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Riley made us write on our heads!
—Darby living up to her 'Tattletale' flaw

Darby Walker is a recurring background character in Girl Meets World.

Darby is portrayed by Darby Walker. Who was named after her actress.


Darby is a student at John Quincy Adams Middle School. She shares Mr. Matthews's History class with RileyMayaFarkleLucas, and Sarah

Darby is typically very quiet in class, but finds the various escapades of her classmates quite amusing, which she openly displays upon her extremely expressive face. She tends to sit in the second seat of the first row, which offers her an unencumbered view of Lucas, whom she stared longingly at early in the series, but beginning with Girl Meets First Date she begins dating Yogi, and they remain a couple throughout the remainder of the series. Along with the rest of her JQA classmates she attends Abigail Adams High School.



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Yogi is Darby's boyfriend, they have been together prior to the premiere of Girl Meets First Date. Although even she considers their relationship to be weird, despite their obvious height difference, she is very devoted to him. She has a habit of carrying "Yogles" around in her arms. By Girl Meets Ski Lodge (Part 1) the two are shipped with the moniker "Yoby".


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  • Name confirmed as Darby  by the GMW Writers. Her character name is revealed in Girl Meets the New World, and she is also identified as Darby in the credits of that episode.  Her surname of Walker is confirmed in Girl Meets Commonism.
  • Like Jason Marsden in BMW she shares the same name as her portrayer.
  • During season 1 she was credited as "Student 1". Beginning in season 2 she is credited as "Darby".
  • She has History, Art, English, Science, and PE with Riley, Maya, Farkle, Lucas, and Sarah.
  • She is often in Sarah's company.
  • Once offered her brother for one of Riley and Farkle's muffins.
  • She may be ambidextrous, as she writes with her right hand, and uses a left-handed softball mitt.
  • Dressed as a German Beer Girl on Halloween.
  • Her flaw is "Tattletale".
  • Although she and Sarah were both Dictatorettes in the New Farkle Nation, they both appeared in Princess Riley's campaign ad.
  • She is a favorite of GMW Podcasters who have nicknamed her "Kirby" (unknowingly missing Darby's real name by only the first two letters) a choice which the actress, herself, has communicated her approval.
  • She did have a crush on Lucas but now she has a boyfriend, Yogi.
  • She is voted "Most Fierce" in the yearbook with an image from Girl Meets Rules.
  • She lost her bet with Sarah that Farkle was not a real boy.
  • She was visibly upset by the contents of the Forgiveness Project letter from Yogi.
  • She and Sarah are known to play chess at Topanga's.
  • She and Yogi welcomed the New Year together in Girl Meets the New Year.
  • She is a member of the JQA Honor Board.
  • Is a member of the Nature Club.
  • Due to Darby appearing on Season 11 of The Voice, the character has been absent for much of Season 3 and was last seen in Girl Meets the Real World.


I'll give you my brother!


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