favorite teacher ran a very strict classroom, and that he knows that he would only fail in trying to emulate that method of teaching.  Thus, he adopted a more unique style of teaching which he hopes proves to be just as

Car Wash Testing

effective.  He then tells the class that to more fully understand the problem, they will each wash the same car, and the if they come across the correct solution, they will have discovered the secret of life.   The class carries out the assignment outside the school, with Farkle tallying their finishing times.  Only Riley and Lucas have attempts which perfectly fit the required parameters of the problem, so Farkle tells them to wash the car together, confident that they will finish within his predicted time, allowing him to triumphantly

Riley Gets Sidetracked

rub it in the face of Mr. Matthews.  But when Riley and Lucas begin, she becomes far too sidetracked by her festering need to know the full extent of Lucas' secret past, and ruins the experiment by engaging in a water battle with the Texan.  After Farkle reprimands the pair  for irreparably wrecking the results, and not even finishing with washing the car.  The pair then lift him up and use Farkle as an improvised shammy. Taking advantage of her friends' emotional turmoil, Maya mischievously takes

Farkle Admits That He Was Wrong

the opportunity to thoroughly douse the trio with the power hose.  The next day, Farkle tries to explain how despite his best efforts, Riley and Lucas skewed the results, and tries to reenact their antics, but finally has to reluctantly admit that he was wrong.   Mr. Matthews explains that on paper, Farkle was right, but outside of math class, there was no actual answer for that problem.  Their teacher states that the secret of life is that people change people, which is why he has developed his more open teaching style, which he hopes the students find interesting.  He then notices that Zay is not present, and asks Lucas where he is.   Lucas tiredly admits that he doesn't know, and hints that defending Zay was what he was initially expelled for. This appears confirmed, when Zay's panicked voice is heard calling out Lucas'  name, and Lucas mutters, "Not again," to himself, before arising to locate his friend in distress. Mr. Matthews tries to give Lucas a warning from acting rashly, but the Texan states that if he manages to return without incident, it will show how much they all have changed him.  As Lucas departs, Riley, Maya, Farkle, and their teacher, follow him out.  In the hallway, they spot Joey Ricciardella, the biggest bully in school, holding a captive Zay, as Lucas confronts him.  Joey allows Zay to slip away, and arrogantly

Learning About Lucas

begins assessing Lucas as his new victim.  Abruptly, Lucas seizes Joey's wrists, holding them to his side and steps on his boots to keep the bully from moving.  Lucas informs Joey that they could fight, but he assures the other that he would lose.  Instead, Lucas reasons that they should each keep their respective reputations.intact, and simply walk away rather than escalating their encounter, else they are likely to stay at JQA until they are twenty.  As Joey agrees to the truce, he states that he already is twenty.  Lucas and Zay fully reconcile, and as Farkle, Riley, and Maya follow them back to class the trio share a look, indicating that while they may not know everything about Lucas Friar, what they do know about their friend is more than enough for now.

Girl Meets Pluto

History Without Pluto

As the class studies a quote by British statesman, Winston Churchill, Mr. Matthews asks them, "What is history?"  He listens to the various answers, and then has Riley read from the text which states that history is fixed, like the fact that the solar system has nine planets, from Mercury to Pluto.  All the class, except Riley, realizes the teacher's point, that the perceptions on history can be changed.  When Lucas asks why Riley doesn't understand, Maya distracts Riley by pointing out an imaginary bird, Farkle quickly explains that he, Maya, and Mr. Matthews have formed the "Riley Committee," which keeps information they deem upsetting to Riley, away from her, one such fact is that the scientific community has decreed that Pluto no longer possesses planetary classification.  Realizing that they cannot hide Pluto's downgrade to dwarf planet any

First Try At The Time Capsule

longer, Maya is told to break the news to Riley, which she reluctantly does.  Riley is visibly shaken to learn the current status of her favorite planetary body, but urges her father to continue.  Farkle reveals that a time capsule was uncovered in Boston, and suggests they can create one of their own.  Mr. Matthews approves of the concept, and is reminded that he and his closest friends buried their own time capsule during High School, approximately 15 years before in Philadelphia.  Later at Topanga's,   although Maya declines to participate, the group gathers to place their items in the time capsule .  Riley places an a small orange ball representing Pluto, Lucas puts in a buffalo nickel given to him by his Pappy Joe, and Farkle

Matthews Plan A Road Trip To Philadelphia

picks out one of his science trophies.  Katy Hart then approaches them declaring that she has decided to dispense life advice like the Matthews, and tells Lucas not to give up on dreams that he will regret not following later, but urges Farkle to  "Forget science, dream dreams."  The Matthews then arrive with their friend, Shawn Hunter, announcing a road trip to their hometown of Philadelphia.  Farkle offers to go, but his teacher claims that his "big words" will take up to much room.  He inspects the kids'  time capsule with some disappointment, and when Maya claims she's not joining in, her teacher tells her that she will.  Clearly the  most enthusiastic of the trio, Cory Matthews brings up names from their mutual past such as Mr. Feeny and Angela.  This piques the interest of Katy, and Shawn admits Angela is someone from his past.  Farkle quizzes Shawn about her, asking if he misses her or has old feelings resurfaced, or a desire to live near wherever she is, but stops after Maya flings Riley's Pluto at him.  The girls suddenly decide they need to go to Philadelphia and help dig up the past as well.  By  the next time the group meets, Riley has replaced their time capsule with the one her parents dug up in Philadelphia.  Once again, Riley places the orange ball for Pluto.  Lucas, however, has

Finishing The Time Capsule

changed his mind, and is  enclosing his school transfer papers from Austin to New York City, representing his new start.  Farkle has also decided to put in a new item, his orange turtleneck sweater, from when his friends refused to let him belittle himself for the comments made by Billy Ross.  To everyone's surprise, Maya does reveal that she has something to add as well, but insists on being alone when she does so.  Honoring Maya's request Farkle, Lucas, and Riley depart, allowing Maya to finish completing the time capsule by herself.

Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels

Riley & Maya Rift

For the first time in all the years Farkle has known them, Riley and Maya have a serious argument which actually threatens to sever their long friendship.  Before History class, Zay notices the hostility between the girls and jokingly promotes their "chick fight"  as "The Shocker By the Lockers."  Although the conflict stems from a remark initially made by Lucas, Maya has centered her anger on Riley for not immediately rising to her defense.  Lucas tells Maya he only responded just that once compared to all the times she taunted him, and is told he will be dealt with later.  Farkle points out that Riley couldn't defend her because the basic sentiment behind Lucas' comment was right.  Maya warns that he is next--but Farkle volunteers to be first.  Maya declares that if being right is more important that being friends, then that's the end of their being

Belgium Overcome By WAR

friends.  As Farkle and the others follow the girls inside the classroom, he notices that once again, Mr. Matthews has just finished writing "Belgium:1831"  across the chalkboard.  Knowing that the dispute between Riley and Maya will definitely disrupt class, Farkle, sadly confesses to himself that there is no chance of learning about Belgium that day, and erases the topic off the board himself.  When Mr. Matthews asks if the girls are still fighting, Farkle holds his arms wide and just says. "Look at them."  As the teacher writes the word "WAR," in large capitalized letters on the board instead, Maya attempts to switch desks with both Zay and Yogi, but neither boy gives in to her demand.  Returning to her seat, Maya wants to know why Riley didn't disagree with Lucas' comment, with Riley replying she couldn't because the remark was true.  After the girls loudly agree that they are not talking to each other, Mr. Matthews begins explaining how war can stem from a single gunshot, and that wars between friends can start from small isolated events.  He recalls a war he and his friends had during their college days which he claims was great until it wasn't.   Both Lucas and Farkle declare that they won't let it get that far, however, their teacher states that the situation will require calling in

Farkle Understands Escalation

someone with a very unique set of skills.  The next day, a stranger (impatiently waiting to speak) is sitting at Mr. Matthews' desk, as the teacher asks what are the primary causes of war.  Riley suggests "Freedom,"  Lucas adds "Religion,"  but Maya flatly states, "Pancakes."  The teacher continues that the immediate danger of war,  is the possibility of  escalation to other countries.  Farkle fails to see how that could happen in this case, until Maya flings a wadded paper ball in his face.  Instantly, Farkle produces a ping-pong ball rifle, rapidly pumping out three shots back at a shocked Maya in retaliation.  Sheepishly, Farkle acknowledges his teacher's point.  Mr. Matthews then explains that the next step would be to use a mediator to help settle the conflict, and with that in mind, he has invited a "respected intellect from the North," to serve in that capacity.  The visitor misses his cue, as he is distractedly distorting his features with tape, and Mr. Matthews has to prompt him to begin.   Ripping the sticky strips from his face with a cry of pain, the guest speaker has the class repeat his interrupted introduction for him.  A baffled Zay asks who the person is, and Mr. Matthews identifies him as his brother, Eric Matthews, for whom he has the utmost trust in his skills as a mediator.  Opening the door, Eric waves the entire class out, and Farkle and the rest of the

Words Between Weirdos

students obey.  Once in the school hallway, Eric asks who fired the first shot.  Lucas admits he initiated the conflict by calling Maya  "a short stack of pancakes."  Further questions reveal that he was provoked by Maya's constant barrage of taunts aimed at him, which she does so because Lucas allows her to.  But Maya insists that she isn't angry at Lucas, but rather at Riley for not defending her.  Riley asks how she can defend Maya from how tall she, and Maya responds in the same way she defends her from how tall she is.  Maya explains that someone has nicknamed her "Riley Superklutz," but she saw to it that Riley, herself, never heard of it.  After Riley confirms with her classmates, that it is the way everyone sees her as, she asks why does the remark hurts, and Farkle states because it, was at least partially, based on truth.  Riley realizes that Maya defended her even though the unkind comment was true.    When Eric asks why she did it, Maya admits it was because they are best friends.  As the depressed girls sit on the floor, Farkle joins them, confessing that he suspects his desire to rule the world stems from sometimes feeling that he is "Squeaky the Mouse."   Lucas asks when he feels like that, as he also slips to the floor.  Farkle admits with frustration that it is when his looks at his best friend, Lucas, identifying him as a "Freak," adding that his freak face and freak hair, makes Farkle sick at times.  When Lucas tries to state that being him isn't easy, the others instantly tell him to shut up.  When Zay jokingly charges a dollar to peek at the freak, Lucas quiets him by pointing out his flat butt.   Eric reveals that they aren't each other's enemies, and working through

Experiments At Topanga's

personal issues is a part of growing up.  As each friend acknowledges their unflattering label, Riley notes what a bunch of weirdos they are. The next day, with the air cleared between them, all their friendships have been restored, and the group meets at Topanga's. Farkle suggests an experiment which he thinks will increase Lucas' relatability.  After Lucas, agrees, Farkle reaches up and musses the Texan's hair for nearly a minute,  However, Farkle is stymied when the results actually appear to make Lucas look even better.  Riley's uncle Eric then approaches them, now garbed in the outlandish outfit the denizens of St. Upidtown, New York, prefer their Mayor to wear, and everyone admits how much he helped them.  Impressed by his people skills Farkle asks Eric if he ever considered ruling the world.  While Mr. Matthews points out there exists political safeguards to prevent that from ever happening,  yet from the interested expression upon his features, the elder Matthews brother evidently does find the prospect, at the very least, an intriguing possibility to ponder.         

Girl Meets the Tell Tale Tot

Lesson On Conscience

Just before Mr. Matthews begins his lesson on Conscience, Farkle cannot help but overhear the girls plotting to sneak away for a secret adventure, with Riley trying to convince Maya  that she is capable of doing so without  telling her  parents afterwards.  However, Riley undercuts her own cause when she quickly confesses to her father that they were just talking in class.  The teacher then asks his students what is a lie, and how lies affect the human soul.  An already guilt-ridden Riley asks why he is looking at her.  Mr. Matthews continues, identifying The Tell-Tale Heart, a short story by Edgar Allan Poe, as best illustrating the consequences of a lie.  He asks Farkle to reveal the details of the story, but Zay decides to speak up instead.  Zay explains that the main character killed and cut up a person, and hid the body under the floorboards.  However, his guilty conscience causes him to hear what he believes is the still beating heart of his victim, and is driven to confess his crime.  Farkle snappishly points out that Mr. Matthews called on him, but Zay insists that he knows stuff as well, and to prove his point, uses his version of a beating heart ("Boom Boom") to get Farkle to admit that he faked all his naps during Kindergarten, and can't understand how Maya can sleep anywhere, which becomes apropos as at that very moment, Maya is snoring with her eyes open.  The teacher states that the story shows how powerful one's conscience can be--to those who have them--he clarifies, after he wakes Maya up.  He claims that as truth eventually comes out, so do lies.  Mr. Matthews challenges his class on how will they live their lives, and how strong are their consciences. This causes Riley to have a stricken

Dissecting "The Tell-Tale Heart"

expression across her face until Maya reminds her that they haven't done anything yet. Farkle smirks, as Riley reacts to that realization by happily swaying her head.   The next day,  Farkle is jotting down some notes before class, as Riley and Maya  discuss the latter's apparent nonchalance regarding their activities of the previous night.  As her father enters the room, immediately Riley raises her hand, and asks what happened to "The Tell-Tale Heart Guy."  Zay claims the "Boom Boom Guy" went crazy, which Farkle confirms, saying he freaked out from a guilty conscience.  Riley then asks how to stop a guilty conscience.  The teacher states the best way is to avoid doing any questionable actions, but after having done something wrong, one should admit and claim responsibility for such misconduct, as that is a part of growing up.  When a somber Maya makes the conclusion that listening to one's conscience can help one to grow, Mr. Matthews suggests that Maya should give the concept a try for herself.

Girl Meets Rules

Farkle Faces "Maya Time"

One morning, as the class clock reaches 8:01 AM, without an appearance by Mr. Matthews, Farkle begins to wonder if they'll have a substitute teacher, which he does not want as he won't know where they've been.  Despite Riley's telling him to calm down, Farkle begins worrying that he will never learn anything again, and cries out that he is going down to his teacher, before remembering that Mr. Matthews is not there.  As Riley immediately struggles to place Farkle back upright, Maya decides that without Mr. Mathews present, and with Farkle indisposed, she declares it is now "Maya Time."  Riley objects, as she claims Farkle is fixed, but gives up, when Farkle falls out off his desk in the opposite direction.  Farkle manages to get up, only to be knocked down to the floor again by Maya, as she hits him with a frisbee she was returning to Jeffrey.  Farkle springs up once again, but is felled by a barrage of ping pong balls initially fired by Riley and swiftly joined by Maya.  Mr. Matthews then arrives, and asks his students when did his generosity allow the class to become a zoo.   Lying supine on the floor, after spitting out a ping pong ball, Farkle joins the entire class (save Lucas) in saying that they are sorry.  Mr. Matthews then decrees that the entire class, except "Lucas the Good," will all have detention that afternoon, but a brief text message sent from Lucas to the teacher, ensures that the Texan will also join his classmates.  At 3:00 PM, Mr. Matthews has written across the chalkboard, "Detention Everybody!"  After Farkle and the rest of his fellow students have taken their seats, the teacher announces that he is locking them inside the room without his supervision, forcing them to spend time with themselves.  

The First 2 Minutes Of Detention

With no rules to inhibit them, he voices his suspicion that they  will start eating one another within the first minute.  After reminding them he will release the survivors in an hour, Mr. Matthews tantalizingly shakes the key through the door window before leaving.  Almost instantly, despite denying that he is claustrophobic, Farkle begins to have difficulty breathing as he detects a rise in the level of carbon dioxide in the room.  Maya flatly states that Farkle "gotsta go." A perplexed Farkle can only respond "I gotsta?" Riley then steps forward, pointing out that bickering is what her father expects of them, and they should not act like animals. Lucas abruptly declares that he is hungry. Rising to stand behind Farkle, Lucas notes he has never felt such a hunger before. Maya claims to share that hunger, which she states is deep and must be attended to.  Riley tells her friends to show some discipline, however upon seeing that they have all been in detention for only a single minute, confesses that she could eat too.    As his friends begin to converge about him, Farkle gets to his feet, and nervously backs away from the approaching trio.  Riley snaps out of it, and proclaims that to prove her father wrong, she proposes they create a perfect society which she dubs "Rileytown," which is a land of goodness and rainbows, where everyone interlaces their fingers and folds them in front of themselves.    Maya dismisses the concept as "too lollipop."  Riley insists her side will have order, structure, and the aforementioned hand folding, and asks what Maya suggests.   Maya instead offers "Mayaville," which she clarifies (while stepping atop Farkle's desk) will not have any rules, laws, hand folding, and no one will say "no" (although she delivers a curt "no" to the face of an eager Farkle).  Riley states that she has order and Maya has chaos.  Maya retorts that Riley is "lollipop" while she has "Wooo!" Riley admits that the situation might be bringing out the worst in them but points out that at least time is passing. When the clock shows the class is just entering their second minute of detention, Maya states they should eat Riley. Stretching out her arm, Riley acquiesces, but stipulates no biting.  The next minute becomes a frenzy of student activity, as desks

Farkle Chooses Mayaville

are moved and decorations are hung, clearly marking the difference between "Rileytown" and "Mayaville."    With only Farkle remaining neutral, Yindra, Jeffrey, Jade, Sarah, and Dave, elect to move their desks up front to join Riley in Rileytown, while the rest of the class helps Maya and Lucas form a barricade in the back of the room to represent Mayaville.  When Riley asks why can't everyone just form a single happy society that does what she says, Maya replies that it is because they are not her.  Farkle expounds on that point by explaining why he can never choose between Riley and Maya.  If he were always with Riley, he demonstrates what he imagines life would be like by gently swaying his head and singing "La, la, la, la..." (which Riley finds herself copying).  On the other hand, Farkle illustrates life with Maya by growling and clawing at the air and intoning "Decensus In Ciniculi Cavum."  (which Maya answers with an inhuman guttural cry of her own). Thus, Farkle concludes he needs them both to maintain balance.  Riley asks which of them he will side with now, yet before Farkle can reply, Maya reveals that the second class door is unlocked.  Maya ignores Riley's warning that they are in detention, by establishing her own rules, the first of which is "See you around, Suckers!"  As Maya leaves, she is quickly joined by Darby, Clarissa, Wyatt and the rest of Mayaville.  Farkle translates the Latin phrase he said earlier as "We've dropped down the rabbit hole. man," and follows after them.  Just as Farkle makes the turn towards the cafeteria, he hears Lucas trailing behind him letting out

Ruling The Hallways

an excited shout of "Yeah!"   Maya leads the group to the Shop and locker areas as they pilfer items to give each a more fearsome appearance.  Lastly, they gather in the Art Room to apply "war paint" to each other, (although Farkle also paints a yellow five-pointed asterisk on the garbage can lid he fashions as a shield) to finish their new look.  Upon finishing, Maya and her followers burst through the Art Room doors, screaming down the second floor hallway until they reach the stairs, only to discover there is no one around for them to chase, as they are all still in detention.  Farkle ruefully observes that he is finally cool, but nobody notices.  To try to revive their rebellious spirits, Maya attempts to break into the vending machines. but all she accomplishes is hurting her foot.    .When Lucas asks what is the point of their antics if no one is around to see them, Maya sees that as a challenge to her leadership, and pulls him in close.  Lucas says he wants to be called "Mad Dog" but Maya suggests he is more like Mary's little lamb.  Farkle echoes Lucas sentiment and Maya grabs him close as well, whereupon he eagerly proclaims "I'm Batman."  A sudden noise causes the group to hide, as Janitor Harley comes into view, pushing his squeaky custodial cart.  Harley agrees with "Mad Dog" and "Batman," and speaking from experience, notes that even bad kids have some goodness, and require the presence of good kids around to find those aspects within themselves.  Lucas states he cannot imagine Harley ever being so menacing, and Harley demonstrates his prior personality by causing the vending machine to surrender its contents with a mere sideways glance.  After the janitor has moved on, Maya concedes his point that maybe they do need a good kid around.  Darby decries the lack of goodness within

Riley Tames Mayaville

their group, causing Maya to conclude that they need to steal one, and everyone heads back to the history room.    

Girl Meets Hurricane

Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels Goes to Washington

Girls Meets the New Teacher

Girl Meets Fish

Girl Meets Yearbook

Girl Meets Semi-Formal

Girl Meets Creativity

Girl Meets Farkle

Girl Meets Cory and Topanga

Girl Meets Rileytown

Girl Meets Rah Rah

Girl Meets Texas (Part 1)

Girl Meets Texas (Part 2)

Girl Meets Texas (Part 3)

Girl Meets the Forgiveness Project

Girl Meets Belief

Girl Meets the New Year

Girl Meets STEM

Girl Meets Money

Girl Meets Commonism

Girl Meets the Bay Window

Girl Meets Legacy

Season 3

Girl Meets High School (Part 1)

Girl Meets High School (Part 2)

Girl Meets Jexica

Girl Meets Permanent Record

Girl Meets Triangle

Girl Meets Upstate

Girl Meets Ski Lodge (Part 1)

Girl Meets Ski Lodge (Part 2)

Girl Meets the Real World

Girl Meets Bear

Girl Meets the Great Lady of New York

In this episode, Farkle finds out that he is of Jewish descent and that he had ancestors who died in the Holocaust. He also discovers that his great grandfather was adopted by a Danish family, the Minkuses, who gave him a much better way of life after his birth parents died.

Girl Meets World: Of Terror 3

Girl Meets Her Monster

Girl Meets Hollyworld

Girl Meets Her Monster

Girl Meets Hollyworld

Girl Meets a Christmas Maya



Stuart Minkus

Main article: Stuart Minkus
See also: Farkle and Stuart

Stuart Minkus is Farkle's father. By coincidence, Stuart used to go to school with Cory and Topanga and now his son goes to school with their daughter. He made his GMW debut in Girl Meets Maya's Mother.  He is said to be a great father.

Jennifer Bassett Minkus

Main article: Jennifer Bassett Minkus

Jennifer is Farkle's mother. She is apparently a very good cook.  Farkle has also stated that she frequently throws her wedding ring ($78,000) at her husband, but that she "usually wants it back by Thursday." She made her debut in Girl Meets Farkle.

Unnamed Sibling(s)

It is not yet known how many he has.


Main article: Ginsburg

A beatnik coffee shop worker who is one of Farkle's great-grandfathers.  One night, he met the great-grandmothers of Maya and Riley and Lucas' great-grandfather.


Lucas Friar

Best Friend

Farkle & Lucas (Girl Meets Triangle).png

Main article: Lucas Friar
See also: Farkle and Lucas

Lucas is Farkle's best friend. After knowing each other for several weeks, Lucas is surprised to learn that Farkle's last name is Minkus. Lucas cares a lot about Farkle, and will not hesitate to defend him, even if it's physically. In Girl Meets Flaws, they become known as best friends. In Girl Meets Texas (Part 1) Farkle says he would have loved if he'd grown up with Lucas in Texas since it reminds him of home. In Girl Meets Triangle he also helps Lucas decide between Riley and Maya and is there to support him in his final decision.

Riley Matthews

Close Friend/Crush 


Main article: Riley Matthews
See also: Farkle and Riley

Riley is one of Farkle's close friends. He used to have a crush on her, however, like his crush on Maya, this crush was one-sided. In episode 5, "Girl Meets the Truth", Farkle gives Riley her 'first kiss'. (Farkle actually ends up kissing Riley's chin - he originally aims for her lips, but Riley dodges it - but Maya insists it counts.) It is shown in some episodes such as "Girl Meets the Truth", "Girl Meets Flaws", "Girl Meets Texas (Part 3)" that Farkle and Riley share a strong and deep bond.

Maya Hart

Close Friend/Former Crush


Main article: Maya Hart
See also: Farkle and Maya

Maya is another one of Farkle's close friends, who he used to have a crush on. Like his crush on Riley, this crush was also one-sided. Maya tends to be irritated with him and is somewhat creeped out by his crush on her; nevertheless, she considers him a friend, and is very protective of him, although sometimes she intimidates him. Farkle's crush seems to be more dictated on Maya than on Riley.

Zay Babineaux

Best Friend

Farkle and Zay GMWTexasP3.jpg

Main article: Zay Babineaux
See also: Farkle and Zay

Zay is Farkle's second best friend. They've become very close, although sometimes they compete for Lucas' attention, each claiming to be his best friend.

Isadora Smackle

Former Academic Rival/Girlfriend

Farkle & Smackle - GMF.png

Main article: Isadora Smackle
See also: Farkle and Isadora

Isadora Smackle is Farkle's former scholastic rival from the Einstein Academy. Although they shared many interests Farkle tended to ignore her unless they were in direct academic competition. She also harbors a fairly obvious crush on him, to which he remained oblivious. However, after he was nearly diagnosed with Asperger's and Isadora also happened to be diagnosed with the same sydrome, they have since gotten closer. Farkle also persuaded her to come to John Quincy Adams Middle School. He admits to Cory that looking into her goofy, brown eyes makes him lovestruck. By Girl Meets the New Year, she and Farkle are dating. It is revealed that in Girl Meets Permanent Record he states that he's dating Smackle because he wants to raise his level, during his conversation with Riley in her bedroom.

Academic Halves

Main article: Academic Halves

The Academic Halves are Farkle's closest intellectual friends. They are apparently outstanding students, and Farkle thinks highly enough of them to include both on the JQA Spelling Bee and Debate teams.

Cory Matthews

Main article: Cory Matthews

See also: Cory and Farkle

Cory is Farkle's History teacher. Their families are on friendly terms. Farkle makes no secret of his affection for Cory's daughter, Riley. Cory loves Farkle Time, and when he realized Farkle didn't physically show up to class in Girl Meets Flaws, he was surprised, because Farkle never missed a day in his life.

Auggie Matthews

See also: Auggie and Farkle

Auggie and Farkle are friends. They don't really hang out together alone apart from one time. Auggie asked Farkle for girl advice in one episode.


Season 1

Girl Meets World (episode)

Girl Meets Boy

Girl Meets Sneak Attack

Girl Meets the Truth

Girl Meets Popular

Girl Meets Maya's Mother

Girl Meets Smackle

Girl Meets 1961

Girl Meets Crazy Hat

Girl Meets World: Of Terror

Girl Meets the Forgotten

Girl Meets Flaws

Girl Meets Friendship

Girl Meets Game Night

Girl Meets Master Plan

Girl Meets Farkle's Choice

Girl Meets First Date

Season 2

Girl Meets the New World

Girl Meets the Secret of Life

Girl Meets Rules

Girl Meets Hurricane

Girl Meets the New Teacher

Girl Meets Fish

Girl Meets Yearbook

I'm finding out who I am.
What's a Farkle anyway?
A Farkle is a nerdy, little scientist genius.
Is it?
So it's okay if I stay the scientist I am?
And you'll allow me to run some tests?
In order for a living organism to thrive, it needs to be allowed to grow.
I may not wear my turtlenecks every day.
I want to take over myself first. But then yeah, the world.
Thanks. I never want that to change.
Maya, the people you knew aren't here any more.
I feel ya. Lets say you and I play by our own rules.
Let's do it.
Riley, I came over to check on you because, well, I kinda expected this. Donnie Barnes, regular guy.
Knock knock.
I'm Donnie Barnes.
That's a catchphrase. And Donnie Barnes don't need no stinking catchphrase. You know why? I'm Donnie Barnes.
I come from Vikings
You don't know me.
When I look like this, I don't have to think, right, Lucas?
Ooh, nerd alert!
I'm Donnie Barnes.
You don't get it, do you? I'm Donnie Barnes, Regular Guy!
Donnie Barnes is the real me. Farkle Minkus is my goofy other personality.
This is me now.
No, Farkle's gone. You will never see him again.
Wow, we must have very poor quality control.
Guess what, you took another nice picture, you freak!

Girl Meets Semi-Formal

Girl Meets Creativity

Girl Meets Farkle

Girl Meets Rileytown

Girl Meets World: Of Terror 2

Girl Meets Rah Rah

Girl Meets Texas (Part 1)

Girl Meets Texas (Part 2)

Girl Meets Texas (Part 3)

Girl Meets Belief

Girl Meets the New Year

Tell them you still like Lucas Riley, just tell them the truth don't start a new year with a lie.
I'm doing it for you Riley, I care so much about you and want you to know that the truth is always the best thing.
Harper said this all comes at a cost, it's your cost Riley, and your happiness.
Riley still loves Lucas.
I'm sorry you guys, I did the right thing, I hope you can forgive me.

Girl Meets STEM

Girl Meets Money

Girl Meets Commonism

Girl Meets the Bay Window

Girl Meets Legacy

Season 3

Girl Meets High School (Part 1)

Girl Meets High School (Part 2)

Girl Meets Jexica

Girl Meets Permanent Record

Girl Meets Triangle

Girl Meets Upstate

Girl Meets Ski Lodge (Part 1)

Girl Meets Ski Lodge (Part 2)

Girl Meets the Real World

Girl Meets Bear

Girl Meets the Great Lady of New York

Girl Meets She Don't Like Me

Girl Meets Her Monster

Girl Meets a Christmas Maya

Girl Meets Sweet Sixteen

Girl Meets Goodbye


Season One

  1. Girl Meets World
  2. Girl Meets Boy
  3. Girl Meets Sneak Attack
  4. Girl Meets Father
  5. Girl Meets the Truth
  6. Girl Meets Popular
  7. Girl Meets Maya's Mother
  8. Girl Meets Smackle
  9. Girl Meets 1961
  10. Girl Meets Crazy Hat
  11. Girl Meets World: Of Terror
  12. Girl Meets the Forgotten
  13. Girl Meets Flaws
  14. Girl Meets Friendship
  15. Girl Meets Brother (minor role)
  16. Girl Meets Home for the Holidays (minor role)
  17. Girl Meets Game Night
  18. Girl Meets Master Plan
  19. Girl Meets Farkle's Choice
  20. Girl Meets First Date

Season Two

  1. Girl Meets Gravity
  2. Girl Meets the New World
  3. Girl Meets the Secret of Life
  4. Girl Meets Pluto
  5. Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels
  6. Girl Meets the Tell-Tale-Tot
  7. Girl Meets Rules
  8. Girl Meets Hurricane
  9. Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels Goes to Washington
  10. Girl Meets the New Teacher
  11. Girl Meets Fish
  12. Girl Meets Yearbook
  13. Girl Meets Semi-Formal
  14. Girl Meets Creativity
  15. Girl Meets Farkle
  16. Girl Meets Cory and Topanga
  17. Girl Meets Rileytown
  18. Girl Meets World: Of Terror 2 (mentioned only)
  19. Girl Meets Rah Rah
  20. Girl Meets Texas (Part 1)
  21. Girl Meets Texas (Part 2)
  22. Girl Meets Texas (Part 3)
  23. Girl Meets the Forgiveness Project
  24. Girl Meets Belief
  25. Girl Meets the New Year
  26. Girl Meets STEM
  27. Girl Meets Money
  28. Girl Meets Commonism
  29. Girl Meets the Bay Window
  30. Girl Meets Legacy

Season Three

  1. Girl Meets High School (Part 1)
  2. Girl Meets High School (Part 2)
  3. Girl Meets Jexica
  4. Girl Meets Permanent Record
  5. Girl Meets Triangle
  6. Girl Meets Upstate
  7. Girl Meets True Maya
  8. Girl Meets Ski Lodge (Part 1)
  9. Girl Meets Ski Lodge (Part 2)
  10. Girl Meets the Real World
  11. Girl Meets Bear
  12. Girl Meets the Great Lady of New York
  13. Girl Meets She Don't Like Me
  14. Girl Meets World: Of Terror 3
  15. Girl Meets Her Monster
  16. Girl Meets Hollyworld
  17. Girl Meets a Christmas Maya
  18. World Meets Girl
  19. Girl Meets Sweet Sixteen
  20. Girl Meets Goodbye

Appearances: 69/72


  • He shares his name with the dice throwing game Farkle, known for its complicated scoring rules.
  • At one point, his curfew was 7:30pm.
  • His name was originally intended to be Shamus Farkle.
  • His equivalent character in Boy Meets World is his father, Stuart Minkus
  • He has an Aunt Barbara who tends to kiss people on the lips.
  • He has an Uncle Morty "in the T-shirt business."
  • He is a member of the JQA Chemistry and Drama clubs and the Spelling Bee and Debate teams. At AAHS, he is a member of the Nature club.
  • Farkle is absent in Girl Meets Demolition during season 1.
  • Farkle is absent in Girl Meets World: Of Terror 2 during season 2, but is mentioned.
  • Farkle is absent in Girl Meets I Do during season 3.
  • Farkle has been absent for three episodes throughout the series.
  • Farkle is shown to be multilingual, including English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch and Portuguese.
  • Disney has created a Farkle Nation website which has since been taken down
  • Prior to Girl Meets Farkle, a recurring joke was that Farkle may be a robot or a clone, since no one had ever found his birth certificate.
  • Farkle has secretly recorded both Riley and Maya over the years to compile a linguistic databank of their voices, for his customized talking watches.
  • He wants a family with eleven kids.
  • Farkle is claustrophobic.
  • Farkle wore turtlenecks because as a child, he had sanguivoriphobia (the fear of vampires).
  • He used to wear glasses.
  • The GMW writers have revealed that in Girl Meets the Forgiveness Project, Farkle writes his letter to the International Turtleneck Association, telling them that it was time for a change.[citation needed]
  • His favorite movie is Star Wars Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back.
  • He collects Lepidoptera.
  • In Girl Meets Christmas Maya, it is revealed that Farkle is partially Jewish.


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See also: Farkle Nation