Evelyn Rand is a billionaire businesswoman who Riley and Maya meet in Girl Meets World. She is portrayed by Jackée Harry


Evelyn is first seen on the subway with Riley and Maya. She fights for Riley to not let Maya push her off the train and at some points be rude to them. She is currently not speaking to her best friend. Her name was first revealed in the credits of the pilot episode. She made her first major appearance in Girl Meets Crazy Hat. Though Riley and Maya first assume she is poor, it is later revealed that she is a rich businesswoman who spends time at the subway station to observe people and think of ways to help them.


Season 1



Although Evelyn can have a bad attitude after work, she is generally very friendly. She is shown to be a very generous individual and cares a lot for others. She is often disgusted by people with dishonest work practices.


Riley Matthews

Riley is Evelyn's friend. She helped both the girls in the first episode and Crazy hat. She then returned in Demolition to help the Matthews family retrieve their money

Maya Hart

Maya is Evelyn's friend. She helped her and Riley solve their issues in the first episode and then helped them again in Girl Meets Crazy Hat.

Lucas Friar

Lucas is Evelyn's somewhat friend. She did not want him to move, calling him, "Sweet Potato Pie." It's also implied that she thinks he is cute.

Farkle Minkus

Evelyn first meets Farkle in Girl Meets Crazy Hat, where, after learning about his money-centered work practices, she lectured him about honest work.


Evelyn: And I just worked a 12-hour shift, and I just wanna see where (slaps her rear end) this goes. Mmmk?

Riley: Mmmk.


  • Evelyn was originally going to be called Estelle.
  • She can speak Dutch.
  • Evelyn loves hats with huge feathers.
  • Evelyn has a daughter. She had a brief cameo at the beginning of "Girl Meets Demolition".


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