That's 'Officer Copper,' to you.
— Eugene to Riley

Eugene is a recurring character in Girl Meets World and is portrayed by Phil Idrissi.


Eugene is a member of the police force employed by the City of New York, specifically the borough of Manhattan. His primary duty appears to be safeguarding Bleecker Street Subway Station.


Despite his gruff exterior, Eugene appears to be a friendly, approachable figure.  He does not like to linger too far from his post. His mere voice appears authoritative enough to cause even Maya to feel remorse for even considering the merest crime in his presence.


Evelyn Rand

Evelyn appears to be a friend of long standing, as she does quite a bit of people watching near where Eugene prefers to stand guard.


"Trust me: I know who she is; she's alright."

"Good mornin', Evelyn. Never gonna stop rainin', is it."

"Wow, that is a friend! Me, I don't chase nobody for nothin'."


  • He assures the girls that Evelyn "Crazy Hat" Rand is all right.
  • He tells Riley to call him "Officer Copper."
  • He keeps tabs on the fledgling Matthews Hart Umbrella Foundation with interest.
  • He admits he has an aversion to running. 


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