Alan Matthews is a special guest character in Girl Meets World and is portrayed by William Russ. Alan was a character in Boy Meets World.


Alan is the husband of Amy and father of Cory, Eric, Morgan, and Joshua. He is the grandfather of Riley and Auggie.



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Eric Matthews

Main article: Eric Matthews

Eric is Alan's eldest son.

Cory Matthews

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Cory is Alan's second eldest son.

Morgan Matthews

Morgan is Alan's daughter.

Joshua Matthews

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Joshua is Alan's youngest son.

Topanga Matthews

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Topanga is Alan's daughter-in-law.

Riley Matthews

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Riley is Alan's granddaughter.

Auggie Matthews

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Auggie is Alan's grandson.


Amy Matthews

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Amy is Alan's wife.


George Feeny

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George Feeny is Alan's neighbor and friend.


  • In a mock argument, Amy Matthews states that his birthday is on June 14, but the Boy Meets World episode "Family Trees" firmly places it in December.
  • He entered the Navy after high school, and became known for his boxing skills. He may have possibly had some SEAL training.
  • As a teen, played guitar in a band called "The Tongues."
  • Alan's favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, despite the fact that his grandfather, Charlie, died on one when he was young.
  • His father worked as a janitor of a small store for forty years, until he arranged for Alan replace him.
  • After his military service, he spent twenty years working for the Market Giant grocery chain.
  • After quitting, Alan ultimately took over an outdoor equipment store.
  • Both sets of parents were against Alan and Amy getting married.
  • His mother, Bernice, once took him to Cape Canaveral to watch a live rocket launching.
  • Alan appeared in 130 episodes of Boy Meets World.
  • He only, so far, appears twice in the series - Girl Meets Home for the Holidays and Girl Meets Goodbye.
  • Alan offered to adopt Shawn Hunter.


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