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• 4/16/2018

Future Careers

What do you guys think the Zay and Riley would do, professionally, in the future? Farkle and Smackle would become scientists and take over the world, Lucas would be a veterinarian, Maya an artist, but Zay and Riley we never find out.
For Riley, I have a few ideas (teacher, writer, psychologist, ...) but I actually have no idea about Zay...
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• 12/24/2017


Lucaya forever !!
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• 12/3/2017

End up together

Lucaya is my favorite they should have ended up together
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• 11/23/2017

Favorite Ships.

Which are your favorite ships? Personally, i love Rilaya.
I'm also ok with Riarkle & Lucaya. But Rilaya is my main <3 <3 <3
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• 10/22/2017

Girl Meets World Spinoff

Do you think there will be another spinoff for Girl Meets World?
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• 7/28/2017

Why I still this character so popular

I've been reading a lot of GMW fanfiction, and noticed something. The character The Rebel is popular by the name Brandon. And is featured in a lot of stories.

But why is he so popular among the fandom? He only appears for eight minutes in one episode, I have my own theories as to why people like this character, but I want to hear you opinions.
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• 7/26/2017

I know this is random, but...

I know Riley is her own character, but in some ways, she is similar to Wander from the Disney Channel (2013-14)/Disney XD (2014-16) cartoon [[Wikipedia:Wander Over Yonder|Wander Over Yonder]]; (If you don't know what or whom I'm talking about, then go watch the show online)
Anyways, here are some similarities between the two characters;
*They both are kind, optomistic, sometimes very gullible characters.
*They both believe there is good in people.
*They both have best friends who are the opposite of them; tough, quick-witted, and sarcastic;
**Wander has Sylvia, and Riley has Maya.
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• 1/1/2017

Create your own "Girl Meets World" character...

Do any of you have a character you've formed in your own mind that you'd like to see become a part of GMW?
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• 12/19/2016

Girl Meets Goodbye... or DOES she??

After watching "Girl Meets Hollyworld" something occurred to me... I'll bring out my theory and see what the rest of you think:

What if "Girl Meets Goodbye" is to have more to do with Katy and Maya?

At the end of "Hollyworld", Katy is seemingly given a chance to be in a movie.. Let's suppose that this chance opens a door to a big break for Katy and she gets the opportunity to move to Los Angeles to advance her acting career.

Would she take Maya with her if she were to make a major move like this? (hence the "goodbye" in the episode title)

And if so, would Maya get homesick and move back to New York to be with her friends (and Joshua)? (this would be a parallel to BMW when Topanga's parents moved to Pittsburgh, but Topanga returned to Philadelphia to be with Cory)

I'm sure this speculation may be far-fetched to some of you, but still you have to admit it would make quite the cliffhanger for a season finale..

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• 11/20/2016

Character names

After watching the Hollyworld episode, has anyone else realized Zay Babineaux and Bobby Jo Thibodaux are Louisiana Cajun names? But yet the back story is that Zay is from Texas and Bobby Jo from Arkansas. Seems weird.
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• 9/29/2016
create a fan fiction epsiode for season 4 or just create a epsiode according to your ship
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• 9/28/2016

Favorite GMW Episodes of S3

List your top 5 favorite episodes from S3. ( There's no order or anything)
Here's mines:
1.Permneant Record ( don't know i spelled it right )
2.Great Lady of New York
3.The Real World
4.I Do
5.She Don't Like Me
What's yours?
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• 9/28/2016


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• 9/26/2016

First Post

Hello :P
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