This little girl came in and originally, we thought, "it might be nice if Auggie had a little girlfriend." And so Ava is now his wife of three years. Meet Ava Kolker.

Ava Kolker is an American child actress. She portrays Ava Morgenstern in Girl Meets World.


As a California native, Ava Kolker has been acting one way or another from the time she could walk and talk. Ava's first screen role came in 2011 on the FX television show "American Horror Story" at the tender age of four. Since then, Ava has worked on 7 different movies, two of which are lead roles, 5 commercials, multiple television shows, including seven episodes of the much anticipated Disney television series, "Girl Meets World" that starts airing June 2014. Ava's career has been very diverse in the types of roles she has been able to deliver successfully. She has also worked on a series of promo spots for Chelsea Lately acting with Chelsea Handler herself. Ava has also bantered with Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live, as well. Her movie career started when she was cast out of hundreds of children at 5 years old to play a supporting lead as Kate Beckinsale's unhappy daughter Augie in the drama "Trials of Cate McCall". Ava's first comedy role came when she worked on "Scary Movie 5" as Lily, which spoofs the horror flick "Mama". Ava continues to grow as an actress without losing the natural spark of a child who loves her life and her family as well as her art.

Early Life

She was born in Tarzana, California. She has two older sisters and one younger sister.


She debuted as an actress on the hit series American Horror Story in 2011 when she was just four years old. Ava has been acting one way or another from the time she could walk and talk. Ava's first screen role came on the FX television show American Horror Story at the tender age of four. Since then, Ava has worked on five movie sets, including a lead role in a feature film, three national commercials, and a series of promo spots.  Ava has been cast as "Olive" a main character in Sydney to the Max a Disney Channel series to debut in 2019.


Year Title Role Notes
2011 American Horror Story Three-year-old girl Episode: "Spooky Little Girl"
2012 Golden Winter Marybeth Geitzen
2013 Scary Movie 5 Lily
2013 The Trials of Cate McCall Augie
2013 Dads Little girl Episode: "The Glitch That Stole Christmas"
2014 Sam & Cat Romy Episode: "#MagicATM"
2014 I Can See You Amanda Short
2014 Villisca Ingrid
2014 Miss Meadows Heather
2014-2017 Girl Meets World Ava Morgenstern 15 episodes
2015 Black-ish Little Girl in Play Episode: "The Word"
2016 Message From The King Boot
2016 The Fairy's Game Movie Aeloo
2019 Sydney to the Max Olive Main Character


  • Came to the attention of the producers while auditioning for young Maya, then young Missy, and finally young Riley. When plans for those roles were ultimately abandoned, they created the role of Emma Weathersby specifically for her, [1] however due to August Maturo constantly calling her by her real name on camera, her character was renamed Ava Morgenstern.
  • She is also a commercial actress who has appeared in ads for companies like AT&T and Square TV.
  • She has a younger sister, who also acts named Alexa, but known as Lexy Kolker.
  • She acted alongside comedienne Chelsea Handler in a series of promotional spots for Handler's late night show "Chelsea Lately."
  • Kolker turned nine in the end of 2015 and her character is only eight in the third season.
  • Although Kolker was closing in on her ninth birthday when Season 2 filming concluded, her character was only seven.


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